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Functional test automation for Eclipse applications with Jubula

, Achim Loerke (BREDEX GmbH )

Making at Eclipse · Tutorial
Thursday, 10:30, 2 hours | Lafayette


Tutorial pack download link.

Slides download link.

All too often, tests are only automated at the JUnit / API level. While such tests are no doubt important, they don't cover the customer perspective. For Eclipse enterprise applications, however, it is also critical to ensure that this perspective is represented in your quality assurance. Acceptance tests tell us whether or not the software being developed is actually doing what the customer ordered and give us a great opportunity to amend misunderstandings and problems before a product is even released. Manual acceptance testing can't keep up with development, especially if you aim to have continuous feedback about quality.

The Jubula project is aimed at functional testers who want to automate their black-box tests for SWT/RCP and GEF (or also Swing) applications. The keyword-driven approach lets testers design, automate and maintain tests by dragging and dropping from a library of test actions. Test creation is quick and code-free, tests are easy to read, and the modular structure makes them easy to maintain (despite changes in the application´┐Żs GUI).

This tutorial is aimed at testers, developers and test managers who are interested in functionally testing their applications. It's a hands-on tutorial with interactive exercises. We'll cover test creation, execution and analysis with Jubula for an example Eclipse application and look at test design for flexibility and maintenance.

Participants should come with a laptop where Jubula is already installed. The installation pack will be made available before the conference from this page.

Alexandra is a vegetarian linguist who spends much of her time working with customers on their automated tests and test processes. She can also often be found at conferences talking about testing and agility. When at the office she is a part of the development team - representing the customer / user perspective for software. She helps to write user stories, brings feedback from the field and enjoys discussing and influencing how software takes shape. The uniting factor of all these things is that Alexandra occupies a place between the development side and the customer perspective - and enjoys being there :)

Achim is a software developer and architect at heart. As a managing director at BREDEX GmbH he is responsible for technology and development strategies. In addition he is the project lead of the Eclipse Jubula project and represents his company in the Eclipse foundation.