Server-Side: A Headless Eclipse Runtime for System Management

Susan Diamond (IBM)

Eclipse As A Platform · Poster

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Susan Diamond

Many groups had tried to componentize their product and promote reuse components to save development cost and time but failed. The major problem was that there was no common infrastructure to support this strategy and the scope for sharing components was not defined clearly. The lightweight runtime is a customized headless Eclipse/OSGi platform. It is a successful example of providing an infrastructure to promote componentization and software reuse. It is specialized in providing software components for developing system management applications. The lightweight runtime shares services and components from multiple organizations across IBM. The lightweight runtime exploiters can develop their application using one or more of these components and run on the platform. As a result, it helps save development cost and shortens development time. It also simplifies product collaboration among teams from different geographies and enables virtual collaboration. The lightweight runtime has about 40 exploiters since it was formed in 2005. This poster includes the best practices of using Eclipse for the Server-Side as well as lesson learned.

Susan Diamond earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemical Engineering in Beijing in 1993, a Masters degree in Software Engineering from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota in 2000, and a Master of Business Administration from Marist College in New York in 2006. Susan Diamond joined IBM as Software Engineer in 2001 after graduating from the University of St. Thomas. She has specialized in distributed system management software and application server development. She has worked on multiple systems management applications. She is one of the founders of a light weight runtime (a customized Eclipse/OSGi runtime) that is being used for systems management in IBM. She designed, developed and promoted it as a solution to multiple groups in IBM. She had led a few global cross organizational teams responsible for software development.

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