g-Eclipse - Access the power of Grids with Eclipse

Mathias Stuempert (Institute for Scientific Computing @ Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe), Ariel GARCIA (Institute for Scientific Computing @ Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe)

Emerging Technologies · Short Talk
Tuesday, 15:30, 10 minutes | Room 203/204 | Download in iCal Format


Mathias Stuempert


Grids are infrastructures built to solve complex computational problems in dynamic collaborations by connecting computing and storage resources by fast networks. These infrastructures are becoming the backbone in many science and research areas. At the same time, the commercial application of Grid technologies has led to new categories of offerings (e.g. on-demand computing) and are likely to play an important role in the "software as a service" landscape. However, the complexity of Grid infrastructures is often discouraging to new and inexperienced users and impedes the use of Grid technologies in new application domains. The g-Eclipse project – both a Eclipse technology project and an European funded research project – is therefore building an integrated workbench framework to access the power of existing Grid infrastructures, based on top of the reliable ecosystem of the Eclipse community to enable a sustainable development. The g-Eclipse team develops a middleware independent platform by providing extension points to connect to different Grid infrastructures. The talk will give a brief introduction in the domain of Grid computing – both in science and business – and the general use cases for users of Grid infrastructures. The demo part of the talk will present the creation of a Grid project using an exisiting infrastructure, the seamless access to data storage resources and the easy submission of computational jobs to the Grid. The usage of the g-Eclipse tool for Grid resources providers will be shown as well as the tools for remote application development and Grid application deployment. Further features like the integration of the Visualisation Tool Kit in the framework will be presented too, to demonstrate the benefit of the g-Eclipse framework for science and for business. The g-Eclipse project started in July 2006 and is currently in incubator state at Eclipse.org.

Mathias Stümpert is the EU project coordinator of the g-Eclipse project. His background is astro-particle physics where he made his PhD in November 2007 by investigating anisotropies in cosmic-ray arrival directions using data of the KASCADE-Grande experiment. During his PhD he developed Java and C++ based analysis software and experiment control systems. In August 2006 he joined the g-Eclipse project as responsible person for the architecture of the framework, the quality of the source code and the integration of the different components. He became project coordinator in October 2007 and is still responsible for large parts of the g-Eclipse core.

Ariel Garcia is in charge of the release engineering and integration of the g-Eclipse project. He studied physics focusing in the area of field theory, and made his PhD in mathematical high energy physics. Since 2002 he is involved in different international Grid projects, among them as release manager of the EU-CrossGrid project. Presently he is also a member of the German Grid project D-Grid, in charge of the gLite middleware support.

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