Application Lifecycle Management: Imperatives to succeed, agility to scale (presented by IBM)

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Sponsored [35 minutes]

"I have a bunch of tools, I don't need an ALM solution."
Are you sure about that? Agile practices have taught us the value of an integrated team. We don't accept silos with our teams, why would we accept silos in our tools and data? Productive teams rely on a chain of information and hand-off's across the lines of business, designers, developers and independent test teams. If your tools can't support cutting across these traditional boundaries you will not reach your full potential. Join Carolyn Pampino as she examines five imperatives for successful ALM. These imperatives emerged as the Jazz team developed and self-hosted on an ALM solution; not only did the team envision, develop and test an ALM solution, but they used it to develop the solution. Since the project's inception in 2008, the team has realized the value of unifying not only the team, but the tools and user interfaces they use. As the team grew and improved in their ability to collaborate across traditional role boundaries, a set of clarifying principles began to emerge. We call these the 5 Imperatives for successful ALM. The imperatives focus on practices for real-time planning, in-context collaboration, lifecycle traceability, development intelligence and continuous improvement. Each imperative is designed to span traditional tool boundaries in way that unifies the team and the information they need to complete their work. For each imperative, Carolyn offers concrete examples and lessons learned from real-world implementations. Don’t get lost in the weeds with a cobbled together ALM solution. Instead, maintain laser focus to these imperatives that cut across and join all software development disciplines.

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27 March 11:15 - 12:00
Lake Anne


Agile ALM
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