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Thursday, March 20

TimeBallroom ERoom 203/204Room 209/210TheatreGrand Ballroom GHABGrand Ballroom CGrand Ballroom FRoom 206Room 207Room 201
07:00 Breakfast (Exhibit Hall A2)

09:00 Keynote - Cory Doctorow (Grand Ballroom GHAB)

10:10 'TiVo for Web Apps' : An in-depth look at an entirely new record & replay system (reprise)

Test Friendly RCP Development Analyzing and verifying UML models with OCL and Alloy Panel: Services Versus Extensions

Eclipse Riena Project

Transactions in Eclipse Based SOA

Eclipse - Enterprise Apps and Rich Front-end using GlassFish and jMaki

Making Money with Eclipse: A Survivor's Guide

Eclipse JPA

Eclipse/OMG Symposium

10:20 Agile RCP - Presenter First using Spring Dynamic Modules Extending UML2Tools for XML Schema Design
10:30 RCP Authorisation Management Bitter GMF or How We did UML with GMF
10:40 Spying into the Heart of Eclipse Traceability support in MDE
10:50 Unit Testing the GUI Tier: How to simply and reliably unit test your graphical user interfaces Model Driven Development with EMF and EclipseLink
11:10 Buckminster & Spaces: Better Together

What's new in JDT Target Management New and Noteworthy The Equinox Project: Building Blocks for OSGi Applications

Model transformation with Operational QVT

Creating Your Own Extension Points: It's Easier Than You Think!

VEX - Visual editor for XML GUI's

A Lightweight Approach to SOA and BPM with jBPM and Eclipse.

ACTF Visualization Engines and Components for Alternative Interfaces

11:20 Debugging Java and Jni code together eRCP Project, today and tomorrow
11:30 JRockit + Eclipse = True Device Debugging Project Update
11:40 Run Different: Extending JUnit 4 with Custom Runners C++ GUI Builder for Mobile or Embedded devices - NAB project update
11:50 Query-based Debugging and Visualization in JIVE Medany platform : using EMF, eRCP, OAW to generate mobile applications
12:00 Lunch (Exhibit Hall B)

13:30 Eclipse Plugins for Seam, JSF, JBoss AS and more

Comparing and Merging Models with Eclipse : an Update on EMF Compare Legal Considerations in Using Open Source Extending TPTP for database unit testing

From the RCP Book to Reality

Using ECF for Lightweight Distributed Team Collaboration

The DoD, Open Source, and OSGi as a Server Infrastructure.

Enterprise Open Source: Making the case for companies to create open source projects

The Object Teams Development Tooling: A high fidelity extension of the JDT

13:40 Developing Pluggable Client/Server Applications with Net4j The many ways of Eclipse: making your way around the code and communities as users and contributors
13:50 Model-driven web applications: generating Seam/JSF Web Applications on the basis of ecore models Managing IP for an Open Source Project & Understanding Open Source Licenses:
14:00 MODeX: a framework for Model-Driven SOA at Morgan Stanley Orbit: Third-party libraries at Eclipse
14:10 Use Case diagram and Class diagram from a activity diagram UML  
14:30 An integrated approach to SOA tooling for ServiceMix and other platforms

Mashup the development process with ALF Enterprise Expert Group Status Report MDT OCL Goes Generic

Lessons Learned from an Enterprise RCP Application

A Harmonious Combo : Experiences Profiling Apache Harmony with Eclipse TPTP

Equinox p2, Improving Eclipse Provisioning

What Traditional Businesses Can Learn About Developer Marketing From Open Source

The Accessibility Tools Framework Validation Engine

14:40 Standards based systems management: An Overview of the COSMOS project Introduction to the Newton Project – distributed OSGi & SCA
14:50 The Whole Platform: a Language Workbench for Eclipse Using OSGi Metadata with a Standard Class Loader
15:00 Open System Engineering Environment: An Integrated Solution How to distribute Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi with the Newton Project
15:10   What's next for OSGi?
15:30 Eclipse Community Project Spotlight (Theatre)

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Eclipse as a Platform
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