BPEL Designer – SOA based Business Integration with Eclipse

Simon Moser (IBM Boebligen Lab, 71032 Böblingen, Germany), Oleg Danilov (Intel Corporation)

SOA · Long Talk
Wednesday, 16:30, 50 minutes | Room 206 | Download in iCal Format


Simon Moser

Oleg Danilov

In the talk we will present how the Eclipse BPEL Designer can be used to model and verify business processes according to the new standard for describing Business Processes - the Web Services Business Process Execution Language 2.0 (WS-BPEL 2.0). WS-BPEL business processes orchestrate web services and thereby follow the architectural pattern of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Business processes implemented in WS-BPEL therefore are a key element in an SOA infrastructure. Since business process automation and web service integration are important aspects of many modern IT systems, this talk is targeted at both the technical and non-technical audience. In the beginning, only a high-level understanding of a "business process" and a "service" are required. During the talk, we will then show how such business integration scenarios can be successfully achieved with the Eclipse BPEL Designer: With the help of an business process example, important concepts of the WS-BPEL language will be presented and it will be shown how the BPEL Designer helps process designers to implement these concepts with a graphical tool to model and validate business processes. Therefore, the talk will be a mix between a presentation and a demo – we will switch back and forth between slides introducing the concepts and the tool showing their visualization. Since WS-BPEL uses other standards like XML Schema, WSDL and XPath, the demo portion of the talk will necessarily incorporate parts of other Eclipse projects like e.g. the Web Tools Platform (WTP) or the Data Tools Platform (DTP). The concepts of WS-BPEL that will be presented within the example include, among others, the majority of WS-BPEL activities, partner interactions, business compensation, fault handling. If you ever wanted to learn how to properly design a WS-BPEL process, this talk gives you the opportunity. Finally, if time allows, we will show how to deploy and run the example WS-BPEL process in a runtime environment.

Simon Moser is an Software Engineer and Architect with the Business Process Solutions Group at IBMs Software Laboratory in Boeblingen, Germany. He received his M.Eng. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany, in 2003. He joined IBM in 2003, and since then is working in the area of Business Integration Tools. Simon was actively involved in the creation of the WS-BPEL standard, representing IBM as a member of OASIS' WS-BPEL Technical Committee, and since 2005 co-leads the BPEL Designer Project on Eclipse.

Oleg Danilov is a senior software engineer with Services Software Division at Intel in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He has received M.S. in Computer Science and Mathematic from the Stavropol University, Russia in 1996. Oleg joined Intel in 2004 and has worked on developing Apache Harmony project. His current focus is Service Oriented Architecture tools and since 2007 he takes part in developing BPEL Designer Project on Eclipse.

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