See what's baking in WTP Incubator

David Williams (IBM), Shane Clarke, Dominik Schadow

Eclipse IDE And Languages - Web Tools · Long - curated
Wednesday, 10:10, 50 minutes | Grand Ballroom B


Two up-and-coming popular, important projects in WTP Incubator Project will be covered: the XML Security Tools component, and the JAX-WS (Web Services) Tools. Quick demos and pointers to learn more will be provided.

Developing JAX-WS Web Services with Eclipse WTP

The goal of the JAX-WS Tools component (WTP-Incubator) is to provide Eclipse WTP with first-class support for developing JAX-WS Web services.

This short talk will demonstrate the following:

Incubating XML Security Tools

XML Security Tools is a new Eclipse Web Tools Platform incubator project started in October 2008. The sources of this project are based on the XML-Security Plug-In, an Eclipse plug-in for learning and applying XML Security in arbitrary XML documents.

While the XML-Security Plug-In was focused on learning and experiencing XML Security, the XML Security Tools are having a much broader audience: all Eclipse XML developers. The new tooling therefore will integrate well with other Eclipse XML related plug-ins and the whole Eclipse Web Tools Platform. XML Security Tools will make it easy even for inexperienced XML developers and users to secure all their XML based information and to adopt XML Security in their own projects.

After a brief tour on the history of the XML-Security Plug-In, this session will focus on the XML Security Tools and will show how to use and adopt this new set of plug-ins. Session attendees will not only understand the importance and benefits of XML Security but will also gain a broad understanding of the new XML Security Tools incubator project.

Shane is an Eclipse developer from Dublin Ireland and the lead on the JAX-WS Tools component (WTP Incubator Project). He has been developing software for the past 8 years. For the past 5 years he has been focused on developing Eclipse products and plug-ins.

Dominik Schadow is working as an application development consultant for Trivadis (Germany). After a lot of experience using Eclipse as an IDE, he started developing for the Eclipse platform in his diploma thesis in which he developed the XML-Security Plug-In, an open source e-learning plug-in for XML Security. Dominik is currently a committer on the XML Security Tools incubating project, which is based on the sources of the XML-Security Plug-In. Since 2007 he is the lead of the open source JCrypTool project, the Eclipse RCP based cryptography e-learning platform.

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