BlueOcean: An OSGi/Eclipse based Middleware for NextGen Collaboration

Manu Kuchhal (IBM)

Emerging Technologies · Poster

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Manu Kuchhal

Growth of Web 2.0, Social Computing paradigm and notion of Software as a Services(SaaS) and other related technologies in the recent times has empowered the end users to become both provider as well as the consumer of the content delivered via Web. It has resulted into the development of more complex and richer collaboration patterns among the user.

BlueOcean is an attempt to extend the notion of Social Computing Fabric further and make collaboration a bit more rich and fruitful. Whereas existing collaboration products stay short at enabling users exchange information/data/acquaintance with each other; BlueOcean extends the existing collaboration tools to actually perform the necessary actions and operations as a follow up to that. It make more degrees of freedom available at the disposal of any two peers who wish to collaborate with each other. Users can compose a situational application by sourcing services/components hosted by the Peers. BlueOcean provides a convenient environment for even non-IT users who can quickly share and publish their resources in the community, without writing any code. Also users can capture their knowledge and day to day action patterns as templates which can be shared and reused by their peers. This helps another Peer who will like to benefit from this otherwise tacit knowledge and behavior pattern of the other user, who might be an expert in that domain.

BlueOcean builds on top of IBM Lotus Expeditor. It exploits various features from the underlying platform like Webservices stack, Embedded SameTime for detecting user's presence, dynamic deployment of a new service(as plugns), remote management of the platform and provides its own value add on top of it and last but not least utilizes Expeditor's ubiquitous presence (as Lotus Sametime 7+, Lotus Notes 8+) as the seed to find its place on user's machine.

The aim of this incubation project was to demonstrate that; with BlueOcean users no longer remain providers and consumers of content alone but they can also provide and consume each others tools/services/applications and the hosting infrastructure (including middleware/hardware) in the fellow community.

Manu Kuchhal is an Advisory Software Engineer with IBM Lotus at the IBM India Software Labs. Manu has been evangelizing OSGi/Eclipse for most part of his career.

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