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Hands on with Gemini and Virgo--The new Stars of the Eclipse RT project!

Shaun Smith (Oracle ), Hristo Iliev (SAP AG ), Violeta Georgieva (SAP AG ), Borislav Kapukaranov (SAP AG ), Tom Ware (Oracle )

Making at Eclipse · Tutorial
Thursday, 10:30, 2 hours | Ballroom D


If you hadn’t heard, Eclipse RT is HOT and many developers are looking for an opportunity to get their hands on the new Gemini and Virgo projects and to learn directly from the project committers what these new projects offer for building dynamic and modular enterprise applications. This will be the only opportunity this year (at least until ESE) to learn about building applications with Gemini and Virgo from the people who know it inside and out.

The best way to learn is to do so this tutorial will have attendees get their hands dirty starting with the development of a small a application that uses a collection of Gemini services. We’'ll briefly introduce each service as they are encountered. Those services include:

Once they have a small OSGi application running attendees will package and deploy it to Virgo where they will learn how to:

  • Combine Gemini Naming and Gemini Web to replace programmatic service lookups in Servlets with Dependency Injection
  • Configure the application via web.xml (default or global web.xml)
  • Build repository for application distribution
  • Redeploy, start or stop the application using Web Console or shell

After this tutorial attendees will be able to return to their lonely cubicals sufficiently conversant with both Gemini and Virgo that they will be *stars* on their own projects.

Shaun Smith is a Principal Product Manager for Oracle TopLink and an active member of the Eclipse community. He's Ecosystem Development Lead for the EclipseLink project and a committer on the Eclipse Gemini Enterprise Modules, and the Dali Java Persistence Tools projects. He’s currently working on OSGi persistence in Gemini and Oracle TopLink Grid, which integrates Oracle Coherence with EclipseLink JPA to provide “JPA on the Grid”.

Hristo Iliev has been a professional Java developer for over 10 years. He works at SAP, providing NetWeaver (SAP`s Java EE platform) with core and provisioning infrastructure, including kernel modularization, deployment, class loading, configuration, thread and cache management. As well as Java EE he is interested in OSGi as a component and application model. He is also a committer on Eclipse Virgo - application server, designed to run enterprise Java applications.

Violeta Georgieva is a Senior Software Engineer in SAP. She has been working in the area of Web Container in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java. Last year and a half she has been focused on OSGi technology, in particular with the OSGi Web Container and migration of the traditional Web Applications to OSGi. She is a committer on Eclipse Gemini Web and Virgo projects.

Borislav Kapukaranov has been a professional Java developer for over 3 years. He works at SAP on their Java EE platform - NetWeaver, taking care of its core and provisioning. He is involved in kernel modularization, deployment, jndi, configuration and zero administration. Together with Java EE he is involved with the OSGi platform and is interested in its component and application model and future directions. He also works on Eclipse Virgo, as a committer, to help improve and add new features to this already great platform.

Tom Ware is an EclipseLink committer and architecture council member and also a committer on the Gemini and Orbit projects. He has been working on Enterprise Java with a focus on persistence technologies for over 10 years.