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OSGi-friendly bytecode weaving enhance your classes, not your dependency graph!

OSGi DevCon · Standard
Thursday, 15:50, 20 minutes | Ballroom BC


For many years bytecode weaving in OSGi has been a cumbersome process. Using it's internal hooks Equinox has supported basic transformation since version 3.2, but there has still been no simple, standard way to enhance classes or add new dependencies to the bundle that contains them. The Equinox 3.7 release includes support for the new OSGi WeavingHook whiteboard pattern, which allows any OSGi bundle, not just an Equinox framework extension, to weave classes from, and add dependencies to, other OSGi bundles.

Also new in OSGi is the opportunity to scan the classpath of an OSGi bundle. Whilst the isolated, modular classpath of an OSGi bundle provides an excellent system for building Java applications, many extenders and libraries need to be able to search for classes or resources within the bundle. This function further aids weaving implementations by allowing them to search for resources, class and package name patterns, and other configuration without requiring specific metadata to be present.

As the lead author for the Bytecode Weaving design within the OSGi Alliance, and a committer in the Apache Aries project, Tim will use his expertise to demonstrate the power and flexibility of WeavingHooks, particularly in conjunction with the latest OSGi updates for classpath scanning. Drawing on real-world examples from the Apache Aries project Tim will use real-world examples and Equinox 3.7 to prove that first-class weaving support is now available in OSGi

David Bosschaert works for JBoss at Red Hat. He has been developing software since 1983 and coding Java since 1997. He spends most of his time on Open Source OSGi projects such as the JBoss OSGi Framework and is also one of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group co-chairs. You can reach him at