Modeling, Model Driven Engineering, DSL, Software Architecture, Big Data, Hadoop
Senior Software Engineer's picture
Achille Sogei Spa
Software Architect's picture
Achim Loerke BREDEX GmbH
Managing Director's picture
Adrian Cho IBM

Sr. Development Manager, Rational Jazz ALM's picture
Adrian Mos Xerox Research
Research Scientist
SOA, BPM, DSL, Modelling, Monitoring's picture
AEgan Ci&T
Vice President, International Business
Ahmed Asaker
Akira Tanaka view5 LLC's picture
Alan Seapine Software
Senior Agile Consultant
Alan McMorran Open Grid Systems Ltd.
Alasdair Nottingham's picture
Alex Blewitt InfoQ
Eclipse guru, Mac fanatic and occasional fair weather pilot's picture
Alex Lagarde Obeo
Software Engineer's picture
Alex Ruiz
Alexander Kurtakov Red Hat Inc.
Senior Software Engineer
Alexander Mising name's picture
Alexander Nyssen itemis AG
Software Engineer - GEF Committer's picture
Alexandra Schladebeck BREDEX GmbH
Testing, usability, agile processes's picture
Ali Murtaza Manji IBM
Software Analyst
Alison Pinter's picture
Anatole Tresch Credit Suisse

Framework Lead Architect / Spec Lead JSR 354
Core Java, Money and Currency, i18n, Cloud, Testing, CDI, EE's picture
Anders Forsell FindOut Technologies AB
Senior Software Architect/Engineer's picture
Andreas Mihm AGETO Service GmbH
Head of R&D
Java, OSGI, eclipseRT, SaaS, cloud infrastructures's picture
Andrei Sobolev xored software, Inc.
Sr. Software Engineer's picture
Andres Alvarez Mattos Banco de Santander
Software Architect
Andrew Choi's picture
Andrew Eisenberg VMware
Senior Member of Technical Staff's picture
Andrew Overholt Red Hat's picture
Andrey Platov Xored Software Inc
President's picture
Andy Piper Cloud Foundry
Developer Advocate, committer on Eclipse Paho
MQTT, Cloud Foundry, node, Java, Eclipse Paho, Eclipse Koneki, Arduino, sensors, messaging
Anna Dushistova's picture
Anna Schaller Motorola Mobility
Sr. Mgr, Developer Relations/Android Technology Evangelist's picture
Anne Jacko The Eclipse Foundation
Conference Queen's picture
Arne Noyer Willert Software Tools GmbH
Software Developer
Software Development, Embedded Systems, Eclipse Technologies, EMF, GMF, GEF, Code Generation, Model Based Software Development, Model to Model Transformation, Model to Text Transformation, Requirements Engineering's picture
Aurelien Pupier BonitaSoft S.A.
R&D Engineer - Studio Project Leader
EMF, GMF, Modeling, Performance's picture
Axel Ruder msg systems ag
Lead IT Consultant
software architecture, model driven development, test automation, e4, Xtext's picture
Axel Terfloth itemis AG
Head R&D embedded systems
model driven development, embedded systems, methodology and tools's picture
Ayushman Jain IBM
Software Engineer
eclipse, java, mobile, android, compilers, static analysis, jdt's picture
Benjamin CABE Sierra Wireless
Open Source Evangelist - Koneki and Mihini project lead
M2M, IoT, Lua, Community, Koneki, Mihini, Arduino, Open-Source Hardware's picture
Benjamin Muskalla Tasktop's picture
Benoit Langlois Thales
Bertrand Delacretaz
Beyhan Veliev EclipseSource
OSGi, Eclipse, Java, mobile, android, RAP, JDT
Bin Yan