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Birds of a Feathers

Birds of a Feather meetings are informal (i.e., unplanned) one-and-a-half-hour gatherings of people who want to talk about a particular topic. BOFs are scheduled for the evenings, after the receptions, and serve as a great way to continue the conversations that have been started that day.

Monday, March 17

TimeRoom 203/204Room 209/210Grand Ballroom CGrand Ballroom ERoom 206Room 207Room 201
19:30 The Eclipse Google Summer of Code

Modeling in the Enterprise

Subversion BOF

UI Component Programming Best Practices

The Spring On Eclipse BOF

Best Practices for Mixed Software Development BOF

WTP Committers BOF

20:45 Using and Extending the Eclipse Communication Framework

Where Are My Models?

  OSGi, Eclipse and Maven

Ajax development with Eclipse

Calling all Eclipse Evangelists!


Tuesday, March 18

TimeRoom 203/204Room 209/210Grand Ballroom CGrand Ballroom EGrand Ballroom FGreat America Meeting Room 2Room 206Room 207Room 201
19:30 Mega Modeling Mania

PDE Soiree

Mylyn Bashing, Brainstorming and Beer BOF

Eclipse Persistence Services (EclipseLink) BoF

Building a local Eclipse user group

Eclipse as a Requirements Management Platform

DSDP - Integrating Device Software Tools under Eclipse

OSGi Alliance

Eclipse University Outreach

20:45 JavaME tooling for the Eclipse Platform: what we can expect?

Emergence of Web 2.0 and Software as a Service (SaaS) - Are they threat or opportunity to the growth of Eclipse?

Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) Bof

Towards a General Enterprise Information Logistics Framework

PTP (Parallel Tools Platform)

  Software Provisioning in the Trenches

Distributed Computing with OSGi

UML2 Tools Usability


Wednesday, March 19

TimeRoom 203/204Room 209/210Grand Ballroom GHABGrand Ballroom CGrand Ballroom EGrand Ballroom FGreat America Meeting Room 1 Great America Meeting Room 2Room 206Room 207Room 201
19:30 Developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on Eclipse RCP

Automated GUI testing of Eclipse RCP applications

Adding support for Web frameworks in Eclipse

How Banks Can Work Together at Eclipse and Open Source

Equinox, OSGi and all that ...

  Rapid Development of eRCP Applications

Eclipse 4.0 (e4) Kick Off

Discussion of the Eclipse Babel Project

Open System Engineering Environment

Dali JPA Tools (JPT) - Open Forum

20:45 Simplifying Complex IT Environments with Emerging Management Standards

Building a Wishlist for Albireo's Swing/SWT Integration Support


p2, provisioning for you

IMP: An IDE Meta-tooling Platform for Creating Language-Specific IDEs

Mylyn Ecosystem: towards the Task-Focused Workday

Usability And User Interface Best Practices BOF


Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) BoF

The Whole Platform: a Language Workbench for Eclipse BoF