Introducing Useme, the Open Requirements Management Tool

Joel Rosi-Schwartz (Etish Limited), Barbara Rosi-Schwartz (Etish Limited)

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Barbara Rosi-Schwartz

What is Useme?

Useme is a collaborative tool that automates the capture and the subsequent maintenance of user requirements for new software functionality. The tool facilitates the utilisation of standards and best practices in requirements capture. Useme is based upon a number of industry standard technologies, the most relevant of which are the Eclipse Tools Platform and the Glassfish Java J5EE application server.

Why Useme?

We created Useme in an effort to overcome what we saw as essential problems with requirements management today, such as the frequent mismatch between the UML requirements model and the individual requirement documents, the daunting task of maintaining correct and consistent requirements documents through evolution and change and the difficulty of creating requirements documents with a consistent presentation.

Useme's features

Useme offers a solution to the problems outlined above through the following features:

About the authors

Useme has been conceived and developed by Etish Limited, a small Eclipse consultancy based in the UK. With a strong UNIX background and a solid experience in most aspects of J2EE development, we are enthusiastic producers of commercial quality Eclipse plug-ins and RCP applications. We are inspired by the open nature of the Eclipse platform, as well as by its promise of a complete integration of separate tools into a well designed suite. For many years we have also been strong believers of and contributors to the open source movement. Useme represents our largest contribution to the world community to date.

Joel's greatest passion is to see through chaos into order and to put structure into seemingly random situations. He draws both technical and aesthetic pleasure from well layered, uncoupled software architectures and he values component based development. He has a great many years experience with most aspects of J2EE architecture and development, particularly on the server side. He is conversant with a number of industrial strength application servers. He has also been committed to and involved in the open source movement since its earliest days and he is one of the authors of Useme, the open requirements management tool, which is Eclipse based. Having experienced many aspects of software development, Joel firmly believes in the importance of process in any development effort and has, through the years, applied process to his work as well as mentored other teams on it. He absolutely loves talking shop, at times affectionately recounting stories from his days as a pioneering Unix hacker.

Barbara is a Software Engineer who is enthusiastic about all things Eclipse. She believes in open source and she is one of the authors of Useme, the open requirements management tool, which is Eclipse based. She loves the UML, Java and XML. She embraces solid development process practices and she enjoys good yarns around process engineering over a wee dram :-). She has left a piece of her heart with the scientific community, where over a number of years, as part of her PhD and beyond, she enjoyed experimental physics of soft matter and computer modelling of polymeric materials.

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