Epiphanies of patterns! (a hands-on survey of pattern-related automation tools)

Scott E. Schneider (IBM Rational), Randy Lexvold (IBM Rational)

Modeling · Tutorial
Monday, 16:00, 2 hours | Room 203/204 | Download in iCal Format


Scott E. Schneider

Randy Lexvold

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Scott E. Schneider and Randy Lexvold of IBM Rational will lead the wandering and weary towards their own epiphany on the value of pattern-enabling technologies. The instructor will guide tutorial students step-by-step through the various EMP ("Eclipse Modeling Project") tools and technologies that further the automation of patterns along several dimensions of operability. A pattern specification in human readable form can be codified as a pattern implementation micro-tool that can then be applied to solve the problem area of concern in a concrete context. A short historical and cross-disciplinary treatment on patterns will be covered followed by the lion's share of time spent on a fast-paced hands-on survey that sparks the flame of possibilities no matter what the specific motives of the gathered crowd (some motives enumerated concisely below)*. The exact technologies surveyed will be specified as the conference draws near but it is likely to include both the production and consumption of micro-tools using technologies such as M2T/JET2, M2M, GMT and/or GMF. [Edit] This tutorial will cover the implementation of a simple pattern that uses EMF/GMF and JET2 to codify multiple pattern automation operations (students may follow along or simply watch the instructor go through the tutorial). *Attendee motives... 1. Pattern nerds that simply like to use this stuff because its cool 2. Project managers that drool with dollar-signed eyes by the cost-savings 3. Modelers that are comforted by the increased abstraction patterns provide 4. Lazy (errrr, efficient) programmers that want to stupefy their managers 5. Analysts that like to express in their own domain-specific languages

Scott E. Schneider leads pattern tooling development within IBM Rational, specializing on the specification and automation of model-operative patterns. Scott holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology with specialty in digital signal processing and computer science. He is an associate editor and columnist of the "International Journal of Patterns" (http://www.ijop.org") and an active member of the IBM Software Group Patterns Governance Board. Currently, Scott is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM working on Rational product development since 1997. Scott speaks at software development conferences such as EclipseCon, EclipseWorld and the IBM Rational Software Development Conference as well as other IBM internal conferences.

Randy Lexvold has been with Rational for 8 years, starting as an IT Specialist, and then becoming an Above Region IT Specialist, and currently a Worldwide SME for SOA. Prior to IBM, he was a software developer, architect and manager at various embedded/real-time companies and a few web startups for 15 years. He has developed a wide range of applications, including robotics navigation software, video poker machines, embedded serial drivers, on-line grocery stores, and on-line hospital applications.

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