10 Years of Agile from Open Source Eclipse to Open Commercial Jazz

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Standard [35 minutes]

In 2001, a team in IBM created the Eclipse Project, laying the ground for the Eclipse community, the Eclipse Foundation and many more Eclipse projects that followed. Eclipse would quickly become one of the great successes of the software industry. From the outset its model for community-based open software development was unique because it had such strong participation and funding from commercial entities. IBM's initial donation of code was valued at $40 million and by 2011, over 70 companies have invested well over $800 million in Eclipse projects. These investments have benefitted hundreds of thousands of consumers and end users of Eclipse software not to mention the investors themselves. IBM alone has, by some estimates, over 800 products built on the Eclipse platform.

In 2008, the same IBM team that created the Eclipse Project created the Jazz platform, laying the ground for the Jazz community and open development of commercial Jazz-based products. While the licensing is commercial, many of the practices of open development and community-building were learned from Eclipse.

The success of both of these landmark initiatives is based on proven principles of open development. Transparency in all phases of the lifecycle attracts participation and improves the speed and quality of interactions between the development team and their customers and partners. The team releases early and often, self-hosts publicly on the very tools it develops, and leverages the global community for 24x7 development and delivery to customers worldwide.

This talk shares the lessons learned on this journey, the processes and principles that have enabled success, and the tools and technology that the team and others in its communities have developed over the years.

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28 March 14:15 - 15:00
Lake Audubon


Agile ALM
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