Revisiting Functional Testing Part 1

Sriram Narayanan (Thoughtworks)

Test And Performance · Short Talk

Wednesday, 14:30, 10 minutes | Room 209/210 | Download in iCal Format


Sriram Narayanan

If written well and with Test Driven Development in mind, Unit tests set expectations of desired behaviour and encourage developers to write necessary and sufficient code that meet the desired behaviour. When seen as a specification of desired behaviour, Unit Tests document the requirements.

However, Unit Tests are often written in the same language as the functional code. Domain analysts and customers are more likely than not unskilled in writing requirements in programming code. Functional Tests are a means to aiding customers and testers write tests and set expectations in a language and format of their choice.

Software teams typically have business code in one place and functional testing code elsewhere. A soon to be announced tool aims at wiping out this gap. End users would be able to set expectations in functional tests, to debug functional specifications, and to work more closely with the software developers than ever before.

This tool, based on the Eclipse platform, has not@ been formally announced at the time of proposing this talk, but it is expected to be announced in the first week of February. With the announcement, the presenter will change the description to actually name the tool, and reveal more of its functionality.

Some initial news in the media about this tool are available here and here

Part 1 of this talk covers Functional Tests and showcases this tool to a limited extent.

Part 2 of this talk walks the audience through how Functional Tests can revolutionize software delivery assurance and help customers ensure that the software works as desired.

Sriram Narayanan works with Thoughtworks at their Bangalore center. He loves exploring technologies and has followed Tomcat development for quite some time. In the past, he has delivered applications around custom embedded Tomcat instances, and loves to help people out with Tomcat related issues. Finding Java classloaders intellectually stimulating, he loves dynamically assembling components together at run time, and teaches applied Java programming to anyone who's interested. He enjoys mentoring engineering students on their final year projects. An ardent OpenSolaris fan, Sriram is an active member of the Bangalore Open Solaris User Group and evangelizes Open Solaris to business users and to Java developers. He is scheduled to speak at FOSS.IN as an Open Solaris community speaker. In the past, he has given a well received presentation on Open Grok in the CommunityOne tract at the Javaone in May 2007, and at the Sun Tech Days at Hyderabad in Feb 2007. Sriram is presently busy writing packaging scripts for Firefox and XulRunner for the Solaris platform, as well as with porting Eclipse to the Solaris platform - both using the Sun Studio compilers. When not playing with source or volunteering as a sysadmin at work, Sriram is teaching himself to play the classical guitar.

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