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Exhibit Area Map

The EclipseCon 2010 Exhibit Area is literally at the crossroads of the event. The main conference sessions are primarily located in the meeting rooms to the northwest, and sponsored sessions will be located primarily in rooms to the northeast. Locations #15 through #29 overlook the Hyatt Lobby Bar area, offering great signage opportunities. The elevators and escalators offer even more traffic and networking opportunities.

sponsor booth map

Location Details

Below you will find details for each of the locations, organized by Sponsorship level. Legend:

  • Pillar: Location faces a pillar. OK to put posters/signs on locations denoted as Pillar (max width approximately 4').
  • View: Location adjoins half wall overlooking lobby/bar below. Sign may be placed against glass wall facing location and/or lobby. (Exact sign dimensions TBA.)
  • Furniture: Grouping of comfortable furniture at this end of the foyer to attract people.
  • Traffic: Location is on main path to and from conference sessions. Main sessions to the left area of the map, sponsored sessions to the right area of the map.
  • Single Sided: Single-sided location positioned directly in front of the furniture and against the half wall. Sign/banner allowed on the back of the pin board that would be seen by those in the lobby bar.

Gold Sponsor Locations

Gold Sponsors may pick any location, however, the following locations are reserved for Gold Sponsors only.

  • 8 - Faces into open area used for social activities through the day.SOLD
  • 15 - Single Sided, Furniture, TrafficUnavailable
  • 16 - Furniture, View, TrafficUnavailable
  • 17 - Furniture, View, TrafficUnavailable
  • 29 - Traffic, Pilar, ViewSOLD
  • 30 - TrafficSOLD
  • 31 - TrafficSOLD
  • 32 - TrafficUnavailable
  • 33 - TrafficUnavailable

Silver Sponsor Locations

Silver Sponsors may pick any Silver or Bronze location. The following locations are reserved for Silver (or Gold) Sponsors:

  • 18 - View, PillarSOLD
  • 19 - ViewSOLD
  • 20 - View
  • 21 - ViewSOLD
  • 22 - ViewUnavailable
  • 23 - ViewSOLD
  • 24 - ViewSOLD
  • 25 - ViewSOLD
  • 26 - View, PillarSOLD
  • 27 - ViewSOLD
  • 28 - ViewUnavailable

Bronze Sponsor Locations

Bronze Sponsors may only pick from Bronze locations:

  • 1 - TrafficUnavailable
  • 2 - Traffic (near restrooms)Unavailable
  • 2 - Traffic (near restrooms)Unavailable
  • 4 - PillarUnavailable
  • 5 - PillarSOLD
  • 6 - Traffic (near elevators)SOLD
  • 7 - Traffic (near elevators)SOLD
  • 9 - PillarSOLD
  • 10 - SOLD
  • 11 - PillarSOLD
  • 12 - SOLD
  • 13 - SOLD
  • 14 - Furniture, TrafficSOLD

Pre-configured Setup

Each location comes with a pre-configured table, 6 feet wide x 18 inches deep x 30 inches high (giving much more table space than previous EclipseCon events) with a 4 feet wide x 8 feet tall pin board behind the table for signage or backdrop. Note that the table blocks the lower 30 inches of the pin board. Each location includes a table covering, wastebasket, power outlet and chair. Free WiFi is available, but reliability is not guaranteed (wired Internet may be ordered for a fee). See below for a photo from the recent Eclipse Summit Europe. (Dimensions and colors will vary for EclipseCon.)

Illustrative booth without table covering from Eclipse Summit Europe 2009