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A University Apps Competition: an innovative way to educate, motivate and promulgate OSGi principles and development

David Foote

OSGi DevCon · Standard
Wednesday, 13:00, 20 minutes | Lafayette


or . . . . how some of the basic principles of Johnny Appleseed (educate, motivate, promulgate, innovate) were achieved when we helped create and implement an OSGi-based application development competition at a top 10 science and engineering university. This presentation will summarize: a) the inception of the competition; b) the roles of the major participants; c) the process of educating the students and professors on OSGi; d) feedback from the students and professors on the process, the competition and their assessment of the OSGi environment; e) how the competition took advantage of other wider R&D activities in the university community especially for health/wellness technology, smart home technology and human factors research; f) some examples of the creative apps generated by the teams; g) lessons learned: how well (or not) the senior level and graduate level students in the competiting teams learned and applied OSGi development principles as well as implemented compliant apps; . . . and finally . . . h) how the lessons learned can be used to help promote and expand the adoption of OSGi in the wider apps development and software development communities

David Foote is CTO of the Hitachi division responsible for telecom and networking products and technology in the Americas (NA, LA, SA). He has 30+ years industry experience . . . and can more truthfully say than some well-known political figures that he . . . helped invent the Internet. He is currently responsible for strategic product planning and technology strategy of broadband/fiber access, optical transport/switching, home networking, and cellular (RF, WiMAX, LTE) systems. He has been instrumental in establishing Hitachi network systems business with major North American service providers like AT&T, Rochester Tel/Global Crossing, Sprint, Time Warner, and T-Mobile. Mr. Foote has been a member, contributor, and committee chairman in leading standards organizations such as ATIS, ATM (MPLS) Forum, IEEE 802, IETF, OIF, and SCTE. He is an invited speaker and paper author to various industry conferences and symposiums. Before joining Hitachi, he served as a decorated communications engineering officer in the U.S. Air Force responsible for network design and implementation of various secure telecom and packet data networks including ARPAnet/MILnet. Mr. Foote received a B.S.E.E. from Georgia Tech in 1980 and a Master’s degree in Management from Webster University/Air Force Institute of Technology in 1982.