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EclipseCon QR-CodeBreakers Game


The EclipseCon QR-CodeBreakers Game is a great way to win prizes in exchange for collaborating with your colleagues, sharing locations of hidden codes, being in the right place at the right time, and having a bit of luck! Scan QR codes found on attendee badges, participating sponsor booths, and throughout the conference to reveal keywords. Collect keywords and you'll be in the running to win prizes!

A sample QR code


  • Three Daily Prizes (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday): a $100 gift certificate to Amazon
  • Two prizes for Secret Games: a $100 gift certificate to Amazon
  • The Grand Prize is your choice of:
    • A Droid Pro smart phone (Verizon with global capabilities, courtesy of Motorola)
    • An Xbox 360 (courtesy of Microsoft)
  • The Runner-Up Grand Prize is the item above not chosen by the Grand Prize winner

Game Description

The QR-CodeBreakers Game is simple.

  • Download a QR code scanner for your mobile device. Check your device app store, use your favorite search engine, or check here for some popular readers. There's lots of free readers – you shouldn't have to pay.
  • If you don't have a smart phone available, this is an excellent chance to pair up with another attendee, and perhaps make a new friend!
  • Find QR codes. They are spread throughout the conference. Keep your eyes peeled; some QR codes are going to be in hidden locations and some for a limited time. There are dozens of codes in the game, so keep looking!
  • When you scan a QR code, it will usually contain a keyword in text format "EC: KEYWORD."
  • The keywords are not case-sensitive or space/punctuation-sensitive, so the keywords "eclipsecon," "EclipseCon," and "Eclipse Con" are all considered to be the same keyword.
  • Write down the keyword, either on the form in the program, or on a scrap piece of paper.
  • Be keen! Sometimes keywords can be clues or codes to secret games and locations.

How To Win

    To win prizes you must show up in person at the noted times and have your list of keywords NEATLY written down. You will not have to turn in your ballot so you can easily win multiple times through the week. Here is how to win each day:
  • Monday - Meet at 6:30pm by the main doors to the Members and Committers Reception. The winner will be the person with the most keywords starting with a vowel (A, E, I, O, U). Y and W are not considered vowels in this game.
  • Tuesday - Meet at 7pm at the entrance to the Magnolia Room (the registration area). The winner will be the person with the most keywords starting with a consonant (not a vowel).
  • Wednesday - Meet at 7pm at the entrance to the Hot New Products Reception. The winner will be the person with the most keywords starting with the letter E.
  • Thursday - Meet at 4:15pm at the entrance to the Closing Community Panel. The winner will be the person with the most keywords of any type.
  • Tie-breakers: TBD (Rock-Paper-Scissors? Solving quadratic equations? You never know.)


I found a keyword – now what? Write it down. Keep track of how many you've found, and come to nightly receptions to see if you've won.

What are my odds in winning? The odds depend on how many people participate each day, and how skilled (or lucky) all of you are at finding QR codes.

How many QR codes are in the game? Dozens. The exact number is a secret.

I notice a pattern in some keywords; can I guess at others? There is no pattern. Incorrect keywords on your entry will count against your score. Don't guess. Take Fox Mulder's advice, and trust no one!

Why is my QR code scanner trying to open a URL instead of providing a keyword? Almost all QR codes that are part of this game will be a simple keyword. In very rare cases, a QR code will open a URL with a clue or challenge. Either you have found one of these rare codes, or someone has tricked you! We plan to keep these special cases to a minimum, as we don't want you to need a data plan or Internet access to compete.

Can we work in a group? We encourage you to collaborate, especially on some of the more challenging locations. But there can be only one person who wins each daily prize – how, or if, you split it up is up to you.