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Wednesday, March 19

TimeBallroom DBallroom ERoom 203/204Room 209/210TheatreGrand Ballroom GHABGrand Ballroom CGrand Ballroom FRoom 206Room 207
07:00 Breakfast (Exhibit Hall A2)

09:00 Keynote - Sam Ramji (Grand Ballroom GHAB)

10:10 BlackBerry Developer Day

Getting the most from your BIRT reports

Create Web 2.0 style Rich Clients with Eclipse Building easily and quickly an SCA composite Pimp My Editor

Eclipse 4.0

Migrating your Graphical Editor to the Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework

BUG: A Customizable Hardware and Software Platform using Linux, Java, and OSGi

Value Creation & Cooperative Resource Exchange in the Eclipse Community

Theory-infected: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Use Unit Theories in JUnit 4

10:20 Deep integration of GWT/Javascript and Eclipse 3.3 using XULRunner and JavaXPCOM Bridging SOA Editors in Eclipse STP with the Intermediate Model
10:30 JRuby on RCP Rapid Application Prototyping with jBPM
10:40 Putting Lazy Tables to Work Using Eclipse in a Concurrent Approach to SOA-BPM Development
10:50 Building XML-based content for Eclipse Help: a real experience Using Eclipse STP Intermediate Model and Spagic to get a complete Free Open Source SOA/BPM solution
11:10 Influences of Digital Communities on the Future of Software Development

SOA Tools Platform Project Update What's New in MDT? Building on Eclipse in interesting ways while still respecting its look and feel

PDT - The PHP Development Toolkit

Memory Analysis Simplified: Automated Heap Dump Analysis for Developers, Testers and Technical Support Employees

Creating a framework for Mixed Java, Ada, and C development:

Linking the physical world to the enterprise through SOA

Introducing the DTP SQL Query Builder

11:20 WebTools for Server-Side Eclipse Building an Application with EMF Models
11:30 Present and future directions in security and identity Intentional UI Modeling
11:40 'TiVo for Web Apps' : A deep record & replay system for Eclipse Model Transformation goes declarative - QVT Relations in practice
11:50 What's New in the JSF Tools Project? Ecore Tools : Create a complete modeling environment for Ecore
12:00 Lunch (Exhibit Hall B)

13:30 Using Eclipse to Model Rich Internet Applications and Web Services for Spring

Introduction to the Eclipse Babel Project   Building Open Source Communities: One Contributor at a Time

RAP vs GWT - Which AJAX Technology is for You?

Building Data Services in Eclipse: Introducing the XAware Project.

The Virtual OSGi Framework

Learning infrastructure with 60,000 users worldwide, powered by Eclipse

Static Analysis in PTP with CDT

13:40 Why Eclipse Spaces Will Make Everyone Happy Aperi: Open Storage Management
13:50 The Eclipse Babel Project Translation Server Coordinating Software Development with the Eclipse Application Lifecycle Framework
14:00 XAML in Java Extending the PDT Project
14:10 Top 10 Deployment Secrets They Don't Want You To Know Smalltalk Development Tools: Bringing Smalltalk to Eclipse
14:30 Adopting and Commercializing Eclipse: Wind River's Strategy

Creating Windows Mobile Database Applications with Eclipse Revisiting Functional Testing Part 1 Eclipse Modeling Project as a DSL Toolkit

RAP the Web

  The Future of SWT

Announcing the Sprint Next Generation Java Platform

API Tooling

14:40 DTP Help-Helper Plug-in Source code analysis – beyond the basics
14:50 Push for Usability of Data Tools Wizards Revisiting Functional Testing Part 2
15:00 STAR Workbench – Eliminating Barriers to Implementation Experiences in agile testing
15:10 Why Class.forName sucks! Code Quality Analysis Toolset for Embedded Systems
15:30   Amazon Web Service Report   Subversion and Subversive: Taking Advantage

Code Generation with M2T's Xpand

Introducing the new Web Tools Javascript Features

Leveraging Java and JDT for Scripting to Enable AUTOSAR Engineering à la MATLAB

Managing Eclipse Adoption in the Enterprise

From Europa to Ganymede: Eclipse Packaging and Ganymatic

15:40 BIRT and Google Maps mashup A Performance Analysis Framework For C/C++ and Fortran
15:50 BIRT/GWT UI Testing Patterns and Best Practices
16:00 Charting Everywhere GUI Testing of RCP Applications with RCP Robot and FIT
16:10 OpenDocument format (ODF) SpreadSheet Emitter for BIRT SWTBot - SWT/Eclipse Testing, and lessons learned along the way
16:30 Building Applications with Eclipse Frameworks and Tools for Oracle

The Open Financial Market Platform (OFMP) JBoss Seam and Eclipse The Next Wave of IDE Innovation: Eclipse and Visual Studio in 2010

Overview of Real-Time Software Components: A Scalable Component Model for Embedded C Development

Extending the JavaScript Development Toolkit

The Future of Enterprise Java

BPEL Designer – SOA based Business Integration with Eclipse

Meeting customer’s reporting requirements by extending BIRT

16:40 Eclipse On the Air: RCP goes to the Broadcast Engineer’s Control Room Professional Quality Graph Layout for GEF
16:50 Eclipse-based Embedded Engineering Environments Inspired by AUTOSAR Q4E, Maven integration for Eclipse
17:00 RCP in the energy industry ALF Single SignOn – A Framework for Tool Integration
17:10 10 Ways to Get Your Boss to Approve a PS3 for Your Desktop RESTful Service Oriented Device Architecture
17:20 Poster Reception (Great America Ballroom JK)

17:30 Meet the Replay Solutions Team at EclipseCon! (Magnolia (Hyatt))

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