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Tuesday, March 18

TimeBallroom DBallroom EGreat America Meeting Room 2Room 203/204Room 209/210TheatreGrand Ballroom FGHABCRoom 206Room 207Great America Ballroom JK
07:00 Breakfast (Exhibit Hall A2)

09:00 Keynote - Dan Lyons (Grand Ballroom FGHABC)

10:10 IBM Developer Day - Technology Track

Analyzing Java Performance Using Hardware Performance Counters

Developing Rich Internet Applications with JBoss RichFaces and Eclipse

Case Study: Phurnace Software and RCP Introducing OSGi technology to existing projects GMF: Exemplary MDD

Mylyn: code at the speed of thought

Apples and Oranges or Fruit Salad? A look at open source versus commercial platform strategies

The Cure for Your Disconnected Toolset Headache

How eRCP stacks up against Android and other Mobile Rich Client Platforms

10:20 Case Study: Ship Repair with RCP Eclipse Application Container: Not Just for UI Anymore
10:30 MAEviz Everything can be a bundle — automatically repairing pre-OSGi code
10:40 IBM Lotus Notes 8: Eclipse RCP for the Masses From Rock Solid To Bundle Solid
10:50 RCP @ NASA: An Update Modular web applications based on OSGi
11:10 Why did Deutsche Post open source to Eclipse?

Java Annotations

Bringing new management standards to Eclipse Introducing Real-Time Software Components (RTSC) Software Metrics - The Good, The Bad and the CRAPpy

Creating Enterprise Business Applications Using Eclipse RCP

Using Dependency Injection to Integrate Eclipse Extensions with OSGi Services

Introduction to BIRT 2.2

The Equinox Community -- Runtime Technology at Eclipse

11:20 Semantics-driven software provisioning: actually reusing software Introducing VPP - the Virtual Prototyping Platform Project
11:30 Summer of Code 2007 @ Eclipse: discover 21 cool NEW plugins projects in 10 minutes The Future of TmL: A Simulated End-to-End Environment for Mobile Enterprise Applications
11:40 Using Buckminster within the STP Mobile Tools for Java - Current Project Status
11:50 Using Diagrammatic Explorations to Understanding Code From The Horse's Mouth - What Embedded Developers Like and Dislike About Eclipse-Based Development Tools
12:00 Lunch (Exhibit Hall B)

13:30 IBM Developer Day - Jazz Developer Track

'TiVo for Web Apps' : An in-depth look at an entirely new record & replay system

Introducing DTP Open Data Access Framework

  CDT Ganymede Update Android and OSGi: Can they work together?

Open Source Meets Open Specifications: Eclipse and the OMG

Eclipse & DITA: Write Once, Use Anywhere!

Policy Driven Continuous Software Intellectual Property Management

Swordfish - The Eclipse SOA Runtime Framework

13:40 Using the Web Tools Ajax Tooling Framework (ATF) to create and debug Ajax and JavaScript applications Uncover macro-expansions using CDT
13:50 Dali JPA Tools--Everything You Need to Get Started in 10 Minutes or Less Enabling Remote Development with CDT and PTP
14:00 How to extend JBoss Tools Visual Page Editor for custom tag libraries "Because Size Matters" : combining CDT and BIRT to analyze binary code size of embedded applications
14:10 What can the WTP Snippets View do for me? Re-structuring of a swing-based application into an Eclipse RCP
14:30 How to Write Video Games and Create Shareholder Value in Enterprise IT

Contributing to Eclipse

From SWT to RCP: Experiences implementing RSSOwl 2.0 with RCP A new lease of life for the Visual Editor project - Eclipse GUI building reborn Connected Data Objects - The EMF Model Repository

Eclipse Command Language - next step in Eclipse Scripting & Automation?

Functional Testing with the Eclipse TPTP Project

Server-Side Eclipse - the dynamic server platform based on OSGi

Visual Studio Users & Eclipse

14:40 The Build System of Commercial RCP Application: A Case Study The Eclipse Process Framework – how it can address your team’s process needs
14:50 Building Eclipse-based Products: A View From the Trenches Towards common language toolkit for IDE development
15:00 RCP for Industrial Automation and Real-Time Control Developing your help system table-of-contents using IBM Task Modeler
15:10 Case Study: Integrating technology in an enterprise ecosystem using Eclipse RCP Giant Steps: A Small Distributed Team’s Experience with Rational Team Concert (Beta)
15:30 Android, OSGi & Cloudsmith: Cool Things Come in Threes

Security development in the Equinox Incubator

g-Eclipse - Access the power of Grids with Eclipse Bringing Ada to the Eclipse plugin developers IP for Eclipse Committers:

Designing Business and Technical User Interfaces in Eclipse RCP Applications

Eclipse, Open Source, Wall Street and Competition: Big Drama, Big Money

Developing Spring-powered applications in Eclipse with Spring IDE

Integrating Mobile Devices and Emulators onto the Eclipse IDE with TmL

15:40 g-Eclipse - Implementing EFS for Grids Facets vs. Natures
15:50 g-Eclipse - Goodies and Gimmicks for a user-friendly access to Grids Towards A Common Build Infrastructure: Designing For Reusability
16:00 What is the Accessibility Tools Framework? Faceted Project Framework Outside Web Tools
16:10 Eclipse Aperi Storage Network Simulator Lessons Learned from Adopting the Eclipse Way
16:30 Taking Applications Wireless with BlackBerry and Eclipse

How To Build Large Scale Enterprise Applications Using OSGi

SmartTools Software Factory IDL Workbench, or...the FrankenDE - Create your own Eclipse-based IDE Diversity is the Spice of Life

New features of UML2 - Generics, Static Profile Definition and OCL Integration.

Introduction to Groovy


Using Eclipse BIRT in the Real World ... Seriously

16:40 Eclipse in Japan Decluttering the Workbench
16:50 How to market your Eclipse project when you don’t have a marketing budget Top Ten Gotchas (and Work Arounds) in Eclipse User Assistance
17:00 Agile Development: A Business Perspective on How and Why it Works Java EE Module Dependencies and the Java Build Path
17:10 UML Modeling in the Open Health Tools (OHT) Swing/SWT Integration with the Albireo Project
17:20 Exhibitors Reception (Exhibit Hall A)

20:00 IBM Demo Reception, Featuring Jazz Live! (Ballroom D)

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