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Hardware Developerís Workbench: a Case Study

Bryan Hunt (IBM ), John Reysa

Making with Eclipse · Extended
Tuesday, 17:00, 40 minutes | Lafayette


The Hardware Developer's Workbench (HDWB) is an Eclipse based tool used by IBM engineers to validate the functional correctness of IBM's P and Z series microprocessors, and support chips. Before the chips are manufactured into silicon, functional tests are run against a software model of the chips using a simulator. HDWB helps users create, configure, and execute these tests in the cloud. It provides tools for test monitoring, and failure analysis. It also automates the execution of tests 24/7 which maximizes the utilization of the compute cloud and reduces the time to market of the world's most complex and powerful computing platforms.

This case study will present the overall architecture, and how Eclipse technologies were integrated to create HDWB. We will demonstrate several features of the test submission automation, and discuss the challenges and lessons learned building a large-scale, distributed, system. There are significant challenges in building a system that uses a huge EMF model to run millions of tests per day - every day.

HDWB is comprised of a client based on Eclipse RCP/IDE, and a server based on OSGi. We are using a resource-oriented architecture with a combination of RESTful web services and OSGi remote services. We will demonstrate and discuss how the following technology is being used in HDWB:

  • Declarative Services
  • Remote Services
  • Configuration Admin
  • Metatype
  • EMF
  • EMF Workflow
  • ECF
  • BIRT
  • Jetty
  • Restlet
  • Felix Web Console
  • IBM Jazz
  • Apache Zookeeper

Bryan Hunt works for the Systems and Technology Group at IBM. He is the architect for a set of Eclipse based tools used in the simulation and verification of IBM's server hardware. Bryan has expertise in large-scale distributed systems, hardware testing, and test failure analysis. Bryan's Eclipse technology interests include: OSGi, EMF, Restlet, remote services, and server side Eclipse.

John Reysa is currently working in the Systems and Technology Group at IBM. He is the team lead for a set of Eclipse-based tools used in the simulation of IBM's server hardware.