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Q7: Develop and Automate your Functional and UI Tests with Pleasure

Andrey Platov (Xored Software Inc ), Semyon Koptelov, Ulyana Skorokhodova

Making with Eclipse · Sponsored
Tuesday, 11:40, 1 hour | Camino Real


If you're skeptical about functional/UI testing of Eclipse-based products - you should attend this talk. During our talk we'll talk about our experience in testing of real applications, which are based on a wide set of Eclipse technologies and used by leading telecom companies. We will demo hundreds of tests covering Eclipse Platform, JDT, GEF, and GMF-based functionality running on various platforms as is: independent of platform windowing system, workbench size, order and/or subset of tests to be executed, and initial state of the system under test, which should explode a myth about UI tests being fragile.

We will show how your test plans can be automated with Q7 Functional Testing tool and maintained by a non-technically skilled person, producing up to hundred of testing scenarios per day; how test engineers can write complex assertions, which are not limited to UI but cover a wide set of functionality of your Eclipse plugins and/or RCP applications. TDD/BDD fans may be happy to see how testing scenarios can be written with external DSL to test upcoming feature before it's being implemented.

And yes, Q7 Suite can:

  • ... run on OSX;
  • ... run as a part of a Tycho build providing the fully featured Q7 Maven plug-in;
  • ... load-balance thousands of tests distributing them across your network/cloud with Q7 build agents;
  • ... do sophisticated Image Recognition and OCR to help your test engineers with a bit of Artificial Intelligence and continue to deliver automated tests when other tools got stuck;
  • ... do other interesting things.

Note: this demo is strictly reflecting real-life software, and all the numbers (metrics) we'll reveal are based on real-life experience. No synthetic "Hello, World" applications will be allowed, and classical "RCP Mail" applications won't be used. This is a highly vitalizing demo for people who are focused on Eclipse, and you will not hear "Swing", "AWT", or .NET words during the talk.

Warning: If you have negative experience with automating UI testing of Eclipse-based software in your company, you may feel disconnected from reality at some points during the demo. In case of disconnection please take a deep breath, relax, and remember that no special effects were used while creating this demo.