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Sovereign: Migrating Java Threads to Improve Availability of Web Applications

Johannes Eickhold, Markus Knauer (EclipseSource)

Making with Eclipse · Standard
Tuesday, 16:00, 20 minutes | Ballroom A


Transparent failover as a technique to improve reliability of mission critical systems is not usable with web applications that rely on additional threads in their HTTP sessions. RAP applications fall into this category of web applications.

Sovereign is a research project by EclipseSource in conjunction with the Technical University Munich to develop a solution for the above problem.

In this session we will discuss two solutions under development in the Sovereign project. The first solution utilizes byte code weaving with AspectJ in order to connect the RAP application with Terracotta, a distributed heap for Java objects. The second solution being explored is to extend the Maxine VM by a feature to replicate/migrate objects and threads between VM instances.

We will describe their advantages and disadvantages for overcoming the problem of immobile Java threads that prevent transparent failover for RAP applications. We will demonstrate how to transfer the state of a running RAP application from one server to another using both methods.

Johannes is a Ph.D. candidate at the Technical University Munich. His main research interests are distributed Java virtual machines and accompanying technologies. He is currently working on the Sovereign project at EclipseSource where he fights with all flavors of OSGi and Eclipse problems on the server side.

Markus Knauer works as Eclipse developer and consultant at EclipseSource. There he is involved in the development of the Yoxos Eclipse Distribution and is working on multiple projects developing Eclipse-based SDKs.

He is project lead of the Eclipse Packaging Project and creates all those packages that can be downloaded from the Eclipse Foundation website, co-lead of the g-Eclipse project that is building a framework which allows to easily work in a Grid Computing or Cloud Computing environment, a member of the Eclipse Planning Council as representative for EclipseSource and elected member of the Architecture Council.