Introducing Protecode - Continuous Management of Intellectual Property in Software

Richard Mayer (Protecode Inc.)

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Richard Mayer


Protecode Incorporated is a technology company that provides solutions for software intellectual property determination and protection. Fully integrated with the leading software development environments, Protecode addresses IP integrity issues facing thousands of enterprises and millions of software developers world wide. Protecode is an Eclipse plug-in acting as a software developers’ assistant to help manage intellectual property (open source etc.) by detecting, logging, identifying and reporting external content in software development projects.


Protecode is an Eclipse plug-in acting as a software developers’ assistant that detects and identifies external content and manages intellectual property (IP) in software. It unobtrusively works to detect, log, identify and report on all external content introduced in the workspace. Protecode will detect and log 100% of external content introduced into the code. By communicating with a Global Intellectual Property Server (GIPS), Protecode identifies the origin, license and other information about the external content. A web-based administrative system allows capture of IP policies and behavior preferences for the organization. The Protecode Reporter creates software pedigree reports and software Bill of Materials (BOM) lists that can be used by various groups in a company – developers, management and legal counsels.


In today’s world of open-sourced, out-sourced, easily-searched and easily-copied software – understanding, managing and safeguarding intellectual property (IP) is critical. Intellectual property contamination or even perceived IP issues can delay projects, product sales cycles, or business transactions and even reduce the value of the software itself or the entire company. Protecode addresses this problem in a simple, but industry unique approach for policy driven continuous software intellectual property management. Protecode detects logs, identifies and reports on external software content. Develop software the safe way with Protecode and enable controllable use of Open Source Software.


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