From 98 days to 1 - our continuous deployment pivot

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Standard [35 minutes]

As primarily a behind the firewall product company, Atlassian had established a 98 release cadence for all our products. Now with over 4,000 hosted customers and more than 100,000 instances running on premise, we've been hard at work shortening the release cycle to hours for hosted and maintaining high quality for behind the firewall with one code base.

Our pivot to continuous deployment has required a fundamental change in our culture, processes, and tools. While other companies are continuously deploying to a hosted only environment, we've taken the gnarly challenge to continuously deploy products that work in both - and it hasn't been easy! Come learn about the dragons we had to slay along the way:

  • Taking back operations - owning the entire pipeline and our automation team!
  • Kanban on steroids - from Scrum to IDD (issue driven development) for optimising features through the pipeline.
  • Architectural challenges - social and architectural tips when having 5 products in the pipeline.
  • Analytics - measuring everything you do.
  • Culture - getting over being scared.

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