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Using and Extending Memory Analyzer into Uncharted Waters

Vladimir Pavlov, Dimitar Giormov (SAP AG )

Making at Eclipse · Extended
Wednesday, 14:50, 40 minutes | Ballroom A


Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT) started with the sheer idea of solving the Out-Of-Memory problem for a narrow set of server-side applications. It has grown over time to a general-level, powerful and efficient tool for resolving any kind of Java memory issues by processing the JVM heap dump. It can also be used to dive deep and analyze the state of an application at a particular point in time - on failure or on demand. What is not so popular is its comprehensive API and extension points that can be used to enhance the tool with application or domain specific analysis functionality.

In this session we will demonstrate:
  • some of the powerful features of MAT for finding and resolving memory related problems in Java applications;
  • how the API and extension points can be used to build in application specific logic, thus simplifying that process even further.
As one particular illustration of the above, we will use JRuby and will develop all the necessary extensions to trace down memory issues in JRuby-run applications back to the original Ruby code. As a result you'll be able to use the best of both worlds - Java and Ruby - and utilize the benefits of their integration, while also having a consistent and reliable analysis tool at hand whenever you need it.

We will also show how MAT has been adopted in MOTODEV Studio to help Android developers spot memory issues in their applications.

Join us to learn the art of extracting the essential elements out of the multi-million object mixture called heap dump!

Vladimir Pavlov is a Senior Software Engineer and Architect, part of the SAP Java Server development team. He has been involved in the design, development, and support of SAP's Java Server in all its releases from the very beginning. Vladimir is focusing on the latest standards in the space of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, application programming models, and OSGi integration. His current activities are in the area of the next version of SAP's Java Platform built from and in the Open Source.
Vladimir has over ten years of experience with enterprise architectures, distributed systems, middleware, messaging, persistence technologies. He is a member of the Java EE 6 expert group and has previously spoken at international conferences like JavaOne, Java2Days, SAP TechEd.

Dimitar Giormov is an expert software developer for SAP. He is Eclipse WebTools Platform committer in EJB and Java EE Components. Dimitar has experience in Java EE, Eclipse Plugin development, OSGI, Ruby, PHP, javascript and a number of other programming languages and technologies. Dimitar is a project lead of the incubating in WTP Pave project. Dimitar has participated in Java2days conference where he has presented "The right pill for JRuby memory and thread issues: Eclipse Memory Analyzer" together with Vladimir Pavlov.