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Get Real! What is Eclipse AMP and Why Should You Care?

Miles Parker (Tasktop )

Making at Eclipse · Extended
Wednesday, 14:50, 40 minutes | Stevens Creek


If you've come across Eclipse AMP while exploring the rest of the Eclipse ecosystem, you may have been thinking "looks interesting, but what does it have to do with me?" Well, we all live in the real world. And we all do science. We have ideas, do experiments, and draw conclusions. Eclipse makes a great platform for science and provides the best set of MDSD tools anywhere. AMP marries these two to support a model driven approach to science, including support for Agent-Based Models, equation-based approaches such as Systems Dynamics, and Data Analytics. When we talk about models, we usually mean models of software -- we might model a library management system, or a user interface, or a customer management system. But what if in addition to simply create models for customer data, we could create models representing real systems, such as customers and their decision making processes, or even global climate change? We'll demonstrate models we've built that are helping people to understand such real world problems, including of opium production in Afghanistan and teenage pregnancy.

Because AMP use cases are so broad, we probably make more use of other projects than almost any other Eclipse project. We'll demonstrate the power of the Eclipse ecosystem by doing live demos of AMP integrated with such diverse technologies as XText, BIRT, GEF3D and Zest. We'll also show some Metascape developed commercial tools for working with models using novel dynamic model editing and analysis approaches.

Now, you may still be thinking "yeah, again, sounds interesting, but what can I actually do with it"? Well, AMP can be used to build "real" software too. We've been putting a lot of effort into making our tool's capabilities available to the broader Eclipse community. For example, have you ever wondered why you can't simply define the behavior of an Ecore object within an EMF model? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to design all of that in a nice graphical editor rather than maintain complex EMF.Edit ItemProvider code in Java? Basically, AMP is about "Active Models" and this talk will show why that might you.

BIOGRAPHY Miles Parker is the Founder of Metascape, LLC and project lead for the Eclipse Agent Modeling Platform incubation project. He's been an innovator in the development of models and tools for Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) for the past fifteen years, and has worked with complex systems in many diverse areas, from archeology to artificial reasoning systems to biomedicine and has over twenty years of experience in object-oriented software development and API framework design. He holds a BS in Political Science from the University of Utah and an MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. Miles is project lead for the Eclipse Agent Modeling Platform and a member of the Eclipse Modeling Project Management Committee.