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Bernd Kolb (Independent), Ed Merks (IBM), Richard Gronback (Borland Software Corporation), Markus Voelter (Independent), James Bruck (IBM), Eike Stepper (ES-Computersysteme, Berlin, Germany), Paul Elder (IBM), Jim van Dam (HiPeS), Kenn Hussey (Embarcadero Technologies), Christian W. Damus (IBM), Martin Taal (, Dave Steinberg (IBM Rational Software), Anthony Hunter (IBM Rational Software), Nick Boldt (IBM Rational Software Canada), Artem Tikhomirov (Borland Software Corporation), Cédric Brun (Obeo), Alexander Shatalin (Borland Software Corporation), Tatiana Fesenko (Borland Software Corporation), Radomil Dvorak (Borland Software Corporation), MUSSET Jonathan (Obeo)

Modeling · Birds Of A Feather

Tuesday, 19:30, 1 hour 15 minutes | Room 203/204 | Download in iCal Format


Bernd Kolb

Ed Merks

Markus Voelter

Eike Stepper

Jim van Dam

Kenn Hussey

Christian W. Damus

Martin Taal

Dave Steinberg

Anthony Hunter

Nick Boldt

Artem Tikhomirov

Cédric Brun

Alexander Shatalin

Tatiana Fesenko

MUSSET Jonathan

Many of the modeling project committers will be at EclipseCon so this will be a great opportunity for us to get together. I'll bring my camera! And of course lots of people from our community will be at EclipseCon too, especially with such an excellent variety of talks and tutorials focused on topics near and dear to our hearts. So it will really be cool for all of us to get together and talk about where we've been, where are, and where we'd like to go next.

Bernd Kolb focuses on model-driven software development and eclipse technologies. As a consultant he worked in different domains from tooling for automotive embedded systems to enterprise Java applications. Bernd is committer at the Eclipse M2T and EMFT Projects as well as component Lead for the Modeling Workflow Engine (MWE). He is a regular speaker at conferences and has written a number of articles as well as co-authored a book on OSGi.

Ed Merks is the project lead of the Eclipse Modeling Framework project and a co-lead of the top-level Modeling project. He has many years of in-depth experience in the design and implementation of languages, frameworks, and application development environments. He holds a Ph.D. in computing science and is a co-author of the authoritative "Eclipse Modeling Framework, A Developer's Guide" (Addison-Wesley 2003). He works for IBM Rational Software at the Toronto Lab.

Markus Völter works as an independent consultant and coach for software technology and engineering. He focuses on software architecture, model-driven software development and product lines. Markus is the author of several magazine articles, patterns and books on middleware and model-driven software development. He is a regular speaker at conferences world wide. Markus can be reached at voelter at acm dot org via or

James Bruck is a software developer for IBM Rational Software in the IBM Ottawa Lab. He is a committer and lead of the MDT UML2 project. James has contributed to the Rational modeling product lines, including IBM Rational Software Architect. He holds a BMath from the University of Waterloo

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Paul Elder is the lead of the Eclipse Model to Text (M2T) project and of the JET component. His current interest is in building tools to automate the implementation of design patterns. He has over 20 years experience in software development, consulting and instructing. He holds a BMath from the University of Waterloo, and an MBA from the University of Ottawa. He is currently a Senior Software Engineer with IBM Rational Software at the IBM Ottawa Lab.

Jim started as a knowledge engineer in the 80's. Model based software development has been his main interest since 1985. He started with case-tools, moved on to tailor made MDSD environments and currently uses the Eclipse MDSD tooling and the DSL toolkit from MS. He developed a DSL and tooling for modeling user interfaces enabling platform independent front-end development: StUIML (Standard User Interface Modeling Language). A StUIML predecessor was used in dozens of applications generating both rich and thin client front-ends.

Kenn Hussey works as a Program Manager for Embarcadero Technologies. He is a member of the Project Management Committee (PMC) for the Modeling project, lead of the Model Development Tools (MDT) sub-project, and a committer on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) sub-project at Eclipse. He is also actively involved with the Object Management Group (OMG), representing Embarcadero on the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Unified Modeling Language (UML), and Meta-Object Facility (MOF) / XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) revision task forces, as well as the Information Management Metamodel (IMM) submission team. He holds Master of Science (Computer Science) and Bachelor of Computer Science (Honors) degrees from Acadia University.

Christian's professional experience consists almost entirely of building modeling software with Java and related technologies, from spatial data modeling with RDBMS for web-based GIS applications to software modeling with UML at IBM Rational Software. His last 4+ years have been spent in building modeling frameworks on EMF, currently leading the MDT OCL component and a few EMF components in the Eclipse Modeling Project. Other activities that he enjoys in and around his Ottawa, Canada home are woodworking, canoe-camping, and music.

Martin Taal is an independent software consultant mainly working on data-centric business web applications. He has over 10 years experience in the IT-industry in different roles varying from functional architect to development manager, team lead and software developer. The last 6 years Martin has primarily worked on business web applications on topics such as e-procurement, product data management, content management and supplier management.

Dave Steinberg is a software developer at the IBM Toronto Software Lab. He has worked with Eclipse and modeling technologies since joining the company and has been a committer on the EMF project since its debut in 2002. He is a co-author of “Eclipse Modeling Framework: A Developer’s Guide" and led the writing of the second edition.

Anthony Hunter is a software development manager at IBM Rational Software in Canada. Anthony is a committer for the Eclipse GMF and GEF projects as well as committer for the Tabbed Properties View in the Eclipse platform. Anthony contributes to the Rational modeling product lines, including IBM Rational Software Architect. Anthony has historically contributed to WebSphere Studio Application Developer and IBM Rational XDE and has been actively working with the Eclipse platform since its inception.

Nick Boldt is a release engineer with IBM Rational Software Canada. An IBMer since 1999, Nick has built customer websites, database integration solutions, and telephony applications. Since joining the EMF team in 2003, he's automated build processes, integrated web & build systems, and designed build tools to simply and streamline building, testing, and releasing project code. He is currently the release engineer and build expert for 4 of the 8 Eclipse Modeling projects, including over a dozen individual component builds. An avid blogger and wiki writer, he has also contributed to tech projects such as Dash and ECF.

Artem Tikhomirov is employed by Borland Software Corporation and currently works on the Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) project. Artem has been a leader in the development of Borland's Together® Edition for Eclipse product, and currently leads development on the generative tooling side of GMF

Cedric Brun, Research Engineer at Obeo, project lead of the EMF compare project. In charge of the Acceleo community he also works on software evolution, re-engineering and cartography of legacy systems through model driven processes. His work at Obeo involves consultancy and expertise in setting up a pragmatic and efficient development process based on UML or domain specific models for software providers or administrations. He has graduated both the Polytech' engineering school and a research Master at the University of Nantes and specialized himself in software engineering and model driven engineering. Prior to his current jobs he has been an active contributor to open source and worked in Guangzhou on a global video conference solution for the Chinese Education and Research Network (CERNET).

Tatiana Fesenko is a software developer for Borland Software Corporation. She graduated from the Department of Software Engineering in St.-Petersburg State University with a degree paper devoted to Requirements Management. She still gives lectures at her 'alma mater'. She is a committer on Eclipse MDT UML2Tools Project.

Leader of the Eclipse MTL Project; Leader of the Acceleo Project; Technical Director of Obeo; MDA expert; Reverse engineering expert;

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