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Mylyn - Application Lifecycle Tools BoF

Steffen Pingel (Tasktop ), Mik Kersten (Tasktop ), Sebastien Dubois (Ericsson AB )

Making Community · Bof
Tuesday, 19:30, 1 hour | Camino Real


After Mylyn has fallen apart into sub-projects an extended platform for building application lifecycle tools is now forming under the umbrella of the Mylyn top-level project. The ecosystem has grown steadily over the past year and new exciting frameworks and tools have been added that help developers focus. Join us at this BoF to learn more about exciting integrations for Git, Gerrit, Hudson, Code Review tools and how to build on the frameworks or to let us know how Mylyn could help make your workday more enjoyable.

Steffen Pingel is a software developer at Tasktop Technologies in beautiful Vancouver, BC. He enjoys working on tools that keep developers focused and productive. He became a committer on the Eclipse Mylyn project in 2006 while completing his degree in Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart and has recently joined the P2 project. Steffen is fascinated by the quality and extensibility of the Eclipse platform which keeps inspiring him to improve the Mylyn framework.

Dr. Mik Kersten is the CEO of Tasktop Technologies, creator and leader of the Eclipse Mylyn open source project and inventor of the task-focused interface. As a research scientist at Xerox PARC, Mik implemented the first aspect-oriented programming tools for AspectJ. He created Mylyn and the task-focused interface during his PhD in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. Mik has been an Eclipse committer since 2002, is an elected member of the Eclipse Board of Directors and serves on the Eclipse Architecture and Planning councils. Mik's thought leadership on task-focused collaboration makes him a popular speaker at software conferences, and he was voted a JavaOne Rock Star speaker in 2008 and 2009. Mik enjoys building tools that offload our brains and make it easier to get creative work done. Follow @mik_kersten on Twitter.