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Monday, March 17

TimeCamino RealCypressGrand Ballroom BGrand Ballroom CGrand Ballroom DGrand Ballroom EGrand Ballroom FGrand Ballroom GGreat America Ballroom JKGreat America Meeting Room 1Great America Meeting Room 2Napa I-II-IIIRoom 203/204TheatreRoom 206Room 207Room 210Room 201Room 202Room 209Room 211Sonoma
07:00 Breakfast (Exhibit Hall A2)

08:00 Maven, Eclipse and OSGi working together

Getting started with RAP development

An introduction to Model-driven-development using Eclipse Tools

Introduction to Model Driven Engineering using Eclipse Frameworks

Plastic Surgery For Eclipse: Custom SWT Widgets, RCP Customization, And More

Plug-in Development 101: The Fundamentals

Developing Rich Client Applications in the workbench (part 1)

Fundamentals of the Eclipse Modeling Framework

New Member Jumpstart

Profiling Java applications using Eclipse TPTP

Practical testing of Eclipse plugins and OSGi bundles

Getting Started with OSGi, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Service Registry

API Design Workshop

Building Commercial-Quality Eclipse Plug-Ins [Part 1]

Embedding Eclipse Equinox for Fun & Profit

Debug Platform: The Basics

Faceted Project Framework

Basic BIRT Report Development

Data Applications in Eclipse: The Eclipse Data Tools Platform

Eclipse Web Tools Platform – Uncovered : Web Application Concepts and Development Quick Start

Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications [Part 1]

Accessing Worldwide Grid Infrastructures with g-Eclipse

10:30 Remotely deploying Equinox with Maynstall

From RCP to RCP/RAP – Conversion and Single-Sourcing Techniques

Using GMF and M2M for Model-driven-development

An introduction to policy handling with Eclipse STP

Test-Driven Development (TDD) for Eclipse RCP

Plug-in Development 201: Rich Client Applications

Advanced User Interface Programming Using the Rich Client Platform (part 2)

Essential JET – Simple code generators in Eclipse

GUI test creation before application availability – GUIdancer Tutorial

Methodologies for Test-Driven Development of OSGi enabled Embedded Devices

The OSGi Complete

API Design Workshop (Part 2)

Building Commercial-Quality Eclipse Plug-Ins [Part 2]

Developing applications using embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP)

Debug Platform: Custom Integration

Building and extending wizards with WTP Wizard and Data Model Frameworks

Advanced BIRT Report Customization

Enabling support for a new database or data source in Eclipse

Eclipse Web Tools Platform – Uncovered : Building JavaServer Faces (JSF) web applications

Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications [Part 2]

Developing an Editor for Directed Graphs with the Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework.

12:30 Lunch (Exhibit Hall B)

13:30 Spring DM, formerly called Spring-OSGi

Developing Rich Internet Application with Eclipse Tools

Using M2T and TMF for Model-driven-development

Enterprise Integration with Eclipse and Apache Camel

Using Commands and Menu Contributions

Developing Eclipse Rich-Client Applications

Ecore-OAW-Android : Using Eclipse as a Model Driven Platform to generate an Android Application

Introduction to the Graphical Modeling Framework

Annual General Meeting of the Eclipse Foundation

Code Coverage Analysis for Eclipse

Equinox Framework: How to get Hooked

Building Secure OSGi Applications

JDT fundamentals

Best Practices with Mylyn

Remote access with the DSDP Target Management Project

Implementing a debugger using the DSF framework (part 1).

Extending the Web Tools Ajax Tooling Framework (ATF)

Integrating Reporting into your Application

Implement Schema Editing Based on Delta DDL

Eclipse Web Tools Platform – Uncovered: Java Persistence Development with Dali and EclipseLink

ABC of Platform Workspace

Push-Button Building, Testing, and Publishing Your Plugins

16:00 Integrating a custom tool-chain in CDT

Developing Python IDE on top of Eclipse DLTK Project

Creating Robust, Scalable DSLs with UML

How to get the most of the BPMN modeler

Introduction to PDE/Build

Advanced Eclipse RCP

Understanding JFace Data Binding

Model-to-model Transformation with ATL

How to apply Software Archeology to your development process

ReSTful OSGi Web Applications Tutorial

An introduction to Pax tools for OSGi

Epiphanies of patterns! (a hands-on survey of pattern-related automation tools)

  So you want to run a project in Eclipse?

Implementing a debugger using the DSF framework (part 2).

Extending the XML and SSE editors from the WTP Project

Where's the Data? A Device Kit Tutorial.

Identity Management, Authorization and User Profiles: Higgins 1.0 and beyond

Eclipse Web Tools Platform – Uncovered : Web Services tools

Building an application with the Security Incubator codebase

Automate your Builds using Pluginbuilder

18:00 Eclipse Community Awards Reception and Eclipse Jeopardy (Theatre)

Committer and Contributor
Data Tooling
Eclipse as a Platform
Emerging Technologies
Mobile and Embedded
OSGi DevCon
Rich Client Platform
Test and Performance
Web Tools