Hot New Product Showcase and Reception - sponsored by

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28 March 17:50 - 19:30

Lots of companies build great products based on Eclipse. This year at EclipseCon, the Hot New Products Showcase will feature some of the new Eclipse-based products that were released in the last 12 months. EclipseCon attendees will have a chance to see these new products in action and then vote for the 'Hot New Product Award'. The winning product will be featured at EclipseCon and on the website.

Any company, open source project or individual that has introduced a new Eclipse-based product in the last 12 months is welcomed to participate in the Showcase. The product can be applicable to any market or industry. There are lots of great examples of Eclipse-based products in the mobile industry, cloud market, biometric research, financial industry, advanced research, healthcare and many more. This is your chance to showcase your new product.

Space in the showcase is limited, so if you plan to participate sign up today.

SOME of the confirmed participants so far: