Accessing Worldwide Grid Infrastructures with g-Eclipse

Markus Knauer (Innoopract), Mathias Stuempert (Institute for Scientific Computing @ Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe), Ariel GARCIA (Institute for Scientific Computing @ Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe)

Tools · Tutorial

Monday, 08:00, 2 hours | Sonoma | Download in iCal Format


Markus Knauer

Mathias Stuempert


Distributed computing and collaborative work on scientific and commercial tasks has taken on greater significance in the past few years. The technical backbone of this trend is represented by so called Grids. Therefore worldwide Grid infrastructures evolved and are now ready to be used for mainly scientific but also industrial and commercial applications.

The g-Eclipse project provides a variety of tools to access such worldwide Grid infrastructures in a user friendly way. Grid users are supported in order to easily access their personalized Grid resources, Grid resource providers profit from a shortening of the "service-to-market" time and Grid application developers benefit from the seamless integration of the remote development process into the existing Eclipse development environments using g-Eclipse.

This tutorial will introduce the g-Eclipse framework by enabling the participants to access a Grid infrastructure using g-Eclipse. The tutorial will cover topics like:

Participants need to bring their own notebook connected to the Internet via WLAN. The participants will get access to a gLite Grid infrastructure during the tutorial. This access will continue over a specific period to enable the participants to further evaluate the g-eclipse framework and to demonstrate the benefits of a general Grid infrastructure and g-Eclipse to colleagues afterwards.

Markus Knauer works as Eclipse developer and consultant at Innoopract Information Systems. There he is involved in the development of the Yoxos Eclipse Distribution and is working on multiple projects developing Eclipse-based SDKs. He is project lead of the Eclipse Packaging Project, co-lead of the g-Eclipse project, and a member of the Eclipse Planning Council.

Mathias Stümpert is the EU project coordinator of the g-Eclipse project. His background is astro-particle physics where he made his PhD in November 2007 by investigating anisotropies in cosmic-ray arrival directions using data of the KASCADE-Grande experiment. During his PhD he developed Java and C++ based analysis software and experiment control systems. In August 2006 he joined the g-Eclipse project as responsible person for the architecture of the framework, the quality of the source code and the integration of the different components. He became project coordinator in October 2007 and is still responsible for large parts of the g-Eclipse core.

Ariel Garcia is in charge of the release engineering and integration of the g-Eclipse project. He studied physics focusing in the area of field theory, and made his PhD in mathematical high energy physics. Since 2002 he is involved in different international Grid projects, among them as release manager of the EU-CrossGrid project. Presently he is also a member of the German Grid project D-Grid, in charge of the gLite middleware support.

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