A new lease of life for the Visual Editor project - Eclipse GUI building reborn

Philippe Ombredanne (Eclipse ATF committer, Eclipse VE committer, Eclipse SOC committer, EasyEclipse maintainer, PHPEclipse committer, Drools committer, Mozilla contributor.), Steve Robenalt (Amdocs Inc, BCM Division by day. Contract developer and Eclipse Committer (Visual Editor project) by night.)

Tools · Short Talk

Tuesday, 14:30, 10 minutes | Room 209/210 | Download in iCal Format


Philippe Ombredanne

Steve Robenalt

The Visual Editor didn't make the Europa release train because a number of the core commiters were unable to remain as active as they had been previously.
The EclipseZone of java.net featured a number of stories titled "Is VE Dead ?" and the community were asking why no new code had been comitted for a year or so.

This talk wil provide an overview of the status of the project that is re-launching itself with a new set of commiters from different backgrounds who wish to not only rejion the existing codebase with the current Eclipse build train, but embrace new areas such as alternative persistence, new languages, high level connection wiring of components, and create a bigger and better Visual Editor than before.

This talk will put forward these ideas as well as plans to execute them, and also serve as a way to solicit feedback from the community as to what kind of tool they'd like to see the Visual Editor become.

Philippe is a passionate open source software developer, Eclipse committer, activist and enthusiast plug-in developer. He is a maintainer for EasyEclipse, an open source distribution of useful Eclipse plug-ins, and active contributor to several open source Eclipse projects, including PHPEclipse, the Visual Editor, the Ajax Tooling Framework, the Drools IDE and more. As a volunteer, he led the Google Summer of Code program for Eclipse for the last two years.
He is the CTO and co-founder of nexB, a software company dedicated to open source and application life-cycle management tools and services. Prior to nexB, he has worked at McDonnell Douglas, Accenture, and BearingPoint in various software development and consulting positions. He has worked on assignments with Apple, BEA, Checkpoint, Cisco, HP, Mercury, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle, Salesforce.com, SAP and Wind River.
Philippe can be found on Eclipse IRC channels as pombreda.

Steve is currently a "Software Design Expert" (whatever that means) at Amdocs BCM division, working primarily on the integration of a mature suite of business operations software with JEE-based component software. In support of this work, he has also developed 2 generations of modeling/code generation tools based on Eclipse. He has recently been spending a lot of time with RCP development, both at Amdocs, and for outside contracts, and still manages to find some time to work on Eclipse as a committer (though not as much as he'd like). For the past 25 years, Steve has bounced around various jobs and contracts, working on everything from single-chip embedded systems to multi-platform enterprise systems in a variety of languages and with a variety of tools. Steve received a Bachelors degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of California, Davis.

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