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Build and Continuous Integration with Eclipse

David Carver, Jason Van Zyl (Sonatype ), Kim Moir (IBM ), Nick Boldt (Red Hat, Inc. ), Henrik Lindberg (Cloudsmith Inc. ), Oisin Hurley

Making For Eclipse · Panel
Tuesday, 16:45, 50 minutes | Winchester

Tags: Build and Continuous Integration , Committer And Contributor

The purpose of this panel is to discuss the various build options available to Eclipse projects. Representatives from the various build technologies being developed at or in use at (Athena, Buckminster, B3, Maven, PDE Build, Tycho) will discuss the relative merits of the technologies they use with an emphasis on success stories. Moderated by Wayne Beaton.

David Carver has over 15 years of experience working with EDI and XML related technologies to help enable Business-to-Business data exchange in the Banking, Education, Retail, and Automotive Industries.  He has worked as an XML Data Architect for the STAR Standards organization implementing OAGIS BODs for the Automotive Retail Industry.  He is currently working for Intalio, Inc.

At eclipse he is a committer on the following projects:

  • Web Tools Platform Source Editing
    • XSL Tools Editor
    • PsychoPath XPath 2.0 Processor (part of wst.xsl)
  • Web Tools Platform - Incubator
    • Visual Editor for XML (VEX)
    • RelaxNG Tools
    • Mentoring the XQuery Tools (XQDT).

He is also active on the eclipse Architecture Council, Google Summer of Code, and mentors several other projects outside of the web tools project.  He is an avid supporter of Agile techniques and management practices.  Particularly Scrum and XP.


Jason van Zyl is CTO of Sonatype and the founder of the Apache Maven project, the Plexus IoC framework, and the Apache Velocity project. Jason currently serves on the Apache Maven Project Management Committee. He has been involved with the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for seven years, helped to found Codehaus, a well respected incubation facility for open source community projects, and is a frequent speaker at many major software conferences, including JavaOne, EclipseCon, EmergingTech, and ApacheCon. Jason has over ten years of enterprise software development experience. He founded Periapt, Inc., a company that provided software infrastructure development services to Fortune 500 companies such as Toyota Corp., Bank of America, and Coca-Cola Co. Previous to Periapt, he worked as a Technology Architect at Compusense, a world leader in sensory analysis and data research.

Kim Moir is the Release Engineering lead for the Eclipse top level project and RT Equinox projects. She works at the IBM Rational software lab in Ottawa. Her interests lie in build optimization, Equinox and building component based software.  Outside of  work she can be found hitting the pavement with her running mates, preparing for the next road race.

Nick Boldt is the Productization Lead for JBoss Tools & JBoss Developer Studio.

As a committer for numerous Eclipse projects, he's automated build processes, integrated web & build systems, and designed build tools to simply and streamline building, testing, and releasing project code. He currently leads the Dash Athena project, whose goal is to bring a common build infrastructure to Eclipse and to other open-source PDE-based project build environments. With over 6 years' experience in automated Eclipse PDE builds, he has contributed to the release engineering efforts for GEF, PDT, VE, RSE, and many of the Modeling Project components.

Henrik is a founder and CTO of Cloudsmith Inc., an Eclipse strategic member and EclipseCon Gold Sponsor(?2010). Henrik has over 20 years of experience architecting and developing innovative infrastructure and application software and tooling. Past positions include leadership of BEA's Java Run-Time Group (JRockit) and CTO and/or technical founder of several publicly and privately held software companies. Henrik leads the Eclipse b3, Eclipse Buckminster and Spaces projects and is a committer on Eclipse p2, and EPP.

Oisin Hurley is an Eclipse Tools Architect at Progress Software. He's the PMC lead for the Eclipse SOA Tools top-level project, and a committer on the Orbit, SCA Tools and WTP Incubator projects. Keen to land an indoor job with no heavy lifting, Oisin started out on the road to software development in the early 1980s, when his first task was to write a computer program to sort change for a maths teacher. His software skills quickly outgrew such fripperies, but when the luster wore off the vision of becoming a multimillionaire games developer, he went to TCD in Dublin, Ireland to get a Computer Science degree. After a couple of years of post-graduate doldrums, he was offered a job at the freshly-minted IONA Technologies. Delighted to have achieved his job goal, he enthusiastically accepted and has been there since 1993. He now works for Progress Software, a change that he managed to achieve without even leaving his desk. His current interests are domain specific languages for enterprise software development and Open Source software. It turned out that there was a lot more heavy lifting than he expected.