Lagrein: Software Metrics Visualization Tool

Andrejs Jermakovics (Free University of Bolzano), Alberto Sillitti (Free University of Bolzano)

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Estimating the real effort spent to implement the requirements of a software system, without superimposing any overhead on the development team, represents a paramount opportunity to keep a software project under control. Lagrein is an Eclipse RCP based software system that tries to address this problem by supporting managers and developers in exploring how a software system has been developed. It supports the visualization of multiple metrics (using GEF), it links individual requirements to the portions of the source code expected to implement them (using Latent Semantic Indexing), it couples the source code with the effort spent in producing it. With a certain level of approximation, Lagrein makes it possible to estimate the effort required to implement each single requirement.

Andrejs Jermakovics received his Bachelor degree in Computer Science from University of Latvia in 2005. He has finished his Masters studies at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and developed Lagrein as part of his thesis.

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