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Stop the Architecture Erosion of Eclipse And Open Source Projects

Bernhard Merkle, Frederic Madiot (OBEO )

Making Community · Extended
Tuesday, 17:00, 40 minutes | Stevens Creek


During the evolution of a software system, it becomes more and more difficult to understand the originally planned software architecture. Often a architectural degeneration happens because of various reasons during the development phases.

In this session we will be looking how to avoid such architectural decay and degeneration and how continuous monitoring can improve the situation. (and avoid architectural violations).
In addition we will look at \"refactoring in the large\" and how refactoring can be simulated. Eclipse JDT has some basic support to enforce dependency rules but as we will see for real architectural checking we need much more...

Then we will see how model-driven reverse-engineering can be a solution to go further and implement sophisticated architectural analysis. We will present MoDisco, the Eclipse/Modeling project dedicated to model-driven software modernization, and how it supports this approach.

We will also look at some popular open source projects like ant, findbugs and eclipse (CDT/JDT) and see if and how far architectural erosions happens/ed there. At the end you will have a good feeling how far an automated and tool supported approach can lead to better results and how they can discover areas of erosion and suggest improvements.

This session has been given at EclipseSummit 2009 and was very well received by the audience.

Bernhard Merkle works as a Software Architect and Engineer in the central Research & Development Department at SICK AG, one of the worlds leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions. He serves as internal consultant for the complete Software Development Cycle and is responsible for Process and Methods selection as well as Tool Evaluation and Introduction. In his spare time he gives a lecture about MDSD (Model Driven Software Development)at the University of Furtwangen. He regularly writes technical Articles about new technologies in IT-magazines and also gave sessions at various conferences (e.g. ACCU, Codegeneration, Conquest, EclipseCon, EclipseSummit, OOP and IX).

Frederic Madiot is the Product Manager of Obeo. He has 15 years of experience in developing model-driven tools to industrialize the development of new applications and the modernization of existing systems. He works on two Eclipse/Modeling projects: MoDisco, a model-driven platform to modernize existing systems, and EMF Facet, a non-intrusive tooling to extend metamodels.