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Tuesday, 13:30, 3 hours 50 minutes | Ballroom D | Download in iCal Format


Join us for the Jazz Developer Track and learn more about the Jazz Project and Rational Team Concert, the first product built on the Jazz platform. Jazz uses Eclipse technology on both the client and the server, and Team Concert provides agile teams with a highly integrated tool set including source control, work item tracking and continuous integration and build management.


1:30 Erich Gamma, IBM Rational
Featured Talk: Collaborative Software Development - Developing Software like a band plays Jazz.
Developing software in a team is much like playing an instrument in a band. Both require a balance of team collaboration and solo expertise.
A goal of the Jazz project is to provide a team and teams of teams with a stage that supports developing software in this style. Rational Team Concert is the first product that comes out of this project. Team Concert provides agile teams with an integrated tool set including source control, work item tracking, and continuous integration and build management. It provides collaboration facilities and a high degree of transparency throughout development, and enables a team to establish their processes to reduce team mistakes. This talk shows how Team Concert addresses common pain points of software development and covers what is new&noteworthy on the Jazz project.

2:30 John Wiegand, IBM Rational
Introduction to the Jazz Technology Platform - Architecture and Extensibility Overview.
The Jazz technology platform provides integration middleware for collaborative, extensible Application Lifecycle Management tools. This talk provides an introduction to the architecture and extensibility of the Jazz platform. We will discuss how we use Java EE, relational database, OSGi and Eclipse technologies to implement the platform capabilities. We’ll cover the extensibility architecture for enabling loosely-coupled tool integrations using Representational State Transfer (REST) principles.

3:30 Jean-Michel Lemieux, IBM Rational
Source Control in Jazz - Agile team development with Rational Team Concert.
Rational Team Concert Beta 2 is a beta of a new agile development product based on Jazz. Team Concert includes simple, flexible, fast, and fully- integrated software configuration management capabilities for small to medium sized geographically distributed teams. This talk will introduce the software configuration management features of Team Concert, followed by a demo of these features.

4:30 Kai-Uwe Maetzel, IBM Rational
What if your tools knew your team? - Bringing Processes to Life.
All teams and organizations follow processes, and software teams are no exception. Processes are either defined up-front or emerge over time and evolve as the teams learn how to work more effectively. This talk demonstrates how the concept of process is built into the heart of IBM Jazz Technology and how it changes the way users think about issues such as code quality, getting team members up to speed, or starting new projects.

Speaker Bios

Erich Gamma, IBM Rational
Erich Gamma is an IBM Distinguished Engineer. He is the technical lead of the Jazz project. He was the original lead of Eclipse's Java development environment (JDT) and was on the Project Management Committee for the Eclipse project. Erich is also a member of the Gang of Four, which is known for its classical book, Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. He has collaborated with Kent Beck on developing JUnit and on writing the book Contributing to Eclipse: Principles, Patterns, and Plug-ins.

John Wiegand, IBM Rational
John Wiegand is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM Rational's Beaverton lab and Rational Chief Architect. John is responsible for defining the architectural and implementation aspects of Jazz as a platform for use in products across the software lifecycle. Prior to John's current assignment, he was the technical lead for the Jazz project. John was the principal architect for the Eclipse Platform infrastructure and played a central role in the development of VA/Java, VA/Micro Edition, and Eclipse. John is a former member of the Eclipse Foundation Board, and played a key leadership role in establishing Eclipse as a successful open source project. John strives to enable teams to deliver high quality products on-time - pioneering, with Erich Gamma and others, an approach to software development called "The Eclipse Way". His interests are in the areas of performance, scalability, compilers, and just about anything that's hard.

Jean-Michel Lemieux, IBM Rational
Jean-Michel Lemieux is the co-author of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform book published by Addison-Wesley ( He is the SCM lead and member of the Jazz PMC and has been working on Jazz since it's inception. Jean-Michel Lemieux has also been a committer on the Eclipse team and CVS components since their inception. Before joining IBM's Ottawa Software Lab to work on Eclipse and Jazz, Jean-Michel built real-time SS7 monitoring systems and real-time modeling tools. His current interests extend from designing Eclipse frameworks that are RCP friendly to using a bug tracking system in the home environment to keep the family organized. Jean-Michel has a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Ottawa.

Kai-Uwe Maetzel, IBM Rational
Kai-Uwe Maetzel works for IBM Rational in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. He leads the Jazz Process Component and is a member of the Jazz PMC. Kai is one of the original committers on the project and one of the three original developers of the Eclipse Java tooling. He is a former member of the Eclipse architecture team, was component lead of the Eclipse Text Infrastructure and Editor Components, and was also responsible for the editors in the Eclipse Java tooling. He served as committer representative on the Eclipse Board of Directors. He was team lead on the UI side of IBM VA/Micro Edition in its late days and authored its VCM client component, the face of Teamstreams. Prior to joining IBM he co-authored Beyond-Sniff, a distributed, service-based IDE for large scale C++ projects, commercialized as Sniff+.

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