Adaptive Leadership for Continuous Delivery

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Standard [35 minutes]

Over the past ten years, increased global interconnectivity among societies, economies, businesses and individuals has given rise to a lot of complexity. For most people and organizations, the future is more volatile and uncertain than ever before; and this is only the beginning. The next decade belongs those who learn to adapt and thrive through large-scale structural changes and turbulence.

For most businesses, software plays a key role in anticipating and responding to these dynamics. Getting ahead and staying there is now directly tied to our ability to design, deliver and evolve software. Routinely closing the loop between business strategy and software delivery has never been more critical, or more possible. But it is hard. Everyone - business, techies, managers and executives - must get in on the action.

Continuous Delivery can help large enterprises become as lean, agile and innovative as a perpetual beta startup. It requires a culture of collaboration, learning and discovery across the entire organization. Leaders will need to re-think their management styles. Business people will need to learn a lot more about software, and software people will need to learn more about business. Individuals will need to re-invent themselves at every level in the organization. In this talk, we'll look at the leadership practices, mindsets and behaviors you'll need to make it happen.

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28 March 10:30 - 11:15
Lake Audubon


Agile ALM
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