Agile XXL: Scaling Agile for Project Teams

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Standard [35 minutes]


In a 2010 study, "Agile Development: Mainstream Adoption Has Changed Agility," Forrester Research reported that roughly 88% of respondents had more than 10 members on a team. And, only 17% had the entire team co-located at the company headquarters. Conversely, many of the Agile books and early Agile success stories promote an ideal team size of five to nine people. The Agile Manifesto also promotes face-to-face conversation as "the most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team."

So, how can today's typical project team become more Agile?

Join Alan as he discusses the people, process, and tools—what he calls "project support pillars"—that must be in harmony before you can successfully scale an enterprise Agile project team. He'll also share common challenges in solidifying each of those pillars and what can be done about those challenges through various techniques and the use of Seapine Agile ALM.

*Note: This will not be a Seapine sales pitch, but a subtle introduction to Seapine Agile ALM as a solution within the context of the overall presentation.


*Scaling Defined: Scaling is a broad topic. What does scaling mean in the presenter's context? - 5 minutes

*The 3 pillar model (people, process, tools): The intersection points of People, Process, and Tools and how they are affected by scaling. The bulk of the presentation is here and we will discuss challenges and remedy's within each pillar. - 20 minutes

*Personal Insights: Personal insights from the presenter on scaling Agile project teams that will help the audience not get discouraged when growing Agile teams. - 5 minutes

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This presentation is based on an eBook I co-wrote which can be downloaded at

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29 March 11:45 - 12:20
Lake Audubon


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