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Challenge Eclipse - Ask the AC

Martin Oberhuber (Wind River ), Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation ), Boris Bokowski, Nick Boldt (Red Hat, Inc. ), Cedric Brun (OBEO ), David Carver, Ed Merks

Making Community · Panel
Wednesday, 16:45, 50 minutes | Grand Ballroom

Tags: Build and Continuous Integration , Committer And Contributor , Communication Docs/Education , Emerging Technology

Come meet some of the most experienced members of the Eclipse Community, and ask them tough questions about project leadership, open source principles, software architecture, and best practices found at Eclipse. Challenge what you dislike, and see what the AC can do for you - or just hear what life at Eclipse is like in reality aside beautiful colored slides: The Eclipse Architecture Council is responsible for the Eclipse Platform Architecture, by mentoring new projects and ensuring the principles of the Eclipse Development Process.

This talk is intended as a panel with 5 - 10 AC members sitting on "hot chairs" for answering questions from the audience. A moderator will ask some incentive questions to start discussions, until the audience comes up with some topics.

Martin is the chair of the Eclipse Architecture Council, member on the Eclipse and DSDP PMC, Platform core and e4 committer, Target Management project lead and a certified ScrumMaster. Driven by his desire for constant improvement, he is involved in many areas around Open Source and Eclipse. Martin holds a degree in Telematics from the University of Technology Graz, and has been working for Wind River in Salzburg, Austria since 1998.

Wayne works for the Eclipse Foundation where he fills the dual roles of Director of Committer Community and Evangelist. He spends his days working with the many Eclipse projects, learning about Eclipse technology, and making sure that everybody knows just how cool it all really is. Wayne is also the editor-in-chief of Eclipse Corner, PMC Lead for the Technology Project, Project Lead for the Examples Project, co-Project Lead for the SOC Project, and an advisor for osbootcamp. In 1982, he received the prestigious Chief Scouts Award from then-Governor General Edward Schreyer. In 1984 his team was selected to represent beautiful British Columbia in the Kinsmen Voyageur Relay. In his spare time, he writes down meaningless accomplishments from his youth in a lame attempt to impress the reader.

Boris Bokowski is a Software Developer with IBM Rational in Ottawa, Canada. He is the technical lead of the Eclipse Platform UI team, and a committer on the e4 project. He is also part of the "API police" for the Eclipse Platform, a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council, and a committer representative on the Eclipse Board of Directors. He holds a PhD in computer science from Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

Nick Boldt is the Productization Lead for JBoss Tools & JBoss Developer Studio.

As a committer for numerous Eclipse projects, he's automated build processes, integrated web & build systems, and designed build tools to simply and streamline building, testing, and releasing project code. He currently leads the Dash Athena project, whose goal is to bring a common build infrastructure to Eclipse and to other open-source PDE-based project build environments. With over 6 years' experience in automated Eclipse PDE builds, he has contributed to the release engineering efforts for GEF, PDT, VE, RSE, and many of the Modeling Project components.

Cédric leads the EMF Compare component, is commiter on several Eclipse Modeling projects (Acceleo, Amalgamation),  and his both member of the Eclipse Architecture and Planning Councils. As a product architect at Obeo he is technical lead of Obeo Designer and works on software evolution, re-engineering and cartography of legacy systems; all through model driven processes. He has graduated both the Polytech' engineering school and a research Master at the University of Nantes and specialized himself in software engineering and model driven engineering. Prior to his current jobs he has been an active contributor to open source and worked in Guangzhou on a global video conference solution for the Chinese Education and Research Network (CERNET).

David Carver has over 15 years of experience working with EDI and XML related technologies to help enable Business-to-Business data exchange in the Banking, Education, Retail, and Automotive Industries.  He has worked as an XML Data Architect for the STAR Standards organization implementing OAGIS BODs for the Automotive Retail Industry.  He is currently working for Intalio, Inc.

At eclipse he is a committer on the following projects:

  • Web Tools Platform Source Editing
    • XSL Tools Editor
    • PsychoPath XPath 2.0 Processor (part of wst.xsl)
  • Web Tools Platform - Incubator
    • Visual Editor for XML (VEX)
    • RelaxNG Tools
    • Mentoring the XQuery Tools (XQDT).

He is also active on the eclipse Architecture Council, Google Summer of Code, and mentors several other projects outside of the web tools project.  He is an avid supporter of Agile techniques and management practices.  Particularly Scrum and XP.

Ed Merks founded his own small consulting company, Macro Modeling.  He is a coauthor of the authoritative book “EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework” which is published as a second expanded edition.   He has been an elected member of the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors for the past three years and has been recognized by the Eclipse Community Awards as Top New Comer Evangelist, Top Ambassador, and Top Committer.  Ed is well known for his dedication to the Eclipse community, posting literally thousands of newsgroup answers each year.  He spent 16 years at IBM, achieving the level of Senior Technical Staff Member after completing his Ph.D. at Simon Fraser University.  He is a partner of itemis AG and Cloudsmith.  His experience in modeling technology spans 25 years.