Archuation MDA Toolkit

Frank VanLoon (Owner / Operator of FAVANOO Software, LLC. and Consultant / Developer for Archuation by META-INC.)

Modeling · Poster

This talk has been accepted but has not yet been assigned a time slot.

For the last several years, META-INC has been developing an MDA Transformation tool built on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF), Unified Modeling Language (UML2), and other Eclipse technologies. The MDA approach we apply is somewhat unique, transforming from Platform Independent Models (PIM) directly to high quality Code, without needing to mark up a low level Platform Specific Model (PSM). Our Transformation Definitions invlove simple yet powerful and robust configurations and templates that give the designers and architects precise control over what Archuation generates, without having to custom develop any code. We have demonstrated amazing results with the tool, including a 95% code generation of well structured, high-end Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) using J2EE and .Net platforms. We've also demonstrated the ability to generate a wide variety of file types and formats, including support for J2EE, Hibernate, .Net (C#), XML Schemas, service repository/registry configuration files, etc. I would like to have the opportunity to talk to others in the Eclipse community about our approach and tool, as well as how we may be able to influence some of the MDA Transformation work on-going in the Eclipse Community today.

Frank Vanloon is a seasoned, high-end Application Architect. He has been using MDA and Archuation™ for years at multiple Fortune 500 Companies to implement large scale, business critical, enterprise systems with phenomenal results.

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