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Banking on Enterprise OSGi

Gary Field

OSGi DevCon · Standard
Tuesday, 16:30, 20 minutes | Ballroom D


A lot has changed in the 14 years I've been working in Investment Banking IT. Back in 1996, Technology was just a "nice-to-have" tool, replacing paper tickets with spreadsheets or simple screen-based batch-oriented systems. These days IT is critical to the success of any large bank, as it plays a part in every step of a financial product's life. However, the last decade's organic and largely ungoverned application explosion has resulted in a rigid and hugely complex technology landscape, which cost firms vast sums of money to support, change and retire.

After many years trying to tackle this problem, Enterprise OSGi looks to offer practical solution. In combination with technologies such as service fabrics, it could finally be possible to create a lightweight application platform that separates the concerns of infrastructure from those of the business, while at the same time encouraging reuse and modularity.

What Investment Banking desperately needs is an agile, modular platform that allows services to scale on demand and automatically recover when necessary, whilst meeting performance constraints. Dependencies need to be clear and interface changes governed at the right level. Enterprise OSGi maybe have arrived just in time.

In my presentation I will summarise the events that have led to the complexity we are struggling with today, and show how I approached building an Enterprise Strategy proposal based on OSGi.

Gary Field is a Director of Credit Suisse, working in the CIO division, based in London. He currently works in IT Research, specialising in the area of application tools, technologies and platforms. Prior to this he has held a number of positions in the CIO division, including Global Head of Engineering & Architecture in Fixed Income IT, Global Head of FX e-Commerce, Architect in Prime Services IT and Senior Developer in Equities IT, developing an Exchange Connectivity platform. Gary joined Credit Suisse First Boston from BZW when it was aquired in 1997. Prior to that, he worked at Logica for two years. Gary holds a MEng in Software Engineering from Imperial College, University of London.