EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California



Presentations: my tracks



Presentations: Kiran B Vedulas Personal Track


Paul A. Lyman

Rockwell Collins

Presentations: Service Oriented Device Architecture (SODA)

Paul Lyman is an avionic systems engineer who has worked with Rockwell Collins, Boeing, Beech, Embraer and Hamilton Sundstrand in both commercial and military aircraft manufacturing. He was the co-founder of Distributed Instruments and a leading developer of Service Oriented Device Architecture (SODA), an OSGi-based technology for integrating sensors into SOA. He led product development at XMLSolutions Corp, the first company dedicated to XML technology. Paul received his BS in electrical engineering from Wichita State University.


Scott Adams

Scott Adams holds a BA in economics from Hartwick College, in Oneonta, New York, and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. Adams held a variety of-in his words-"humiliating and low-paying jobs." He's been a bank teller (he was robbed twice at gunpoint), computer programmer, financial analyst, product manager, commercial lender, budget manager, strategist, project manager, and pseudo-engineer.

During this time Adams entertained himself during boring meetings by drawing insulting cartoons of his co-workers and bosses. Eventually a bespectacled character named Dilbert emerged from the doodles. Now Adams devotes his entire day (and much of the evening) to Dilbert, including speaking, writing, doing interviews, designing artwork for licensed products and answering hundreds of e-mail messages per day. Dilbert is published in over 1,200 newspapers worldwide, on its own Web site and in more than a million books.


Koen Aers

Koen Aers is a Senior Software Developer at JBoss, Inc. He is currently driving the Eclipse support for the JBoss jBPM project. He is part of the jBPM team since April 2004 and became a JBoss employee when the jBPM project joined JBoss. Koen graduated as a Civil Engineer from the Belgian Royal Military Academy and obtained a Master's degree in Information Technology at the Brussels Free University. Before joining JBoss, he worked respectively in the IT department of the Belgian Army and as a software consultant, first for Unisys and as an independent afterwards.


Martin Aeschlimann

Martin Aeschlimann is a software engineer for IBM Zurich Labs and is currently the lead of the JDT UI team and responsible for the Search component. He has been working on the Eclipse project since the beginning, focusing on quick fix and assist, code generation wizards, type hierarchy view and Javadoc support. He obtained his MCS from ETH Zurich in 1999.


Neeraj Agrawal


Presentations: (3677) Using the Web Tools Platform in Headless Mode

Neeraj Agrawal is Working as Staff Software Engineer in IBM Rational since 2003, prior to that have worked on Rapid Application development tool. He is a contributor of WTP since earlier days and have contributed in several areas such as Validation framework, J2EE Module dependency, Virtual component API's.


Raj Alagumalai

BEA Systems Inc

Presentations: J2EZ - J2EE made easier with BEA Workshop

Raj Alagumalai is a Staff Engineer at BEA Systems. Prior to joining the Workshop Engineering group, he was part of the Backline Support team and worked with BEA customers and helped them in troubleshooting and solving complex mission critical issues. Raj has presented technical and Birds of a Feather sessions at various technical conferences including JavaOne '04, '05, '06 and BEAWorld 2006



Fouad Allaoui is a software engineer at INRIA, working on the SmartTools Eclipse Project. He received a Master Degree in Computer Science from the University of Grenoble and worked previously in the eXo-Bonita Project for BULL SAS.


Nick Allen


Presentations: Good Developers, Bad Bugs, What Gives?



OSGi Alliance

The OSGi Alliance is an independent non-profit corporation comprised of technology innovators and developers and focused on the interoperability of applications and services based on its component integration platform.


Chris Aniszczyk

Chris Aniszczyk is a software engineer at IBM Lotus focusing on OSGi related development. He is an open source enthusiast at heart, and he works on the Gentoo Linux distribution and is a committer on a few Eclipse projects (PDE, ECF, EMFT). He's always available to discuss open source and Eclipse over a frosty beverage.


Lee Anne Kowalski

Dr. Lee Anne Kowalski is IBM's User Assistance Technology Lead in the IBM Corporate User Technologies organization. Her team is responsible for developing technology and tools for use in developing user assistance mechanisms in IBM's software projects and delivering help content within software products. The team recently delivered the "IBM User Interface Help System built on Eclipse" tool as an IBM alphaWorks emerging technology, and continues to develop user assistance tools based on Eclipse technologies.


Frank Appel

Frank is Software Developer at Innoopract Informationssysteme GmbH and works currently on the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) Project as technical lead. He has been development lead of Innoopract's W4Toolkit (which has been the base of the code donation for the RAP Project) and W4T Eclipse - a visual web application development tool for W4Toolkit. He started developing Eclipse plugins in 2002 and has expert knowledge in architecture of Eclipse-based systems, Eclipse Platform API’s and IDE-Development.


John Arthorne

John Arthorne is a software developer with IBM Rational Software, and has been a committer on the Eclipse project since its inception. He has been a key contributor to many areas of the platform, including the core runtime, resource model, JFace, the platform UI, CVS/Team integration, and the incremental java builder. Most recently he designed and implemented the concurrency API (, and the Eclipse file system API (org.eclipse.core.filesystem). John co-authored "Official Eclipse 3.0 FAQs" in 2004 as part of the Addison-Wesley Eclipse series.


Dirk Bäumer

IBM Rational Zurich Research Lab

Presentations: Unleash the Power of Refactorings in your Products - Experiences from 5 years refactoring support in JDT

Dirk Baeumer has been a committer on the Eclipse project since it began, working as a senior developer on JFace, the generic workbench and the Java development tooling. He was the former lead of the JDT/UI component and is now working on Jazz. His interests are in the areas of user interfaces, source code transformation (refactoring in particular), development environments and object oriented software architectures.


Julien Bailhache

Julien Bailhache joined ILOG in 1999, as a first level support engineer. One year later he reached the second level support team, contributing for the visualization product line (JViews (Java), Views (C++)). Since 2003, he belongs to the Quality Assurance team of JRules, specifically on the Eclipse-based product (Rule Studio), which has been growing a lot since its first Eclipse 2.1-compatible version. Among other tasks, putting in place the same levels of service as the ones the Eclipse release engineering is providing has kept him busy for a while...


Ricardo Balduino

Ricardo Balduino is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM Rational Software and an Eclipse Process Framework project committer, architecting and developing the content of OpenUP/Basic since its early stages. His 12 years experience in the software industry includes delivering training and consulting services to help organizations adopt software development best practices. He has also developed software for financial services and industrial process automation. He holds a B.S. in computer science from Sao Paulo State University, Brazil.


Kristen Balhoff

Kristen Balhoff is a Staff Software Engineer at IBM, developing software to make it easier to interact with hardware devices. She enjoys working with OSGi to develop reusable components to control and communicate with embedded systems. Her development experience also includes business integration software, device-independent portal software, and RFID middleware.


Mikaël Barbero


Presentations: Reverse Engineering in Eclipse with the MoDisco project

Mikaël Barbero is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the University of Nantes, France. He got his Master degree from the University of Nantes and an Engineer degree from the Polytech Nantes engineering school in 2006. His work is focused on Model Driven Engineering. Currently, he is working in Model Driven Reverse Engineering field (MDRE), especially Global Model Management (GMM) principles and Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) definition framework. These works are partially supported by MODELPLEX (MODELling solution for comPLEX software systems), IST European project 34081 and FLFS (Families of Languages for Families of Systems), a french ANR research project. As part of his research work, he is also an Eclipse commiter for the GMT Modeling project.


Neil Bartlett

Neil is a Java developer and consultant specialising in Eclipse RCP and OSGi, in particular their use in large enterprise settings. Recently he has helped a number of financial institutions with their adoption of RCP and evangelises the use of the RCP/OSGi technology platform for both client and server-side development.


Jill Batchelder

Page One Public Relations

Presentations: Do you want reporting with that?

Ian Fyfe JasperSoft A seasoned business intelligence, reporting and analytics product manager, Ian Fyfe is responsible for directing Product Management at JasperSoft, Inc., the market-leading provider of open source business intelligence software. A talented windsurfer and mountain biker from the UK, Fyfe also boasts over 22 years of experience in software, having held various product management and marketing positions at Business Objects, E.Piphany Inc., PeopleSoft Inc. and Pivotal Corporation. Fyfe received his Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Design with Honors from Kinston University in London, UK.


Cameron Bateman


Presentations: (3654) Building applications with WTP - JavaServer Faces (JSF), Extending the JavaServer Faces Tools project, "Free Beer" Enterprise Web Development in Eclipse

JSF Tools Project committer blog:


Brian Bauman

Brian Bauman is a senior committer on the PDE component under the Eclipse Platform project, and works at the IBM software laboratory in Austin Texas. Prior to the PDE work, he helped developed OSGi development tooling on an eclipse based platform. Brian graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.


Benno Baumgartner

Benno Baumgartner obtained a master in computer science from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He is working at the IBM Zurich Labs as a Software Engineer and is an Eclipse Committer for the JDT UI project. He focuses on user interfaces, code audit tooling, build path, quick fix and clean up.


Wayne Beaton

Eclipse Foundation

Presentations: Wayne's Mylar, Embedded, and Ajax/RAP track, Getting Your Projects Website Running with Phoenix

Wayne Beaton is employed by The Eclipse Foundation where he works as an evangelist, spreading the word and helping folks adopt Eclipse technologies. Wayne has extensive experience in object-oriented software development and is a strong proponent of refactoring, unit testing, and agile development methodologies.


Mariano Belaunde

France Telecom

Presentations: SmartQVT, an implementation of the MOF QVT Operational language in top of EMF

Expert in modelling techniques within France Telecom. He has been involved in various european collaborative european projects like IST MODATEL, IST MODELWARE and IST SPICE. He has actively contributed to the definition of various industrial standards produced by the OMG standardization body.


Shai Ben-Yehuda

Shai Ben-Yehuda, M.Sc, founded ArtwareSoft in 2004. ArtwareSoft provides Eclipse & Ajax studio (tooling) for DSLs (Domain Specific Languages). "Software gets very fast too complex for the human brain to grasp. I have a long interest in looking for effective and fun ways to produce software. From managing by passion, through OO application frameworks, DSL driven development (call it model driven), to DSL Studio driven development." Shai is the author of the TGP methodology that deals with the collaboration of business professionals and developers. Shai founded Itemfield Inc., "the leader in transformation technology", [] in year 2000 (Acquired by Informatica 2006).


Anthony Berent

Anthony is a software engineer with over 25 years experience. He has worked in computer aided design, and on software for networking hardware. Over the last 10 years his main area of work, first for Digital, and more recently for ARM, has been on tools for debugging embedded software. In particular he led the team that developed the first software to exploited ARM's trace hardware, and has worked on a number of ARM's and Digital's debuggers. For the last two years Anthony has spent much of his time investigating the problem of describing embedded hardware to debuggers. From these investigations he concluded that there is an opportunity to extend and use the IP-XACT standard (created by The SPIRIT Consortium for the exchange of information about IP between EDA tools) to solve this problem. Anthony is now interim chairman of The SPIRIT Consortium's new Debug Technical Working Group, which is working on the application of IP-XACT to embedded debug.


Phil Berkland

Phil Berkland is the lead for the JavaScript Development Tools subcomponent of the WebTools project. Phil is a Senior Programmer in the Emerging Technologies area of the IBM Software Group. He has been developing plugins for Eclipse for since it's inception, including IDE4Laszlo and the PHP Tools project.


Howard Bernstein


Presentations: A Declarative Infrastructure for Creating Eclipse GUIs

Howie Bernstein is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM Rational Software. He has been working professionally in the software industry for over 25 years, the last 17 years working primarily in user interface architecture, engineering and design with a focus on workflow, activity management, software configuration management and software process tools. Howie holds a B.A. in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo.


Jean Bezivin

Jean Bezivin is professor of Computer Science at the University of Nantes, France. He got his Master degree from the University of Grenoble and Ph.D. from the University of Rennes. Since 1980 he has been very active in Europe in the object-oriented community, starting the ECOOP series of conference (with Pierre Cointe), the TOOLS series of conferences (with Bertrand Meyer), and more recently the MoDELS/UML series of conferences (with Pierre-Alain Muller). He founded in 1979, at the University of Nantes, one of the first Master programs in Software Engineering entirely devoted to Object Technology (Data Bases, Concurrency, Languages and Programming, Analysis and Design, etc.). His present research interests include model engineering and more especially the techniques of model transformation applied to data engineering and to software forward and reverse engineering. He is a member and deputy-lead of the ATLAS group, a new INRIA team created at the University of Nantes in relation with the LINA CNRS Lab. He has published many papers and organized tutorials and workshops in the domains of concurrency, simulation, object-oriented programming, and model-driven engineering. On the subjects of model-driven engineering and MDA(tm), he has recently been leading the OFTA industrial group in France, co-animating a CNRS specific action and the Dagstuhl seminar 04101. He is a member of the ECOOP and UML steering committees. He was co-chair of the ECOOP'2006 conference organized in Nantes. He is a member of the Eclipse modeling project PMC and lead of the GMT subproject.


Damian Biollo

Damian Biollo is a technical lead for the Crystal Reports development team at Business Objects. He has been with the company for over 7 years, originally working on the Crystal Reports user interface in C++ and recently leading development on the Crystal Reports designer plugin for Eclipse. Damian is currently based out of Business Objects' Vancouver Development Center, located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Adrien Bisson

Presentations: A Declarative Infrastructure for Creating Eclipse GUIs


David Blacklock

Ayers Database Corporation

Presentations: Using the SWT Graphics Context to Print Java Source Code

Owner Ayers Database Corp. Developing several Java products. SCJP, CPA, CFA


Alex Blewitt

Alex Blewitt has worked with Java and XML since their early beginnings. He got involved with Eclipse when it was a fledgling migration from Visual Age for Java into WebSphere Studio and has never looked back. Having started and run a company for 7 years (which outlasted the dot-com crash) he now works for a financial organisation in London, and more recently as Editor in Chief of EclipseZone. He currently lives in Milton Keynes, UK with his wife Amy, son Sam and two dogs Milly and Kea.


Boris Bokowski

Boris is a software developer with IBM Rational Software, and a committer on the Eclipse Platform UI team. Boris is looking at the UI side of the RCP, and among other areas owns the JFace viewers component. He is also the main architect of the JFace data binding framework. He was a member of the Eclipse Team/CVS team during the 1.0 release cycle and joined the Eclipse team again just before the 3.1 release. In between, he co-founded a company in Germany, and developed an innovative desktop application based on the Eclipse RCP. Boris received his PhD in computer science from Freie Universitaet Berlin.


Nick Boldt

Nick Boldt is a software developer with IBM Rational Software at the Toronto Lab. An IBMer since 1999, Nick has built customer websites, database integration solutions, and telephony applications. Since joining the EMF team in 2003, he's automated build processes, integrated web & build systems, and designed build tools to simply and streamline building, testing, and releasing project code. He is currently the release engineer and build expert for the Eclipse Modeling Project, including EMF, MDT, and EMFT.


Jongnic Bontemps

Fortify Software

Presentations: Where do Eclipse bugs come from? The top 10 defects in the Eclipse project.

Jongnic Bontemps has overseen software development at market leaders and managed a wide variety of technologies, including web services, rich Internet applications such as Laszlo, Java, XML and RDBMS technologies in his ten year career. He is responsible for product management for Fortify Source Code Analysis, managing a market-leading software security application. Prior to joining Fortify, he managed the development and implementation of CTB/McGraw-Hill's online assessment system and was the architect and implementer of Bluefly's enterprise e-commerce system. He has also held senior positions at Fresh Direct,, and Music Boulevard Network/N2K. Jongnic earned a B.A. from Yale University.


Adam Bordelon

Rice University

Presentations: HPCVision: An Interactive Tool for Scalable Analysis of Parallel Performance Profiles

Adam Bordelon is a Computer Science graduate student at Rice University. His research focuses on parallel performance analysis using scalable data mining techniques to extract useful patterns from large-scale performance data. He is also working on integrating Rice's HPCToolkit performance profiling suite with Eclipse and the Parallel Tools Platform.


Katy Borner

Katy Börner is an Associate Professor of Information Science in the School of Library and Information Science, Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Informatics, Core Faculty of Cognitive Science, Research Affiliate of the Biocomplexity Institute, Fellow of the Center for Research on Learning and Technology, Member of the Advanced Visualization Laboratory and Founding Director of the new Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center at Indiana University. Her research focuses on the development of data analysis and visualization techniques that inform knowledge access and management. She is particularly interested in the study of the structure and evolution of scientific disciplines and the development of cyberinfrastructures for large scale scientific collaboration and computation.


jon bostrom

Nokia, OSGi BOD

Presentations: : OSGi MEG in Action at Sprint


Andre Bottaro

Andre has been a software engineer at France Telecom labs since 2003 and began a PhD thesis under the direction of Richard S. Hall and Pr Philippe Lalanda at Grenoble University in 2005. His work addresses Service dynamic and contextual composition in distributed applications. He published papers showing the genericity of plug-n-play network protocols, the opportunity of distributing services on several OSGi platforms and some attempts to overcome interface fragmentation brought by protocol heterogeneity.


Gregory Brail

BEA Systems

Presentations: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of OSGi: What we learned building the mSA Backplane

Gregory Brail works on the architecture of the mSA Backplane, the OSGi-based technology that will underly many BEA software products. Previously, he co-led the architecture of the JMS component in WebLogic Server 9.0. In the past, he has held various development and field positions at TransactPlus, IBM, Transarc, and Citibank.


Mauren Brenner

Motorola Inc.

Presentations: Tools for Mobile Linux Project: Extending Eclipse into Linux Mobile Devices

Mauren Brenner has been working for the last three years on desktop applications for customization of graphical user interfaces and development of software for Motorola mobile phones. In the past, she worked with telephone exchange software, geographic information systems, artificial intelligence and digital image processing.


Maria Brownstein

Maria Brownstein has over 20 years of experience in the software development and technical communications fields. Maria is currently a senior engineering manager in the Technical Publications organization at Sybase. She manages both a writing team and a development team. Her writing team is primarily responsible for developing User Assistance for the Eclipse-based developer platform product, Sybase WorkSpace, and the open-source Eclipse DTP project. The charter of the development team, Technical Publications Solutions, is two-fold, tools development and DITA transition. On the tools development side they have responsibility to define, build, and maintain a DITA-based authoring system and output mechanism that meets the needs of all Sybase pubs teams. One of the many supported outputs is Eclipse user assistance. On the DITA transition side, the team is responsible for defining the migration path to DITA, establishing and documenting DITA guidelines, and creating and delivering DITA training throughout the technical publications department.


Cedric Brun

Cedric Brun, Research Engineer at Obeo, project lead of the EMF compare project. In charge of the Acceleo community he also works on software evolution, re-engineering and cartography of legacy systems through model driven processes. He has graduated both the Polytech' engineering school and a research Master at the University of Nantes and specialized himself in software engineering and model driven engineering. Prior to his current jobs he has been an active contributor to open source and worked in Guangzhou on a global video conference solution for the Chinese Education and Research Network (CERNET).


Hugo Bruneliere

Hugo Bruneliere is an R&D engineer working in the field of Model Driven Engineering (MDE) for the ATLAS Group (INRIA and LINA). He got his Master degree from the University of Nantes in 2006. Before, he already made two internships in the ATLAS Group (for a total of 7 months), focusing his work on model transformations, metamodels definitions and global model management. Currently, he's working as an engineer on the MODELPLEX (MODELling solution for comPLEX software systems) IST european project 34081 in which the ATLAS Group is involved. His work on this project is focused on the concrete use of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) for model discovery (model-driven reverse-engineering) and global model management (or GMM). Thus, he is an Eclipse committer on the Eclipse/Modeling/GMT project, and more particularly on the MoDisco (Model Discovery) and AM3 (ATLAS MegaModel Management) components.


Dino Brusco

Motorola, Inc.

Presentations: Why Eclipse meets the needs of the Embedded Development Lifecycle

Dino Brusco is the Director of Developer Platforms and Services at Motorola. In the past, he has held key management positions with Palmsource, Turbolinux, Hewlett-Packard and Concurrent Computer Corp. Dino has led product development, software developer communities, marketing, software support and services organizations.


Georg Buchgeher

Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH)

Presentations: Platform-Independent Configuration of Component-Based and Service-Oriented Software Systems by means of the Spectrum Toolkit

Georg Buchgeher works at the SCCH in the Software Engineering Tools group. He studied Business and Computer Science at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. He is developing Eclipse-based tools since 2005 and is the main developer of the Spectrum project.


Alex Buckley

Sun Microsystems

Presentations: Java 7 Language Features

Alex Buckley is responsible for the Java Language and Virtual Machine Specifications at Sun. He sits on the planning committee for the Java language and is co-spec lead for JSR 294 (Superpackages).


Ian Bull

Ian is a PhD Candidate, studying under the supervision of Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey with The Chisel Group at the University of Victoria. Ian's research interests include software architecture, information visualization, domain specific languages and helping people manage large information spaces. Ian is currently studying how Model Driven Visualization can assist while creating advanced user interfaces for complex data sets. Ian is also the lead architect of the Zest component for Eclipse. Zest is an open source visualization toolkit designed to add advanced user interface controls to Standard Widget Toolkit and the JFace framework.


Hobson Bullman

Hobson Bullman: My background is natural science, with a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge, but I migrated into the embedded space in 1996, when I joined ARM. In ARM, I have worked on embedded software development tools for 10 years, starting in development, and moving into technical leadership roles and later engineering management. In this time I have been the author and maintainer of the RDI 1.5.1 debug protocol, and have led a toolkit development team. My interest in Eclipse began two years ago, and I am now the partner manager for Eclipse inside ARM.


Jey Burrows

Jey Burrows is a member of the firm's OneBench technology committee, and build manager/architect for the Core Components technology team within the Investment Bank's Exotics and Hybrids group. His team is responsible for the OneBench platform within that group, as well as the development and reuse of components and services to support OneBench applications. His involvement with Eclipse RCP stretches back to the bank's first proof of concept for RCP development based on the Eclipse 2.1 IDE.


John Campaner

S1 Corporation

Presentations: Modeling for a Dynamic Financial Services Business Environment

With 14 years of software development experience, John is currently part of a team of S1 developers which are responsible for defining and developing application architecture. In his 6 year tenure with S1 Corporation, John's efforts have centered around the application of adaptive, model driven frameworks to S1's financial services software. John is currently leading an initiative to develop EMF/GMF-based modeling tools for use in authoring the business and user interface models.


Janet Campbell

Janet Campbell is Legal Counsel and Manager of Intellectual Property for the Eclipse Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit foundation supporting the Eclipse open source community.


Brian Carroll

Currently the Project Lead for the Eclipse Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF) project and a Fellow at Serena Software. Brian has been developing software professionally for 40 years, the last 25 of which have been focused on developer tools and infrastructure. A former lecturer in the Information Technology department of Johns Hopkins University, Brian taught courses in web development and XML. Professional interests include SOA and web services, extended set theory, and data modeling. Non-professional interests include guitar, skiing, and scuba diving.


Randy Carroll

Randy Carroll is a software architect at IBMs Research Triangle Park facility. His recent past efforts were in the areas of telematics and RFID applications. His current focus is in emerging software architecture and standards in the health care industry. His primary interests are in embedded computing and the practical application of technology.


Gabriel Castro

Gabriel is the J9 Development Tools lead. He has worked on developing Eclipse-based tools for the J9 Java Class Library and Virtual Machine teams for almost two years. As a student he helped develop an MPEG-2 multimedia datacasting system for the Communications Research Centre. He's an avid runner and an amateur photographer.


Linda Chan

Actuate Corporation

Presentations: (3616) Open Data Access - Extension framework for adding Custom Data Sources

Linda Chan is a Principal Engineer at Actuate Corporation, and serves on the DTP Project Management Committee. She leads the Open Data Access (ODA) component in DTP, and the Data Access component in BIRT project. Linda has been one of the chief architects and contributors to Actuate Corporation'Â’s products since 1997. Prior to joining Actuate, Linda performed management and systems architect roles in the development of large scale IT applications, with over twenty years of leadership experience.


Eugene Chan

IBM Toronto Lab

Presentations: (3675) Testing , Profiling and Monitoring Web Applications with TPTP

Eugene Chan is a developer in IBM Autonomic Computing (AC) Tools and Technologies group. Eugene has been a committer on the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools project (TPTP) since its launch at in 2002, acting as a committer of the Platform and Trace sub project. Eugene received a B.Math in Computer Science from University of Waterloo and joined IBM Toronto Lab in 2000. He started in an Eclipse-based problem determination tool project which later became the Eclipse Hyades tool project. Eugene had been focusing on the user interface of the TPTP project.


Samantha Chan

Rational, IBM Canada

Presentations: (3701) A Tour of the Eclipse Debug Framework [Part 1 & 2]

Samantha Chan is a developer from IBM Debug Team. She has been working with debug technologies for 4 years.


Kathy Chan

Kathy Chan is an Advisory Software Engineer on the Rational Java Web Services Tools team, working for IBM Rational Software at the IBM Toronto Lab. She is a committer for the Web Services Tools components of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform project. Since 2000, she had been active in the development of Web services tools in IBM's WebSphere Studio and Rational Developer products. She has demonstrated Web services tools in conferences, in online Webcasts and to customers . Prior to working on Web services, she was involved in the planning, development and testing of various development tools in IBM. She has a B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a M.B.A. from York University.


Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman works in the IBM Java technology centre in the UK as Project Lead for the AJDT Eclipse Tools project, developing the tools and user interface experience to allow developers to get the maximum benefit from AOP.


Philippe Charles

Philippe has been working in the area of compiler construction and programming language tools for several years. He was an original developer of the Jikes compiler and the principal author of the LPG parser generator. He is currently a core member of the SAFARI and X10 development teams at IBM Research.


Bryan Che

Red Hat

Presentations: JBoss Introduces New Open Source Tools and Frameworks for Building Rich Internet Applications


Li-Te Cheng

Li-Te is a researcher from the Collaborative User Experience (CUE) Group at IBM Research. The CUE group studies and builds social software for the enterprise, information visualization tools, and collaborative development environments. His current research interests lie in intersection of software development, human-computer interaction, and computer supported cooperative work, particularly in extending Eclipse with collaborative capabilities. Li-Te's current work include applying ideas from social tagging to software development (work with Margaret-Anne Storey from the University of Victoria), as well as turning the development environment into an interface for audiences. Before joining IBM, he built and evaluated a vibrotactile feedback system for virtual environments (BSc/MSc at the University of Waterloo) and prototyped a variety of augmented reality systems for wearable computers (PhD at Memorial University of Newfoundland).


Remy Chi Jian Suen

Remy is an undergraduate at the University of Waterloo in Canada. He enjoys studying and discussing about all things related to open source and Java development. He is a committer for the ECF project and can usually be seen on the Eclipse IRC channels whilst juggling between work for school and ECF. He is also one of the eleven students that was selected by the Eclipse Foundation for Google's Summer of Code program in 2006 working on an implementation of the BitTorrent protocol for Eclipse. His work provides ECF and the Eclipse Platform's Update Manager the means to transfer files via BitTorrent.


Eric Clayberg

Eric is a seasoned software technologist, product developer, entrepreneur, and manager with more than 17 years of commercial software development experience, including nine years of experience with Java and six years with Eclipse. He's the primary author and architect of more than a dozen commercial Java and Smalltalk add-on products including WindowBuilder Pro, CodePro Studio, and the award winning VA Assist Enterprise product lines. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from MIT and an MBA from Harvard, and has co-founded two successful software companies. He is co-author of the book "Eclipse: Building Commercial Quality Plug-ins", part of the Addison Wesley Eclipse series.


Paul Clenahan

Paul Clenahan is VP of Product Management at Actuate Corporation and a member of the Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) Project Management Council (PMC). Paul has over 18 years experience in the enterprise business intelligence industry working in a variety of consulting and Product Management roles with diverse customer applications. At Actuate, Paul is currently responsible for coordinating overall product direction and vision based on emerging technology trends, market demands, customer feedback and internal innovation. Paul is also a member of the Eclipse Requirements Council.


Paul Colton

Aptana was founded by Paul Colton in 2005. Prior to starting Aptana, Paul Colton founded several technology companies including Live Software. At Live Software, Paul helped define the Servlet API specification and also created JRun, the leading commercial Servlet and JSP engine. After Live Software was acquired by Allaire Corporation (and subsequently by Macromedia and Adobe, which now sells JRun), Paul took time to explore new technical opportunities — Aptana is the result of that exploration.


Tod Creasey

Tod Creasey has been working with the IBM Canada since 1993 on a variety of IDEs starting with Envy developer and progressing through the Visual Age family of Smalltalk and Java IDEs. Tod joined the Eclipse team during the tech preview and has been a member of the Workbench team, now working for IBM Rational Software.


Thomas Crockett


Presentations: GL2D: Overhauling Draw2D's graphics engine with OpenGL


John Cunningham

John Cunningham leads Band XI International, a small software and services company started in 2005 that builds everything using Eclipse tooling and OSGi service-oriented bundle architectures. Although most of his work today is done in Java (and some Ruby), he really learned the most while working in LISP and Smalltalk. Mr. Cunningham has been building and managing software for 20 years in a wide variety of domains as a consultant and line manager. He has worked for Andersen Consulting (Accenture), Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Travelers Insurance (Citigroup), Object Technology International (OTI), and IBM. Mr. Cunningham holds the following degrees: BS in Mechanical Engineering (Columbia University), MS in Mechanical Engineering (University of Massachusetts/Amherst), and an MBA in Finance (University of Connecticut).


Ward Cunningham

In addition to his current position, Ward co-founded the consultancy, Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc., has served as an Architect in Microsoft's Patterns & Practices Group, the Director of R&D at Wyatt Software and as Principle Engineer in the Tektronix Computer Research Laboratory. Ward is well known for his contributions to the developing practice of object-oriented programming, the variation called Extreme Programming, and the communities supported by his WikiWikiWeb. Ward hosts the He is a founder of the Hillside Group and there created the Pattern Languages of Programs conferences which continue to be held all over the word.


Gilles d'Andrea

After a PhD on image processing, Gilles d'Andrea joined ILOG in 2000. He first contributed to the Java graphical client part of ILOG Server. He also took part in the development of a graphical UML-like editor based on ILOG JViews Diagrammer. In 2003, he moved to the ILOG JRules team. He's now in charge of the Decision Tables and Decision Trees of ILOG JRules. ILOG JRules 6 is a business rule management system that provides enterprise business rule management to both business and IT teams.


Curtis d'Entremont

Curtis d'Entremont obtained his BCSS in Software from Acadia University in 2003. Since then he has worked on the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform, the IBM Performance Optimization Toolkit, and currently works on Eclipse User Assistance at the IBM Toronto Software lab.


Nitin Dahyabhai

Nitin Dahyabhai is a committer for the SSE components of WTP and a software engineer for IBM Rational Software in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. He has worked on the WTP editors since their inception. In that time he has contributed to many aspects of them, including parsing, model management, dynamic editor configuration, the outline and property sheet views, custom tag libraries, debugging, drag and drop and more. He is also responsible for the Snippets view and DTD component, previously working on the Visual Composition Editor in IBM VisualAge for Java.


Naci Dai

Naci Dai is the Chief Scientist and founder of eteration, a.s. He has been an active contributor to open source, he created the ObjectWeb Lomboz project, and is a member of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform project PMC as the project lead for the JST project. He is a member of the faculty at Sabanci University where he teaches object technologies and distributed computing. He has received his Ph.D. from Carleton University, Ottawa Canada. Prior to his current jobs, he was with BEA Systems Inc. and The Object People as a director with their professional services organizations.


Liz Dancy


Presentations: Problem Determination using TPTP's Log Analyzer, UI Testing in the Real World: Myths and Realities, Regression Testing with TPTP ’s Automated GUI Recorder

Liz Dancy is a Software Developer at IBM Tivoli. She is currently working on the User Interface and the Automated GUI Recorder component for TPTP. Miss Dancy holds both an Honours Bachelor of Computing and a Master's of Science in Computer Science from Queen's University. Her Master's thesis work involved designing and implementing a system which automatically re-architects Java source code with respect to tunable system parameters. She has recently published this work and continues to pursue her interests in autonomic computing, source transformation and aspect-oriented programming.


Jacob Danner

BEA Systems, Inc.

Presentations: J2EZ - J2EE made easier with BEA Workshop

Jacob Danner is a Sr. Software Engineer at BEA Systems on the Weblogic Workshop team.


Matthew Davis

IBM Almaden Research Center

Presentations: Generating Web services from Eclipse plug-ins

Matt is a software engineer in the healthcare informatics research group at IBM's Almaden Research Center. He is a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma.


Robert Day


Presentations: Why Eclipse meets the needs of the Embedded Development Lifecycle

Bachelors degree in Computer Science. Started life as a programmer for SCADA systems (RTL/2 on a PDP-11). Moved into tools development, developing early versions of the famous embedded XRAY debugger. Went from software devlopment into sales, and from sales into marketing, all the time keeping a very technical view of the world. Currently very active in the Eclipse embedded community, promoting the use of Eclipse as a standard platform for embedded developers across the world. Have written many Eclipse articles for embedded publications, and have presented Eclipse papers at the last two Embedded Systems Conferences.


Christopher Deckers

Presentations: EOS - Eclipse on Swing


Scott Delap

Scott Delap is an independent consultant and award winning speaker focusing on rich client applications. He specializes in training, design, implementation, and performance tuning of applications built using technologies such as Swing, SWT, Eclipse RCP, and Spring. Scott is a frequent presenter at conferences such as JavaOne and No Fluff Just Stuff. He won a Java Rockstar Award for his 2006 JavaOne presentation on Swing Threading. Scott is also the lead Java Editor for


Patrick Dempsey

Once upon a time Patrick Dempsey was a member of the Embedded Java Enablement Team (eJET) in IBM's Pervasive Computing Group. That time, all five years of it, has come and gone leaving only memories of RFID and Telematics and a much better understanding of OSGi, JAVA, embedded C, and all manners of hardware devices. In ages past he earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and a BS and MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University. The present finds Mr. Dempsey the latest addition to Band XI International where he continues to develop OSGi device applications and the Eclipse tooling to further that work.


Jim des Rivieres

Jim des Rivieres has been involved with architecture of the Eclipse Platform and JDT infrastructure and the design of the Eclipse APIs. Jim is the former Eclipse articles editor, and co-author of the book "The Art of the Metaobject Protocol". His interests include API design and evolution, programming languages, and digital photography. Jim is a committer on the Eclipse Platform project working for IBM Rational Software in Ottawa.


Michael Desmond

Presentations: Waypoints, Tags, and Tours : Going beyond Eclipse bookmarks via Social Navigation


Tim Diekmann

Tim is a Software Architect in the HiPath applications product line group with focus on light weight container technologies. He is currently developing an innovative unified communications product for the enterprise market based on OSGi container technology. Tim is nominated to represent Siemens in the new Enterprise Expert Group of the OSGi Alliance and works on contributions to the specifications.


Sonia Dimitrov

IBM Canada

Presentations: (3635) PDE Build and build clinic, Putting your Build to the Test: Automated JUnit and Performance Testing the Eclipse Way

Sonia Dimitrov obtained a BSc PT from the University of Ottawa in 1994. She left a career as a Physical Therapist to pursue her interests in technology, and joined IBM Rational at the IBM Ottawa labs as a Release Engineer in 2001. Sonia has been an Eclipse committer since its inception and continues to contribute to the evolution of Eclipse platform release engineering and build processes.


Michal Dobisek

Michal Dobisek is Software Architect at Polarion Software. There he is involved in shaping multiple commercial and open source Java projects. He has three years experience in using, administering, tweaking and training Subversion. He was a speaker at multiple international events, including Eclipse Forum Europe and JAX. He holds a Masters degree in Cybernetics from Gerstner Laboratory of the Czech Technical University in Prague.


Pavlin Dobrev

PAVLIN DOBREV is Research and Development Manager of ProSyst Labs which develops OSGi and Eclipse based products. He is responsible for various research and customer projects and has extensive experience in the latest Java technologies, as well as OSGi and embedded system technologies, and shares his experience as an active participant in the OSGi, JCP and other technical standards groups.


Sharanya Doddapaneni

Sharanya Doddapaneni is a Software Engineer at Cisco Systems, Inc. She is currently working on a Eclipse-based software management and distribution framework for enterprises. The framework offers a profile based solution to enable tool stacks for engineers. She works as part of a very energetic group to develop and broaden workflow solutions.


Virgil Dodson

Virgil Dodson is a Java Reporting Evangelist at Actuate Corporation. He has over 12 years experience as a software developer. For the past 5 years he has helped Java developers get started with Actuate's embedded reporting products. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Devry.


Tanya Douglas

Presentations: Tanya's Sessions


Toni Drapkin


Presentations: Introducing COSMOS: A Systems Management Framework, COSMOS (COmmunity-driven Systems Management in Open Source) BoF


Barry Dresdner

Software AG

Presentations: Barrys Track

Software Engineer


John Duimovich

Presentations: Supporting Multiple Programming Languages in Eclipse


Robert Dunne

Presentations: OSGi: Was it good for you too?, Integrating RMI with OSGi, Integrating RMI with OSGi, Autonomic Infrastructure with OSGi

Robert is a Principal Developer with Paremus working on the Infiniflow product family and the open source distributed OSGi/SCA Newton Project (hosted at He has been working with distributed systems for 8 years, primarily in the finance and telecoms sectors. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematical physics from Cambridge University.


Gregoire Dupe

France Telecom

Presentations: SmartQVT, an implementation of the MOF QVT Operational language in top of EMF

Expert in modeling techniques within France Telecom.


Andrew E Davis


Presentations: Notes 8: Eclipse RCP teaches old dog new tricks!

Andrew Davis is a Software Engineer working IBM on Notes 8(Hannover) in the areas of performance and install. He has perviously worked on IBM Workplace Mangaged Client and Lotus Expeditor Platform, in the areas of provisioning, network reliability, services and database integration.


Oliver E Cole

OC Systems

Presentations: Using SML in Systems Management.

Oliver E. Cole is the president and CEO of OC Systems, a software company that develops, sells and supports advanced software instrumentation tools. He has over twenty-five years of hands-on experience with large-scale mission-critical software, specializing in developing, tuning and managing systems for government and commercial organizations. Oliver Cole has been involved with Eclipse for two years and is currently the project lead for Management Enablement in COSMOS. He speaks regularly at conferences and has had a number of articles published in industry publications.


Todd E. Williams

Presentations: Professional Services (training and consulting) opportunities in Eclipse market


Andrew Eberbach


Presentations: (3662) Conventional WSDM: Eclipsing the Complexity of Systems Management

Andrew Eberbach is a software developer for IBM working on management standards including their implementation and tooling in both the Apache and Eclipse communities.


Stephan Eberle

Stephan has over 10 years of practical and scientific experience in the fields of software engineering and embedded systems. His focus has been on adopting component-oriented architectures and model-driven development methods in building software for resource-constraint targets. Stephan got involved with Eclipse when he joined Robert Bosch in 2004. His major assignment has been to design the core of a model-based IDE for embedded control software of Diesel injection systems using Eclipse and EMF. This IDE has recently been adopted as a basis for building a standardized enigneering tool platform at corporate level. The resulting new IDE will be designed for creating current and future generations of embedded control software throughout all automotive-related business units within Bosch and is going to be deployed to more than 4000 developers. Stephan holds an MS and a PhD in Electrical Engineering (University of Stuttgart, Germany).


Jens Eckels

Genuitec, LLC

Presentations: Meet Hitachi, XFire, and MyEclipse 5.5, The Coming RCP Revolution BoF



Paul Elder

IBM Canada

Presentations: EMFT JET: Building code generators to support Model Driven Development, What is M2T?

Paul Elder is the lead developer on the EMFT JET project. He is a Senior Software Engineer in the IBM Rational Software modeling tools team in the IBM Ottawa Lab. His current interest is in Design Patterns, and in building tools to automate their implementation. Prior to joining IBM Rational in 2000, he was a consultant/mentor/instructor to teams adopting object-oriented and client-server computing. He holds a BMath from the University of Waterloo, and an MBA from the University of Ottawa.


Maria Elena (Helen) Chavez Echeagaray

Tecnologico de Monterrey campus Guadalajara

Presentations: Eclipse plug-in to aid generating OpenMP and Pthreads code through Visual Programming

Maria Elena (Helen) is full-time teacher at Tecnologico de Monterrey, campus Guadalajara since January 2001. Helen got her master degree in Computer Sciences by Tecnologico de Monterrey campus Guadalajara. Areas of interest: programming, software engineering, data bases and networking. Member of the Association Computing Machinery (ACM) since 2000. Participate as staff member at Object Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA) as staff member (volunteer) at '98, '99, '00, '01, '02, '05.


Chris Elford

Chris Elford is a principal engineer at Intel Corporation and concentrates primarily on analysis and optimization of emerging technology applications. Chris joined Intel Corporation in 1998 after receiving his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign (concentrating on automatic optimization of parallel file system policies). Chris started at Intel analyzing how database applications intersect the underlying platform before transitioning to a team that works to ensure that Java applications work well on Intel processor based platforms.


Tim Ellison

Tim Ellison is a senior software engineer in the Java Technology Centre based at IBM United Kingdom Laboratories in Hursley. He holds a BSc in Computer Science, and an MSc in System Design from the University of Manchester. Tim has contributed to the implementation of Smalltalk, IBM VisualAge Micro Edition, Eclipse, and the Java SDK over a period of twenty years. He is a member of the Apache Harmony Project Management Committee, and is interested in new ways of applying object technology to difficult problems.


Robert Elves

Rob Elves is a committer on the Mylar project responsible for maintaining and improving the Mylar Tasks Framework and Bugzilla Connector.


Gorkem Ercan

Gorkem Ercan is a senior software engineer at Nokia's java platform team. He is the project lead for the embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP) project and also a committer for Web Tools Platform (WTP) project.


Glenn Everitt

Glenn Everitt a Software Architect at Compuware where he has worked with integration and middleware technologies in support of Compuware's ALM strategy. Previously, Glenn was Chief Application Architect at Reliant Data Systems which Compuware acquired in 1999. Glenn has worked for several startup companies where he developed products for multi-tiered data management, medical device monitoring, presentation graphics, and optical character recognition. He will be a committer working on all aspects of the Corona Project.


Karl Ewald


Presentations: Mylar, XPlanner and Scrum

Karl Ewald has worked on the JBuilder team since 2001. Prior to to the move to eclipse, he worked mainly on EJB and web tooling. He is currently focused on the ProjectAssist and TeamInsight features that were first shipped with JBuilder 2007.


Elias Fayad

Elias Fayad is a staff software engineer at Applied Biosystems, located in Foster City, California. His current primary focus is on the development of Variant Reporter, a next generation genetic resequencing application built with the Eclipse RCP. Prior to joining Applied Biosystems in early 2006, he spent several years leading the development of information visualization tools.


Shi feng Yu

Shifeng Yu is a software engineer at Sybase R&D Center located in Shanghai, China, working on Database Development Tooling project, which is a part of Sybase WorkSpace-product-- an Eclipse based SOA IDE. As a Eclipse committer, he is also working on Eclipse top level project DTP.He is excellent in using Java and Eclipse development.


Jon Ferraiolo


Presentations: Introducing OpenAjax Alliance

Jon Ferraiolo is a Web Architect within IBM's Emerging Technologies group where he plays a leadership role in the OpenAjax Alliance. Before joining IBM, Jon worked at Adobe for 13 years where he was an architect, engineering manager and product manager on multiple products and participated in various standards activities.


Gwyn Fisher


Presentations: Good Developers, Bad Bugs, What Gives?

Gwyn Fisher, CTO Mr. Fisher is responsible for guiding the companies' technical direction and development. With over 15 years of global technology experience, Gwyn brings a valuable combination of vision, experience, and direct insight into the developer perspective. Prior to joining Klocwork, Mr. Fisher served as senior vice president of research and development for LumaPath, where he led the creation of LumaPath's Active Integration product suite. Prior to LumaPath, Mr. Fisher was the senior vice president of research and development with Hummingbird, Ltd., where he had operational responsibility for more than 350 employees and five product lines within eleven different locations across the United Sates, Canada and Europe. In addition to working as a strategy consultant for many international software firms, Mr. Fisher has also held positions with PC DOCS, Inc., Fulcrum Technologies, Ltd., TRIP Systems International, and Paralog Ltd. Mr. Fisher holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Royal Holloway College at London University in the U.K.


Brian Fitzpatrick

Sybase, Inc.

Presentations: (3640) Enabling Databases for DTP

Brian has worked in the computer industry for more than 10 years, first as a technical writer and later as a developer. At New Era of Networks, he worked initially with PowerBuilder and then with Visual Basic doing interesting things with the Microsoft Management Console. Later at Sybase he worked in Java on Eclipse-based projects, eventually becoming a founding committer on the Eclipse Data Tools Platform project where he is currently the component lead for the Data Source Explorer. In his spare time, he likes chasing his kids and pets around his house in Colorado.


Bob Fraser

Bob Fraser is a senior product manager at BEA Systems responsible for the development of the Eclipse-based Workshop product family. He is active in the Eclipse community as a member of the requirements council and chair of the User Interface Best Practices Working Group.


Bjorn Freeman-Benson

Bjorn is the Director for Open Source Process at the Eclipse Foundation, a position that is tailor-made for someone with his keen interest and experience in building high-quality software with geographically distributed teams. He has dabbled in applications and user interfaces, but returns, like the swallows to San Juan Capistrano, to his three foci: hardware, software, and process (embedded devices, programming languages, and software engineering). Bjorn has worked for OTI,, Rational, and Gemstone, along with a career as a university professor. He has an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Washington, and is happy to talk at length about his passion for orienteering and/or his love of flying.


Doug Gaff

Doug Gaff is the PMC Lead for the Device Software Development Platform (DSDP) - an Eclipse project focused on building an extensible, standards-based platform to address a broad range of needs in the embedded software development space. Doug is also an Engineering Manager on Wind River's commercial Eclipse-based device software development tool suite, Wind River Workbench. Doug has 12 years of embedded software development experience and holds a Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering.


Erich Gamma

Erich Gamma is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM Rational Software's Zurich lab. He is one of the leaders of the Jazz project and a member of the Jazz PMC. He was the original lead of the Eclipse Java development environment (JDT) and is on the Project Management Committee for the Eclipse project. Erich is also a member of the Gang of Four, which is known for its classical book, Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. Erich has collaborated with Kent Beck on developing JUnit, the de facto standard testing tool for Java software, and on writing the book Contributing to Eclipse: Principles, Patterns, and Plug-ins.


Jess Garms

Jess Garms is the Eclipse development lead at BEA Systems. Prior to that, he worked on BEA's Java IDE, WebLogic Workshop. Additionally, he has worked extensively with cryptography, and co-authored "Professional Java Security", published by Wrox Press.


Pierre Gaufillet


Presentations: TOPCASED - Toolkit In OPen source for Critical Applications & SystEms Development, TOPCASED Modeling Tools

Since 2001, member of the Software Engineering Methods team at Airbus France, Avionics & Simulation Products. Implied in the COTRE project (aiming to develop a new method for real time software design) from 2002 to 2004. Member of the AADL (Architecture Analysis and Design Language) SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) committee since 2002. Technical leader of the TOPCASED project (development of a toolkit for critical systems and applications engineering, based on Eclipse) since 2004.


Wolfgang Gehner

Wolfgang Gehner is founder and CEO of Swiss-based Infonoia SA. He is Architect, trainer and coach for the architecture of Java webapps and open source frameworks. He is co-author of "Struts Best Practices". He has initiated the project "Rich Server Platform - User Interface Framework", RSP-UI for short, submitted submitted to the Eclipse Foundation together with 8 other committers.


Ekkehard Gentz

born in 1951, developing ERP solutions since 1978, first in Cobol. Since 2000 using Java and since 2001 working with Eclipse. Heavy use of Open Source Technology / frameworks. My actual project is to create a german ERP solution for medium-sized companies (specialized for Waste & Recycling Companies): Eclipse Rich Client / Hibernate / Spring / Birt... ModelDriven with openArchitectureWare...


Frank Gerhardt

Dr. Frank Gerhardt is an Eclipse consultant based in Stuttgart, Germany, and owner of Gerhardt Informatics Kft., Hungary. His company is specializes in Eclipse technologies and serves clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Frank is also founder of Software Experts Network Stuttgart (SENS) and board member of the Java User Group Stuttgart. He, together with Chris Wege, reported on one of the first RCP applications at EclipseCon 2004. Chris and Frank have taught hundreds of people RCP development. Their RCP tutorial has been translated to Japanese.


Matthew Gibbs

All West Communications

Presentations: My picks



Bryan Gilbert


Presentations: Context Sensitive Palette, Properties and Outline Views in a GEF Multi-Page Editor

Developer on the IBM Workplace Forms Designer team. We work in Eclipse and develop a graphical editing tool for electronic forms based on XForms that is wrapped in XFDL.


Dejan Glozic

Dr Dejan Glozic was one of the first members of the Eclipse UI team. He currently works at the IBM Toronto Laboratory, Ontario, where he leads an Eclipse team responsible for PDE, User Assistance and Install/Update components. Before Eclipse, Dejan was widely known as 'the JFace guy', being responsible for the creation of the widely used JFace user interface framework that was later incorporated into the Eclipse platform. He is also known as 'the pixel freak' possibly due to his obsessive-compulsive insistence that all the pixels in the UI must align 'just so'. One of his more recent pixel fixations was Eclipse Forms used in PDE editors and the new help view.


Gadi Goldbarg

Zend Technoloies

Presentations: Gadi - My recommended track


Chris Goldthorpe

Chris Goldthorpe is a developer on the Eclipse User assistance team where he implemented composite cheatsheets and is currently working on the help application. Prior to that he was an developer of Eclipse based visual modeling tools. He has also previously worked on the development of compilers, code generators and software installers.


Javier Gonzalez Sanchez

Javier is professor at Tecnologico de Monterrey, campus Guadalajara since January 2000. Javier got his master degree in Computer Science by Instituto Politecnico Nacional in Mexico. He is a developer, project leader and consultant, working with privated companies and public institutions, making analysis, design, re-engineering and implantation of computational systems and web applications. Areas of interest: distributed and parallel computing, data bases, Web services, software architecture and modeling. Member of Association Computing Machinery (ACM) since 2002. His publications include topics in: anti-patterns, visual programming environments and distributed systems. More about me at


Robert Goodman

Robert (Bob) Goodman is a Software Engineer in Emerging Technologies division of the IBM Software Group. He started his career at IBM working on Object Oriented Programming and IBM WebSphere. More recently he has work on Web Services for pervasive devices and tooling for PHP. He is now project leader of the AJAX Tools Framework (ATF) on Eclipse.


John Graham

John has been developing enterprise software for ten years, and has been with Sybase for the past five. His academic background includes a Masters degree from the University of HawaiÂ’i concentrating on computational properties of formal and natural languages, and post-graduate training in business. He has worked on enterprise application integration technologies, web services tooling, distributed systems, machine learning, and service-oriented platforms. A developer on Eclipse since version 1, John served on the Eclipse Consortium executive committee, and then later as the Sybase project lead for the Eclipse Data Tools Platform project.


Francois Granade

Francois co-fonded nexB, Inc in 2003 with Philippe Ombredanne and Michael Herzog, to focus on delivering open and realistic solution for Application Development, Testing and Deployment, in short: open-source ALM. Prior to nexB, Francois cofounded, and lead the Development team at ViaFone, a provider of mobile applications for the enterprise, subsequently sold to Extended Systems (NASDAQ: XTND). In previous roles, Francois also was instrumental in starting Collage, an Intranet Content Manager for NetObjects. Francois graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris.


Jeff Gray

Jeff Gray is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). He received the Ph.D. in May 2002 from the Electrical Engineering and computer Science department at Vanderbilt University, where he also served as a research assistant at ISIS from 1999-2002. His research is currently supported by NSF, with past support from DARPA and an Eclipse Innovation GRant. His research interests include model-driven engineering, generative programming, aspect-oriented software development, and speech-enabled development environments. Jeff currently serves as the chair of the Alabama IEEE Computer Society. More information about his research and publications can be found at


Grahame Grieve

Jiva Medical

Presentations: Eclipse and Industry Verticals: The healthcare experience, Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) General BoF, Open Healthcare Framework Day

Experience: * Committer, Eclipse OHF * CTO/Lead Developer for Healthcare developer * University Clinical Research * Hospital Laboratory Qualifications * BSc * MAACB (Member Australian Clinical Biochemists) Standards * co-chair, HL7 Infrastructure & Messaging * Editor, HL7 V3 Data Types


Chris Grindstaff


Presentations: From the trenches, Eclipse RCP performance best practices, Notes 8: Eclipse RCP teaches old dog new tricks!

Chris Grindstaff is a software engineer at IBM focusing on RCP performance analysis. He is currently interested in a variety of open-source projects, from client to server. He has worked extensively with Eclipse and authored several popular Eclipse plug-ins and articles, which may be found at


Richard Gronback

Richard Gronback is a Chief Scientist at Borland Software Corporation and currently leads the Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) project. Richard represents Borland at the Eclipse Foundation and co-leads the Eclipse Modeling Project. In addition to model-driven development technologies, Richard maintains a casual obsession with object-oriented software metrics and their application. Richard has previously worked for TogetherSoft, Ariba, Andersen Consulting, and in a previous life, operated nuclear reactors on Navy submarines. Richard holds a BSE in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Connecticut.


Andre Grunow

He is a student of computer science and economics at the Hamburg University (Germany) and an experienced Java programmer since 2000. He was Chief Developer of the e-learning platform "Calja", achieved profound knowledge on Eclipse as an IDE and as a platform for industrial software products. Currently he is working as software consultant, coach and developer in a variety of industrial sectors.


Steven Gutz

IBM Rational Software

Presentations: Solving Real-World Problems with TPTP Static Analysis

Steve Gutz is a senior software developer and team lead in the Rational Modeling Tools groups. Steve has been a committer on the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools project (TPTP) for the past year, focusing on improvements in implementation and integration of static analysis tools. Previous to joining the IBM Ottawa Lab in 2002, he held senior management and executive positions in several public and private companies including two of his own successful start-ups.


Kevin Haaland

Kevin Haaland is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM's Ottawa lab, and has been a key contributor to the design and implementation of the Eclipse Platform UI. He was previously component lead for the Eclipse Platform UI, and has a long history of building user interface technology at OTI. In a past life he was the lead for the SWT team. Kevin also played a key leadership role in the IBM VA/Java project. Kevin is a member of the Eclipse Project PMC and is the overall technical lead for the Eclipse Project.


Arno Haase

Arno Haase is an independent softwarearchitect. His areas of interest include model driven software development - both generators and interpreters - and making domain specific abstractions an explicit part of a system. He is a committer of openArchitectureWare, an end-to-end toolchain for model-driven development thatis part of Eclipse GMT.


Brett Hackleman

Brett Hackleman is an agile/XP software developer with Band XI International. In his past life he was a member of the Embedded Java Enablement Team (eJET) in IBM's Pervasive Computing Group, where he worked for 6 years in the Telematics and RFID domains. Before that, Brett was happily employed by Object Technology International, Inc. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering (NC State University) and works to support his flying and snowboarding addictions.


Thomas Hallgren

Thomas has been a major contributor to the Buckminster project, where he has architectural and development responsibility for large parts of the Buckminster framework. Thomas is also an initial committer to the Kepler project, major contributor to the PostgreSQL community, where he manages the PL/Java project (Java stored procedures for PostgreSQL), and has contributed to other open source projects such as Jacob and ObjectWeb/ASM. Thomas has nearly twenty years of software development experience, and has been on the leading edge of many technical trends in OOAD, componentization and SOA, enterprise application architecture and run-time and development infrastructure technologies. Thomas' current "day job" is as a co-founder and principal architect at Cloudsmith Inc., an Eclipse consortium member.


Kari Halsted

Kari Halsted is a User Assistance infrastructure specialist with IBM Rational Software in Canada. She works with information development teams to design and improve the tools and systems they use to create, maintain, and deliver user assistance content. She's had various UA- and Eclipse-related jobs at IBM over the past 12 years, including helping design the first help system in Eclipse and providing help content for the TPTP Eclipse project.


Christopher Hammack


Presentations: Building the next generation weather platform in Eclipse

Christopher Hammack has worked for Raytheon IIS Space Systems division on a number of Weather-technology systems since 2004. He has been working with the Eclipse platform for the last 2 years. He holds a Masters and Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska.


BJ Hargrave

BJ Hargrave is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Lotus with over 20 years of experience as an IBM software architect and developer. His focus is small computer operating systems (kernels, file systems, development tools, application binary interface specifications) and Java technology. He holds multiple patents for JVM performance improvements and is the IBM expert and lead architect for OSGi technologies. BJ holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Miami. BJ has been a leader in the development of the OSGi technology since its inception and was named an OSGi Fellow in 2002 for his technical contributions and leadership in the OSGi Alliance. He is currently CTO of the OSGi Alliance and chair of the OSGi Core Platform Expert Group. BJ is also a committer on the Eclipse Equinox project.


Walter Harley

Walter Harley is a senior software engineer on the BEA Weblogic Workshop Compiler Team, and a committer on the Eclipse APT project. Prior to this, he worked on XML data integration, cryptography, and old-timey things like mainframe terminal emulation and macro assemblers.


Matthew Hatem


Presentations: Styling SWT Widgets Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Styling SWT Widgets Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Notes 8: Eclipse RCP teaches old dog new tricks!

Matthew Hatem is a Software Engineer for IBM. He is a member of the Lotus Expeditor and Lotus Notes teams. Matthew Hatem is also an Eclipse Committer focusing in the area of Platform UI RCP.


Neil Hauge

Neil Hauge is a principal software developer at Oracle and leads the Dali JPA Tools project in the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP). He has been developing Java based Object-Relational Mapping tools for over six years and has been development lead for the Oracle TopLink Workbench for the past three. Prior to joining Oracle, Neil led Java development projects at IBM and WebGain. He has been developing GUI applications in Java since JDK1.1, with experience in AWT/Swing and SWT/JFace.


Leslie Hawthorn

Google Inc., Open Source Program Office

Presentations: The 2006 Google Summer of Code at Eclipse

Leslie Hawthorn held various roles at Google before joining the Open Source Program Office in March 2006. She co-managed the Google Summer of Code program for 2006 and has hosted several open-source community hackathons at Google's corporate headquarters in Mountain View, California, USA. Proud to be known as Google's geek herder, Leslie holds a B.A. in English Language and Literature from U.C. Berkeley.


Jennifer Hayes

Jennifer graduated with a BFA from Mt. Allison University in Sackville, N.B. in 1992. After doing art commissions, working and travelling for 4 years, in 1996 she attended Sheridan College in Oakville, ON, graduating with distinction from the Computer Graphics program (now called New Media). Soon after graduation, Jen began working for the IBM Toronto Lab Media Design Studio working in a variety of media. Jen has worked on short term projects (demos, websites, etc) and currently (2007) works on Eclipse Welcome and Jazz Web UI. Jen also teaches interactivity design in the York University - Sheridan College joint design degree program.


Peter Hendriks

Info Support

Presentations: Peter's RCP developer track

Peter is an experienced Java developer currently working on Eclipse RCP applications and plug-in tooling. In his spare time he sometimes contributes to open source Java Eclipse plug-ins he uses.


Bruce Herr

Bruce Herr is a CS graduate from Indiana University working in Dr. Katy Börner's Information Visualization Lab as a software developer. He enjoys making cool, extensible, usable, and maintainable software. His current projects are the Cyberinfrastructure Shell (CIShell), Taxonomy Validator, InfoVis Cyberinfrastructure, Network Workbench, and Notable visualizations he has helped produce are the Internet Movie Database visualization for the Viszards contest at Sunbelt 2006 and the US Patent Hierarchy visualization for the second iteration of Places & Spaces. His personal website is at


Jochen Hiller

Jochen Hiller is working as principle architect for Business Operation Systems, Germany. He has been using Object technology since 1989, using C++, Smalltalk and Java. He is using Eclipse from the beginning, including plugin and RCP development. Jochen has been the architect for the component architecture of a commercial collaboration development platform. This platform will just be migrated to server side Eclipse technologies, where he contributed code to server-side bridge. His interests are additionally embedded Java technologies and massively scalable architectures. He can be reached at jo.hiller(at)googlemail(dot)com.


Marcus Hirt

BEA Systems Inc.

Presentations: Monitoring, Profiling and Memory Leak Detection in Eclipse!, Mission Control goes RCP!

Marcus is one of the founders of Appeal Virtual Machines, the company that created the Java Virtual Machine JRockit. He is currently working as Engineering Manager for the JRockit Mission Control team. In his spare time he enjoys coding on one of his many pet projects, and composing music. Marcus has been an appreciated speaker on eWorld, BEAWorld, Nordev and Expert Zone Developer Summit, and has contributed JRockit related articles and webinars to the JRockit community.


Gary Horen


Presentations: (3618) Writing a Java Annotation Processor for Eclipse

Gary Horen is the Program Manager for the BEA Weblogic Workshop Compiler Team. He has been recently focused on the introduction of language technologies into Eclipse, including the Java annotation processing feature.


Robert Horne

Rob Horne is a Developer Evangelist at Business Objects. He has specialized in Java and Reporting for nearly five years at Business Objects. Rob spends a majority of his time sharing information on embedding reporting into custom applications at Rob is hoping to share information with attendees on how to use Crystal Reports for Eclipse in their Java applications.


Kevin Horowitz


Presentations: (3611) The Two Faces of MTJ, Developing in Java ME

Kevin Horowitz is a software engineer for IBM Lotus in Boca Raton, Florida. His current responsibilities include IBM Lotus Expeditor Toolkit and the Eclipse Mobile Tools for the Java Platform (MTJ) project. Immediately prior to his current projects, Kevin worked on IBM WebSphere Studio Device Developer. Kevin holds a M.S. degree in Computer Science from Penn State.


Takehiro Hosokawa

Takehiro Hosokawa is a Software Engineer in R&D devision of NEC Soft, Ltd.. He works in their OSS developing group focusing mainly on Eclipse data tools.


John Houston

BEA Systems

Presentations: UI Testing in the Real World: Myths and Realities

John is a developer for the WebLogic Workshop Eclipse-based IDE for BEA Systems. In addition to his contributions to the IDE, John is the architect of the Workshop UI-testing solution and developer of the Eclipse-based test authoring tools.


Weixia Huang

Weixia (Bonnie) Huang is a Senior System Architect at Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center founded by Dr. Katy Börner. She is working on the Network Workbench and Cyberinfrastructure Shell projects. Before joining Indiana University, she worked as a Research Staff Member at Xerox Research Center.


Pat Huff


Presentations: Eclipse Everywhere!

Pat is a Product Manager for an IBM Rational Software team. This team manages the relationship between Eclipse and the IBM product development community. Pat has a long history of producing Object Oriented Software Development Tools and Frameworks, and in introducing OO and agile programming concepts into "large company" infrastructures. His current interests lie in realizing Eclipse's potential in commercially successful solutions.


Pieter Humphrey

Pieter Humphrey has provided extensive mentoring and instruction for clients on BEA's WebLogic product line of Server, Portal, Integration and Workshop since joining BEA in 2001. Working in with core IT and Java/J2EE since 1998 has provided him with a solid background for his current position in developer tools marketing for the BEA Workshop product family. Pieter is a frequent speaker at trade and customer events and Bay Area user groups.


Anthony Hunter

Anthony Hunter is a software development manager at IBM Rational Software in Canada. Anthony manages the Eclipse GMF and GEF committer teams at IBM. Anthony is a committer for the Eclipse GMF and GEF projects as well as committer for the Tabbed Properties View in the Eclipse platform. Anthony has contributed to the Rational modeling product lines, including IBM Rational Software Architect and IBM Rational XDE, and has been actively working with the Eclipse platform since its inception.


Oisin Hurley

IONA Technologies

Presentations: SOA Tools Project (STP) BoF

Oisin is STP PMC Lead, IONA's representative on the SCA Assembly and C++ C & I specification, and an Open-Source and SOA fan.


Oisin Hurley

IONA Technologies

Presentations: STP Components - Using and Extending the SOA Tools Platform Project, From Modelling to Execution in the Enterprise-- using BPMN and BPEL

Oisin is the PMC Lead for the Eclipse SOA Tools Project, a SOA Products Architect at IONA Technologies and a contributer to the Service Component Architecture Assembly, C++ and JAX-WS standards. He has a keen interest in how Open Source is going to revolutionize the traditional enterprise software development scene.


Kenn Hussey

Kenn Hussey is a senior software developer for Rational Software, IBM Software Group in Ottawa, Canada. He is a Project Management Committee (PMC) member of the top-level Modeling project, lead of the Model Development Tools (MDT) project, and a committer on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) project at Eclipse.


Manfred Hutt

Manfred is a Software Architect in the SEN unified communication applications product line group. His current working focus is on light weight container technologies and production and deployment infrastructures for large scale developmement.


Petter Ivmark

Actuate Corporation

Presentations: Integrating Java code with Eclipse BIRT

Petter Ivmark is a senior software engineer with Actuate Corporation focused on designing features for scripting in Eclipse BIRT with Java and JavaScript.


Martin Jaeger

Martin Jaeger is the deputy technical project leader for a large RCP application (>100 plug-ins) at Netcetera AG Zurich, Switzerland. He holds a M.Sc. in Business Information Systems from the Liechtenstein University of Applied Sciences and a B.Sc. in Systems Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Buchs (CH). Martin has 3 years experience in development of Swing applications and 3 years experience in development of RCP/SWT applications. His interests are in code quality, application architecture and build processes.


SeiIe Jang

Nagoya Univ.

Presentations: uClassroom: Expanding Awareness in Classroom To Ubiquitous Teaching and Learning Using eclipse RCP


Bianca Jiang

Bianca Jiang is an advisory software engineer in Rational Automated Software Quality (ASQ) group of IBM SWG. After receiving her M.S. in Information Systems from Northeastern University in 2000, Bianca joined Rational ASQ group developing several generations of automated software unit, GUI and manual testing solutions. She started her contribution to Eclipse Test and Performance Tool Platform (TPTP) project since 2004, concentrated on the development and improvements of common test UI. Bianca’s current focus is a deployment automation solution leveraging the integration of multiple tools between Rational and Tivoli.


Graeme Johnson

Graeme is a senior software working on IBM's J9 Virtual Machine. In past lives Graeme has worked on virtual machines and debuggers for VisualAge for Java and IBM/OTI Smalltalk. More recently Graeme has been focusing on the Apache Harmony project, and exploring the PHP language runtime.


Sean Johnson

Sean is a Product Manager for Business Objects Corp., the world's leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions. Sean's primary responsibility is the integration of Business Objects components into the top Java IDEs. These include the recently released Crystal Reports for Eclipse product, and the integration with IBM Rational Application Developer, BEA Weblogic Workshop, and Borland JBuilder. Sean has presented numerous sessions at technology conferences through North America and Europe. Sean is currently based out of Business Objects' Vancouver Development Center, located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Mark Johnson

Presentations: Automated Java GUI Testing BoF


Jeff Johnston

Red Hat

Presentations: Autotools Demo

Jeff Johnston started his software career at the IBM Toronto Lab in 1985. There he worked on a number of projects, most notably as an original member of the C/370 library team. In 1997, he moved to Cygnus Solutions: a California-based software company which developed open-source toolchains for embedded platforms. In 1999, Cygnus Solutions was acquired by Red Hat. Working in Toronto, Jeff is a member of the Red Hat Eclipse team and is currently developing the CDT Autotools Plug-in. In the open-source world, Jeff is also known as the head maintainer of newlib: an embedded C library. Outside of work, Jeff plays keyboards and is an aspiring composer of light progressive rock. His band, Vermillion Skye, is currently recording their third CD.


Don Jorgenson

Don Jorgenson has more than twenty years of experience leading software development projects in energy management, telecom and healthcare. Over the last six years, his focus has been on healthcare information system interoperability, security and privacy. He serves as the Eclipse OHF team co-lead, lead of the HL7/OMG SOA Security/Privacy Workgroup and is active in IHE, WS-I and ASTM. Don holds a BS degree in Engineering Science and an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University. He is CEO of Inpriva, Inc.


Frédéric Jouault

Frédéric Jouault is starting a postdoc at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Nantes in 2006. His current research interests involve model engineering, model transformation, and their application to Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) and model-based legacy reverse engineering. Frédéric created ATL (ATLAS Transformation Language), a QVT-like DSL for model transformation. He is now leading the development of ATL language and toolkit. With his thesis advisor, Jean Bézivin, he defined AMMA (ATLAS Model Management Architecture), a platform for model management.


ChangWoo Jung

ChangWoo Jung is a staff Research and Development (R&D) engineer at the IBM Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory located in Seoul, Korea. His current work focuses on sensor and actuator solution framework development with cutting-edge technologies such as Eclipse, OSGi, and embedded Java technologies. He has lots of experience on IBM pervasive computing products and prior to moving to sensor and actuation research, he has worked for several telematics projects.


Ales Justin

Born in Ljubljana in 1979, graduated in mathematics from University of Ljubljana. Started serious programming at the university, where he was also heavily involved in ACM competitions, which are now replaced by TopCoder's. Fell in love with Java 6 years ago and spent most of his time developing information systems, ranging from customer service to energy management. He joined JBoss, a division of Red Hat, in 2006 to work full time on the Microcontainer project. Other areas of interest include JBoss Seam, as a JSR-299 WebBeans EG member, and OSGi as JBoss representative on JSR-291.


Byron K. Appelt

Byron Appelt is the lead developer for devices and gateways at SensorLogic, Inc., a provider of on-demand Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications. Byron has a BSEE from the University of Texas at Arlington and has been working with Java on embedded systems for 8 years.


Simon Kaegi

Simon Kaegi works at the IBM Ottawa Lab as a developer looking at componentization and the run-time provisioning of enterprise software. A committer on the Eclipse Equinox project his current focus is on ensuring the framework can support the many use-cases for OSGi in server-side environments.


Shoji Kajita

Nagoya University

Presentations: uClassroom: Expanding Awareness in Classroom To Ubiquitous Teaching and Learning Using eclipse RCP

Shoji Kajita was born in Japan on April 20 1967. He received the Bachelor, Master, and Doctor of Information Engineering from Nagoya University, in 1990, 1992 and 1998 respectively. He is Associate Professor of Information Technology Center, Nagoya University. His research interests sustainable information infrastructure design and implementation for institutions.


Rima Kanguri

Actuate Corporation

Presentations: How to Easily Integrate BIRT Reports into your Web Application

Rima is a lead software engineer at Actuate Corporation where she focuses on various aspects of architecture and designs of BIRT related features. Prior to BIRT she has worked on Actuate commercial server and portal products.


Vanessa Kapinus

Presentations: Continental Breakfast, Continental Breakfast, Continental Breakfast, Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Lunch, Lunch, Lunch, Eclipse Community Awards & Gameshow, Poster Reception, Exhibitor Reception, IBM Product Reception


Rahul Kapoor

ThoughtWorks Inc

Presentations: Enhancing Content Assist using Machine Learning Techniques.

Rahul is software developer with ThoughtWorks Inc and lives in Providence, Rhode Island.


Scott Kellicker


Presentations: An IDE Developer's Track by Scott Kellicker

Has developed a commercial Eclipse-based IDE.


Mik Kersten

Mik Kersten is the lead of the Mylar project, and a committer on the AspectJ and AJDT projects. While working Xerox PARC Mik created the IDE support for AspectJ, and plug-ins for JBuilder, NetBeans, VisualStudio, and Emacs. He is now completing his PhD at the University of British Columbia, and focused on helping Eclipse reduce information overload by making the context of the tasks we work on explicit.


Gerry Kessler


Presentations: Extending the JavaServer Faces Tools project

Gerry has 17 years of software development experience primarily in developing software tools. He currently works for Oracle working on the WTP JavaServer Faces Tooling project. He worked previously for PeopleSoft, Versata and Blyth Software.


Mikhail Khodjaiants

ARM Ltd.

Presentations: Extending CDT Debugger To Support Device Software Development

Committer for the CDT project since 2001. Currently working on the integration of the ARM development tools into Eclipse.


Gavin King

Presentations: (S4) Building Rich Internet Applications With Open Source JBoss Frameworks and Tools


Markus Knauer

Markus Knauer works as Eclipse developer and consultant at Innoopract Information Systems. There he is involved in the development of the Yoxos-On-Demand Eclipse Distribution and is working on multiple projects developing Eclipse-based SDKs. He is project lead of the Eclipse Packaging Project and responsible for the architecture of the g-Eclipse project.


Bernd Kolb

Bernd Kolb focuses on model-driven software development and eclipse technologies. As a consultant he worked in different domains from tooling for automotive embedded systems to enterprise Java applications. He is a regular speaker at conferences and has written a number of articles as well as co-authored a book. Bernd is a committer in the Eclipse Modeling Project and can be reached via e-mail to b.kolb {_at_}


Konstantin Komissarchik

Konstantin is a committer on the Web Tools Platform (WTP) project. He has a BS degree in Computer Science from University of Washington and has worked in a variety different areas of the field, ranging from compiler technology to custom server and communication protocol design to most recently tools development.


Ben Konrath

Ben is a Free and Open Source Software enthusiast. He currently works for Red Hat, integrating Eclipse into Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Harald Kornmayer

Dr. Harald Kornmayer works as principle researcher in the IT Research Division of NEC Laboratories Europe in St. Augustin, Germany. His research agenda focus on distributed wide scale IT systems including Grid and SOA technologies. Before he joined NEC Labs, he worked in different European and national. He is the Eclipse project lead of the g-Eclipse project since 2006 and coordinated the European project until September 2007 as scientific coordinator.


Dieter Krachtus

Dieter Krachtus is the founder of Eclipse on Swing (EOS) and co-developer of SWTSwing. He works as developer and consultant with a main focus on Rich Clients on the basis of Swing and the Eclipse RCP. Currently he does a PHD at the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) in Heidelberg.

Christopher Deckers is the founder of SWTSwing co-developer of Eclipse on Swing (EOS). He lives in France and works as a Senior Java developer. Christopher had always an interest in rich user interfaces, tools and APIs and has his share in many Open source projects.


Jochen Krause


Presentations: (3641) Developing with the Rich Ajax Platform, RAP - Eclipse style development for the web

Jochen Krause has been involved with Eclipse since 2002 and is currently a member of the Eclipse Web Tools PMC. At Innoopract, a recognized specialist in Eclipse distribution and visual web application development tools, he is primarily responsible for strategy and product development. He has driven the adoption of Eclipse as the foundation of all of Innoopracts product offerings. By supporting Fortune 500 companies engaging with Eclipse technology he gained a broad understanding of the requirements and needs of the Eclipse enterprise market.


Peter Kriens

Peter Kriens is a software Architect driven by the desire to see people using the systems he developed. He has been leading the efforts of the OSGi specifications over the last 5 years. Before this, he developed his experience in almost any important software technology (networking, databases, GUIs, object oriented, large scale distributed processing, communications). He developed products with these technologies in the eighties for a microprocessor based newspaper system. Peter Kriens has the Dutch, worked in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and the USA. He lived in Holland, Sweden and now resides in the south of France.


Per Kroll

Per Kroll is the project leader on the Eclipse Process Framework Project, an open source project centered on software practices, and development manager for RUP and the IBM Rational Method Composer. Per has twenty years of software development experience in supply chain management, telecom, communications, and software product development. He is author of the books The Rational Unified Process Made Easy – A Practitioner’s Guide, Kroll and Kruchten, and Agility and Discipline Made Easy – Practices from OpenUP and RUP, Kroll and MacIsaac. Per is a frequent speaker at conferences and author of numerous articles on software engineering.


Manu Kuchhal

Manu Kuchhal is an Advisory Software Engineer with IBM Lotus at the IBM India Software Labs. In his current job role, Manu is focussed on defining and creating a Light Weight SOA Infrastructure using OSGi that is targetted to run in resource constraint environments/scenarios. Manu has been evangelizing OSGi for most part of his career. He has few experiments to his credit that tend to exhibit the feasibility and applicability of OSGi not only as a component technology but also as a serious service hosting runtime. In this context, some of his work also got published in forums both outside and inside IBM.


Eugene Kuleshov

Eugene Kuleshov is a developer and IT consultant with over 10 years in the software industry. He is working with Java/J2EE technology from its early days. Eugene is a committer on Mylar and Subclipse projects. He authored several Eclipse plug-ins, including VisualGC, Splitter Patch and plug-in for Maven 2.0 and contributed number of bug reports, enhancement requests and patches to the Eclipse Platform. You can read his blog at


Richard Kulp


Presentations: (3629) Extending the Eclipse Visual Editor - deep dive

After receiving his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Penn State University he started working for IBM. Over the years he has worked on many different projects. For the past 12 years he has worked on Visual Editors for VisualAge Smalltalk, VisualAge Java, VisualAge C++, and currently the Visual Editor project in Eclipse and for IBM Rational VE tooling to support Web/J2EE development.


Markus Kuppe

Markus Kuppe is a software engineer at Versant Corp. focusing on RCP/OSGi and JDO/JVI related development. He's a committer on the Dali Eclipse project. He first came in contact with Eclipse in 2002 working on the open source G2Gui project. He can be reached via eMail or on the #eclipse IRC channel (lemmy).


Christian Kurzke

Motorola, Inc.

Presentations: Tools for Mobile Linux Project: Extending Eclipse into Linux Mobile Devices, Device Software Development Platform (DSDP) TM, DD, NAB, TmL BoF

Christian Kurzke is the lead Architect in the Motorola Developer Services and Platform group. In his current role, he is responsible for the creation of the next generation 3rd party development tools for Motorola devices.
In the past, when working at SUN Microsystems's Consumer Embedded group, Christian was a contributing founding member of the OSGi Standard, and has been a long time Open Source proponent and contributer to several projects. Overall, he has been active in various Unix, Java and Internet Protocol standards projects for over 15 years.




Presentations: Acceleo Poster

Software engineer, JEE architect, MDA expert, CEO


Chris Laffra

Chris was born in The Netherlands, obtained a MsC at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and a PhD at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. At both IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and Morgan-Stanley, Chris worked on tools for user interfaces, component infrastructures, program analysis, debugging, visualization, compression, and optimization. He led the OTI Amsterdam lab for 3.5 years, working on WebSphere Studio Device Developer. He worked with IBM Rational in Ottawa on Java runtimes and Eclipse and in RTP on Eclipse Performance. Currently he works on EGL, IBM's 4GL solution.


yngve lamo

Bergen University College

Presentations: Generalized Sketches as an extention to EMF, Recommended Tracks - Modeling


Massimo Lanfranconi

Massimo "Max" Lanfranconi Marketing Manager, Program Office JCP Program at Sun Microsystems Max Lanfranconi is Marketing Manager, Java Community Process (JCP) Program Office at Sun Microsystems, Inc. He oversees the marketing activities of the JCP Program Office including driving the process, managing its membership, guiding specification leads and experts through the process, leading the Executive Committee meetings and managing the web site. Prior to JCP Max held software engineering and marketing positions at Sun in United States, Sun Italy and Banca di Bergamo in Italy


John Lanuti

John, a graduate of Wake Forest University, works for the Rational J2EE tooling development team at IBM. His technical contributions include the previous releases of VisualAge for Java, WebSphere Studio, and Rational Application Developer. John is a committer and the Release Engineer/Technical Lead of the Eclipse Web Tools Project (WTP).


Robert Lauriston

Embarcadero Technologies

Presentations: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Eclipse User Assistance!

Robert Lauriston manages the documentation department at Embarcadero Technologies, where he updated the automated single-source online help build system to add support for Eclipse. He also moderates the eclipse_tw Yahoo group, an online forum for technical writers who are developing online help for Eclipse platform products or plug-ins. In his previous career as a computer journalist, he wrote about computer hardware and software for publications such as CNET, PC World, and WINDOWS Magazine.


Stephen Lauzon

Stephen Lauzon is the manager of the RFRS partner program and manages ISV Technical Enablement for IBM Rational Software. He has been a software development product manager at IBM for over a decade covering a wide variety of development technologies and platforms. Stephen was a member of the original Eclipse enablement team at IBM and has worked with the Eclipse community since the first Beta of the Eclipse platform.


Jeroen Leenarts


Robert Lefkowitz

Robert Lefkowitz is an software architect and systems designer with over thirty years of experience. For two decades, r0ml worked on Wall Street, developing market data, trading, risk management, and quantitative analysis systems. More recently, as chief technical architect at AT&T Wireless, he drove the improvement of their CRM, ERP, commission, and data warehousing systems. Over the last several years, r0ml has become increasingly interested in open source software strategy at large enterprises, and is a frequent speaker on the topic.


Yossi Leon

Yossi Leon is the project leader of the Eclipse PDT. In addition, he is also the development tools product manager at Zend Technologies. He has many years of experience in the design and implementation of application development environments as well as a deep knowledge and understanding of Quality Assurance and Packaging processes. Yossi holds a B.A in Computer Sciences and is currently studying for MBA.


Scott Lewis

Dr. Scott Lewis is the project lead for the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF). His friends think he's been working on distributed applications for too long. Although a little goofy about it, he is passionate about making Eclipse/Eclipse RCP an open platform for integrated and interoperable communications applications. Scott also serves as an elected committer representative to the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors. In this role he represents the needs and interests of the Eclipse committers on the Foundation Board. You can contact Scott at slewis at, or via IM at slewis at (xmpp/jabber), scottslewis at (xmpp/jabber), or scottblewis at


Norman Lin

Presentations: uClassroom: Expanding Awareness in Classroom To Ubiquitous Teaching and Learning Using eclipse RCP


Henrik Lindberg

Cloudsmith Inc

Presentations: Using Buckminster to Manage "Virtual" Software Distros, Using Buckminster for Automated Provisioning of Developer Workspaces

Henrik has been a major contributor to the Buckminster project, where he is responsible for overall architecture and coordination within the Eclipse ecosystem. Henrik is also a current committer to the Kepler and Corona projects. Henrik has over 20 years of experience architecting and developing innovative infrastructure and application software and tooling. Past positions include overall leadership of BEA's Java Run-Time Group (JRockit) and CTO and/or technical founder of several publicly and privately held software companies. Henrik's is as a co-founder and CTO of Cloudsmith Inc., an Eclipse consortium member.


Martin Lippert

Martin is a consultant and coach at akquinet agile GmbH, a company located in Germany that is focused on agile software development. He received a master degree in Computer Science from the University of Hamburg and worked as intern as part of the AspectJ team at Xerox PARC back in '99. While he is helping teams to become more agile he also authored several articles on rich client and server-side development with Eclipse and Eclipse runtime technology for the german Eclipse magazine and investigated the combination of aspect and Eclipse technology. He is involved as a committer in the Equinox Incubator project.


Achim Loerke

Achim Loerke started software development in 1982 after earning his degree in electronics. He began working at BREDEX GmbH in 1987 and is now co-owner and director of the company. Beginning in 1995 he successfully utilized Java in several customer projects. He is also the principal architect of GUIdancer, a commercial tool for automated testing of Java programs. Doing consulting and project management for customers gives him ample opportunities to apply his favorite subject of automated software quality assurance and automated testing.


Andrei Loskutov

Andrei Loskutov is a software engineer at Verigy, focusing on Eclipse related UI development of 93000 SOC platform. He has a Diplom in Mathematics from the University of Hannover (Germany), and in his free time he like to play with Photoshop & Eclipse. He is author of AnyEdit, Bytecode Outline, FileSync, JDepend4Eclipse and Extended VS Presentation plugins.


Matthias Luebken


Robert M. Fuhrer

Robert has spent the last several years developing static analyses and advanced refactorings for Java in Eclipse, some of which are now part of the Eclipse JDT, including generics-related refactorings ("Infer Type Arguments" and "Introduce Type Parameter"), type-related refactorings ("Extract Interface" and "Generalize Type") and others (e.g. "Introduce Factory"). Robert also developed a smell detection framework for Java in Eclipse, demoed at ECOOP and OOPSLA in 2004, which includes a code duplication detector. Prior to that, Robert worked on a diverse set of projects, including two visual programming languages, a film scoring system, manufacturing optimization algorithms, and hardware synthesis and verification for asynchronous circuits. When not writing code or papers, Robert spends his spare time playing jazz, fusion and progressive rock in his home studio.


Stanley M. Sutton Jr.

Stan began his academic and professional career as a geologist before switching to software engineering. He received a Ph. D. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 1990 and has since worked in both academia and industry, on both research and applied projects. His main areas of interest and experience include software processes, process programming, and process modeling; aspect-oriented software development and concern modeling; and software development environments.


Joana M. F. Trindade


Presentations: Modeling with Eclipse by Joana M. F. Trindade

Joana M. F. Trindade is a Computer Science undergraduate student at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS, Brazil). She is also a Computer Science exchange student at Universität Kaiserslautern, in Germany. Currently, Joana is an undergraduate research assistant in the Product Line Architectures Department, at Fraunhofer-Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (Germany). She works with Java software development and with Eclipse's Graphical Modeling Framework. Her research interests are Computer Security, Experimental Software Engineering and Fault-tolerant Networks and Systems.


brian macdonald


Presentations: Automated Java GUI Testing BoF, Automated Java GUI Testing BoF, Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP) BoF, Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP) BoF



Annas Maleh

Annas "Andy" Maleh is a consultant at Obtiva, a firm that specializes in Eclipse RCP development, Ruby on Rails development and training, and helping teams transition to Agile methodologies. He is currently involved with an 18-month Eclipse RCP project to build a custom CRM application for an international corporation. He works in a team that follows eXtreme Programming practices, programs professionally in Java and Ruby, and participates in work relating to user-interface design enhancement. In EclipseWorld 2006, Mr. Maleh gave two presentations relating to Eclipse RCP development, titled "Looking Good! Polishing Eclipse Rich Client Applications" and "Practical Design Patterns for Rich Client Development." Mr. Maleh is a Sun Certified Java Programmer who holds a B.S. in computer science from McGill University.


Hugues Malphettes

Intalio Inc

Presentations: (3595) The STP BPMN modeler, From Modelling to Execution in the Enterprise-- using BPMN and BPEL


Peter Manahan

Peter Manahan works for IBM Rational and is the architect and manager of the install team for IBM Rational Desktop products. He has worked on installation/service strategies with Eclipse based products such as Websphere Application Developer and Rational Software Architect since Eclipse 1.0. Assisted with the design and implementation of Rational Product Updater and its follow-on the IBM Installation Manager which is used to install and manage the eclipse based Rational Desktop product set.


Ben Markines

Indiana University

Presentations: Cyberinfrastructure Shell (CIShell): An OSGi-Based Framework for the Integration of Datasets and Algorithms

Ben Markines is a Ph.D. student at Indiana University. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University. He is currently on an educational leave from IBM and has been on the Network Workbench team since January 2005. His interests include information visualization, network science, and the social Web.


Kenji Mase

Nagoya University

Presentations: uClassroom: Expanding Awareness in Classroom To Ubiquitous Teaching and Learning Using eclipse RCP


Jeff McAffer

Jeff McAffer leads the Eclipse Equinox OSGi, RCP and Orbit teams and is a Senior Technical Staff Member with IBM Rational. He is one of the architects of the Eclipse Platform and a co-author of The Eclipse Rich Client Platform (Addison-Wesley). He is a member of the Eclipse Project PMC, the Tools Project PMC and the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors. Jeff is currently interested all aspects of Eclipse componentry from developing and building bundles to deploying, installing and ultimately running them. Previous lives included work in distributed/parallel OO computing (Server Smalltalk, massively parallel Smalltalk, etc) as well as expert systems, meta-level architectures and a PhD at the University of Tokyo.


Emma McGrattan

Miss McGrattan is responsible for the development and integration of the Ingres database and associated products and technologies. A leading authority in DBMS technologies, Miss McGrattan has been instrumental in the ongoing success of the Ingres product line. Miss McGrattan joined Ingres as senior vice president of Engineering from CA where she held a similar position responsible for the Ingres family of relational database management products. Miss McGrattan started her career with Ingres in 1992, and has held a variety of senior development and management positions. Born in Ireland, Miss McGrattan earned a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from Dublin City University.


Lucas McGregor

I am currently acting as a Chief Architect in AOL's Online Media group. I came to AOL by way of the online storage, Xdrive, where I was one of the founders. Right now my work at AOL expands upon my previous experience at Xdrive in developing large scale solutions for managing digital assets for users. I have had wide experiences with Internet based open distributed computing systems. I am a long time advocate of the Java platform and open source solutions. At AOL, our group is one of the largest installations of JBoss. I personally have two open source projects, JMX4ODP ( and JPAW ( Additionally, I have been lucky enough to have some of my code incorporated into other open source projects from Apache, JBoss, and ObjectWeb.


Kevin McGuire

Kevin's history with Eclipse is about as long as you can get, being one of the original Eclipse team members before it went open source. His area of specialty is tooling and user interfaces design and development. He's had various Eclipse related roles including team lead and committer for Team/CVS, architecture group team member, UI design and development lead for IBM WebSphere Integration Developer, and presently a member of the Eclipse Platform UI team. Before Eclipse, Kevin has been a team lead and developer on IBM and OTI tooling projects such as Visual Age for Java, Visual Age for Smalltalk, and Envy Smalltalk.


Michael McIntosh

IBM Research

Presentations: Single SignOn for tools via the ALF and Higgins Projects


Karice McIntyre

Karice has been a software developer at the IBM Ottawa lab since 1998. She is currently working for IBM Rational as a member of the Eclipse UI team concentrating on the areas of NL and accessibility, as well as (some of the) import, export, and new wizards. In past lives, Karice has done product release management and contributed to the user interface of the Visual Age for Java product. She also has been part of the UI team for several releases of Websphere business integration tooling products (WSAD-IE and WID), which included writing an engine to generate Java code and validate the EMF model for a visual Java editor.


David McKnight

Dave McKnight is an advisory software developer for IBM WebSphere working at the IBM Toronto Lab. Since joining IBM in 1997, he has been working on development tools for various languages and platforms. Over the last few years, his primary focus has been in designing and developing the Remote System Explorer. This technology is now an Eclipse project under the DSDP top-level project. He holds Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia.


Chris Mead


Presentations: Intelligent Command Line Processing for The CDT

- Graduated in Computer Science from University Of Cambridge July 2006. - Use of Eclipse for Java development for past 3 years. - Currently developing ARM's Eclipse/CDT based plugins as a Graduate engineer.


Navid Mehregani

Navid Mehregani is a full time Java developer at IBM Tivoli. He has extensive knowledge of the Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) project and he is currently a committer to the project. His responsibilities are related to the data collection and agent management side of TPTP. Navid received his B.Sc. degree with high distinction from University of Toronto. He first joined IBM as a student working on the Xerces parsers. Upon completing his work term, he was recognized as a top talent student and was subsequently hired on the iSeries team. His last work term was on the TPTP team, which offered him a full time position at IBM.


Wassim Melhem

Wassim Melhem is the PDE component lead for the Eclipse Platform project, and works at the IBM software laboratory in Toronto, Canada. Prior to joining Eclipse in 2002, Wassim has sequenced DNA and implemented XML and Java code-generating tools for the MQSeries family of runtimes. Wassim holds a Bachelor of Mathematics with Honours in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.


Patrick Menard

Patrick is a Software Developer, focused on human interface design, working for WeigleWilczek Information Management. He has been programming in Java and working with Java technologies for more than four years. After three years of Swing programming he discovered RCP as an efficient way to implement GUI applications. WeigleWilczek is an IT strategy consulting and software development company in Germany. As an Eclipse Member, WeigleWilczek focuses on Eclipse technologies, RCP, and J2EE for development and training.


Miguel Mendez

Google, Inc.

Presentations: (S3) Google Web Toolkit: Quick relief of AJAX pain

Miguel Mendez is a Google Software Engineer who works on the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). After receiving his Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, he worked as part of an integrated product development team doing digital and analog hardware design for mobile devices. He switched to software because it seemed like the Software Engineers were having all of the fun. The result was a long strange trip where he worked on device drivers, communication protocols, operating systems, cross-platform application frameworks, created AppForge's Crossfire product (an MSIL cross-compiler), and even product management. He is excited to have the opportunity to work on GWT. When he is not working on GWT, he loves to spend time with Sara, his wife, and Max, his 9 month old son.


Ed Merks

Ed Merks is the project lead of the Eclipse Modeling Framework project and a co-lead of the top-level Modeling project. He has many years of in-depth experience in the design and implementation of languages, frameworks, and application development environments. He holds a Ph.D. in computing science and is a co-author of the authoritative "Eclipse Modeling Framework, A Developer's Guide" (Addison-Wesley 2003). He works for IBM Rational Software at the Toronto Lab.


David Michonneau

Actuate Corporation

Presentations: (3604) Eclipse Chart Engine API and Integration, Charting with Eclipse BIRT

David Michonneau is the project lead for the BIRT Eclipse Chart Engine. His experience in Eclipse technology includes the architecture of the BIRT Report Editor and the design of an Eclipse-based integration platform for Actuate's client products. Prior to that, he led the development of Actuate's Active Portal for .NET, a customizable ASP.NET web application used to generate and view reports.


Mike Milinkovich

Mike Milinkovich is the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. In the past, he has held key management positions with Oracle, WebGain, The Object People, and Object Technology International Inc. (which subsequently became a wholly-owned subsidiary of IBM), assuming responsibility for development, product management, marketing, strategic planning, finance and business development.


Bill Millett

Bill Millett is a Software Architect working with IBM's Sensor and Actuator Development organization. He specialized in embedded software development, embedded java, team building, and applying solutions to various industries including military, retail, telematics, and many more.


Kevin Mills

Kevin has 17 years of embbeded development experience working on color printers and flat panel display devices. Currently he is working for FS2, a division of MIPS, Inc., developing embedded development tools based on the Eclipse platform. Other interests are photography ( and woodworking.


Matt Mings


Presentations: Exploring the TPTP Build to Manage Tooling


Kim Moir

Kim Moir obtained a Bachelor of Business Adminstration from Acadia University in 1994. Upon entering the real world, she discovered that tweaking operating systems and open source software was much more fun. She was the system administrator for until she joined the Eclipse Platform Release Engineering team in 2003. Kim works for IBM Rational Software in the Ottawa Lab.


Javier Montalvo Orus

Javier is a software engineer at Symbian. He is a committer of the DSDP - Target Management project, leading the areas of FTP and service discovery. Javier holds an MS degree in Telecommunication from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya.


Shigeki Moride

Shigeki is the project lead of the Native Application Builder (NAB) project - a DSDP project focused on making multi-platform, extensible, GUI builder for native binary applications standing on the variety toolkits. He is also a member of the DSDP Project Management Committee (PMC). Shigeki has over 16 years of experience in automotive software/hardware development in Japan, and over 5 years of experience in internet/mobile streaming. He also has experience in activity of internet/software community, and now he works for Fujitsu as open source software strategist. Shigeki holds around a hundred of patents, and he has written several articles and books, most recently book is the "Understanding the Streaming" from Ohm-sha Japan.


Ricardo Morla

After receiving his PhD from Lancaster University UK, Ricardo Morla joined the Mondego group at UC Irvine, where a search engine for open source code search is being developed based on static analysis of open source repositories such as SourceForge. Ricardo is working on a number of problems ranging from the integration of this search engine with Eclipse, to information retrieval in open source projects, and deployment issues in ubiquitous computing systems.


Mohammed Mostafa

Mohammed Mostafa is a software developer for IBM Rational Software in Ottawa, Canada. For the last 6 years, Mohammed has been working on different modeling applications. Mohammed worked on UML compare merge support for IBM Rational XDE, worked on compare merge support for EMF models and UML Modeler in IBM Rational Software Architect and worked on the diagram layer for the GMF Runtime. He is a committer for the GMF project. Before joining Rational, Mohammed participated in the design and implementation of offline and handwritten OCR engines.


Ralph Mueller


Philippe Mulet

Philippe is the lead for the Eclipse Java Tools. Prior to Eclipse, Philippe was responsible for the compiler and codeassist in IBM VA/Java and VA/Micro Edition. Philippe is a member of the expert group on compiler API (JSR199), representing IBM. His main interests are in compilation, performance, scalability and meta-level architectures. Philippe is a member of the Eclipse Platform Project PMC.


Ingo Muschenetz


Presentations: (3671) Simplify your programming life with Eclipse Monkey and Aptana, Monkeying Around: Eclipse Monkey Re-Born

Ingo Muschenetz leads the development of tools and technologies at Aptana. His goal is to bring an IDE to the web developer on par with the kind of programming environment familiar to Java developers. Previously, Ingo was CTO at DefenseWeb Technologies building an modular cross-enterprise information portal for a number of military healthcare organizations.


Benjamin Muskalla


Presentations: Benjamin Muskalla's internals 2.0 track

Benjamin Muskalla is an independent software developer currently living in Mannheim, Germany. He has worked in a number of fields, particulary web applications. In the current year, he'll start his study of information technology in Karlsruhe, partly working for Innoopract.


Kouhei Nadehara

Media and Info. Res. Labs., NEC Corp.

Presentations: Embedded sytems debugging and profiling using CDT and TPTP-based environment

Kouhei Nadehara has been working on multimedia enhancements of 32-bit RISC and digital signal processors, their development tools and multimedia software implementations since he joined NEC in 1992.


Guru Nagarajan

Guru Nagarajan is a member of the Intel Software Products division and a Eclipse TPTP committer. He specializes in Software Patterns, Frameworks and Component Based Software Development. He is the author of numerous papers on Java and XML technologies. Prior to this software development life he was specializing in Object Oriented Technologies and Object Databases.


Yuichi Nakamura

Presentations: Embedded sytems debugging and profiling using CDT and TPTP-based environment


Alexandru Nan


Presentations: Symptoms and their management with Test and Performance Tools Platform, Authoring symptoms using the Test and Performance Tools Platform

Master of Science in Mathematics, University of Bucharest 1992. Software Developer, IBM Toronto Lab. Working on problem determination tools and Autonomic Computing technologies. Comitter in the Test and Performance Tools open source project.


Rosa Naranjo

Rosa Naranjo is an Advisory Software Engineer for IBM Rational in Boca Raton, FL. She is a lead developer in the Rational Requirements Management group and most recently worked on RequisitePro Integration with WebSphere Business Modeler. She has been working on Eclipse plugin development since 2001 on projects such as the IBM Voice Toolkit, Application Server Toolkit for WAS, and SIP Tooling. Her main interests lie in RCP, OSGi and Ajax development.


Angela Nicoara

Angela Nicoara joined the Information and Communication Systems Research Group of Prof. Dr. Gustavo Alonso at ETH Zurich, Switzerland in October 2002. She is currently the leader of the PROSE project. She is involved in the National Centres of Competence in Research, Mobile Information and Communication Systems (NCCR MICS), IP8 (System and Software Architecture) project, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Her research interests cover dynamic Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP), adaptive software architectures, middleware adaptation for various platforms, middleware for mobile and distributed computing. Before joining ETH Zurich, both as a student and after graduation she had contracts and internships with Google Inc. and Webquote (now called EmpactSoftware) in Silicon Valley, as well as the German software company Caatoosee. During these years she worked on different projects as a Java and C/C++ developer.


Ricardo Niederberger Cabral

Development Engineer for Chemtech, a Siemens company. Chemtech provides its clients complete solutions of business optimization for process industries.


Andrew Niefer

Andrew is a developer with IBM Rational Software in the Ottawa lab and is a commiter on both the PDE Build and Equinox projects. Before joining the Eclipse platform team, he worked on the Eclipse CDT project. Andrew holds a BMath degree from the University of Waterloo.


Jeff Norris

Jeff Norris is the supervisor of the Planning Software Systems Group at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His group develops and supports Mars and Lunar mission operations tools based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. Jeff's group is also a key contributor to NASA's Ensemble project, an architecture for mission operations tools based on the RCP. Jeff is also a strong advocate for the use of open source software in mission-critical systems. Jeff was a Tactical Activity Planner on the Spirit and Opportunity mission operations team. He received Bachelor's and Masters degrees in Computer Science from MIT.


Steve Northover

Steve Northover is the principal architect of SWT. He is the SWT team lead for the Eclipse project, and works at IBM OTI Labs in Ottawa. His areas of expertise include performance, operating system programming and native user interface toolkits. He is the lead author of the book "SWT: The Standard Widget Toolkit, Volume 1".


Kelly Norton

Google, Inc.

Presentations: (S3) Google Web Toolkit: Quick relief of AJAX pain

Kelly Norton writes software for Google. He thinks a lot about about a world where it's possible to build advanced UI in web browsers without cause for nervous breakdown. Which is why he devotes most of his attention and code to Google Web Toolkit, a sane way to write JavaScript-based AJAX applications in Java. He has a range of quirky experience from network hardware to graphic design. These days he gets excited working in that gooey area right between humans and the technology they depend upon. Kelly is the proud owner of two degrees both with ornate lettering, the first in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech and the second from the MIT Media Lab.


Dennis O'Flynn

Dennis O'Flynn is the Project Lead for the Corona project. As a Software Architect for Compuware, Dennis has specialized in cross-product integration. He was the project lead on an internal server-side framework that provides messaging and web service infrastructures for several of Compuware’s product lines.


Martin Oberhuber

Martin is the leader of the DSDP - Target Management project. As a software developer and architect, he is responsible for the current Target Manager component in Wind River Workbench. Driven by his strong desire to help people actually use the software he works on, he also contributes ideas for enhancement in many other areas around Eclipse. Martin holds an MS degree in Telematics from the University of Technology Graz/Austria, and has been working on source code analysis and tools development since 1999.


Kazumi Ohgata

NEC Soft, Ltd.

Presentations: Rapid developing a Rich Client/Server Application based RCP (JALCEDO)

Kazumi Ohgata is a Software Engineer in R&D division of NEC Soft, Ltd.. She leads a project of developing OSS Rich Client tools based Eclipse RCP.


Philippe Ombredanne

Philippe is a passionate open source software developer, Eclipse activist and enthusiast plug-in developer. He is the CTO and co-founder of nexB, a software company dedicated to open source and application life-cycle management tools and services. He is a maintainer for EasyEclipse, an open source distribution of useful Eclipse plug-ins, and active contributor to several open source Eclipse projects, including PHPEclipse and the Ajax Toolkit Framework. As a volunteer, he recently led the Google Summer of Code program for Eclipse. He has worked at McDonnell Douglas, Accenture, and BearingPoint in various software development and consulting positions and on assignments at Apple, BEA, Checkpoint, Cisco, HP, Mercury, Microsoft, NetApp and SAP.


David Orme

A full-time Eclipse consultant, trainer, and mentor, David Orme is is the founder and one of the leaders of the Eclipse Data Binding effort. In addition, David created and supports various custom SWT controls including the CompositeTable control in Eclipse's Nebula project. David also started and led the Visual Editor Project between 2003-2006. His current client is using the Eclipse Data Binding framework, CompositeTable, and other Nebula controls in a large-scale mission critical enterprise Eclipse RCP application.


Kevin P. Taylor

Kevin P. Taylor is President of Obtiva Corp., a firm that specializes in helping development teams transition to agile methodologies. Kevin has 8 years of experience in IT and currently participates in projects as a technical lead and XP coach. For the past two years Kevin has been a technical lead on an enterprise Eclipse RCP project with over 2 million lines of RCP code. During this project, Kevin and his teammates have discovered patterns, paradigms, and best practices around writing and managing Eclipse RCP applications that must interface with larger J2EE systems. Kevin gave the presentation "Presenting Tabular Data" at EclipseWorld 2006. He also presented a tutorial at Agile 2006 and speaks frequently at conferences and user groups. In his spare time, Kevin is the Director of the Chicago Java Users Group-West and the editor of



Didier Parigot is a senior research scientist at INRIA (the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control). He brings more than 20 years of research works in Generative Software Engineering and Generative Programming. Since 2000, Didier is the SmartTools team leader at INRIA Sophia Antipolis. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Paris XI University and an H.D.R (equivalence with the Professor status) from Nice University.


Benjamin Pasero

Benjamin Pasero is the developer of the opensource newsreader RSSOwl. He is well experienced in the Eclipse Rich Client Platform with a focus on SWT and JFace and has written a number of articles on this topic, as well as giving workshops at conferences. Benjamin can be reached via e-mail to bpasero {_at_}


Rodrigo Pastrana


Presentations: (3611) The Two Faces of MTJ

Rodrigo Pastrana is a software engineer for IBM Lotus in Boca Raton, Florida. His current responsibilities include IBM lotus Expeditor development and the Eclipse Mobile Tools for the Java Platform (MTJ) project development. Rodrigo has worked on several technologies including Text-to-Speech, IBM Embedded ViaVoice, and WebSphere Everyplace Access. Rodrigo holds a M.S. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida.


Marcelo Paternostro

Marcelo is a software engineer for IBM Rational Software at the Toronto Lab. He has worked with Eclipse technologies since joining the company in 2000. In the last 3 years, he has been a committer on the EMF project, being responsible for numerous changes and new features. Prior to that, he was a committer for the Hyades project which is now known as TPTP. Over the last 6 years, he has presented workshops and tutorials in conferences such as OOPSLA and EclipseCon. Before joining IBM, Marcelo worked for a Rational partner, managing several projects using Rational's tools and processes. As a certified instructor, he taught various courses on object oriented analysis and design; requirement management; and functional testing.


Patrick Paulin

Patrick Paulin is a software developer and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of programming experience, including 8 years of experience with Java and 3 years with the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. Patrick presented on the topic "Plugin Architecture for RCP Applications" at EclipseCon 2006.

Patrick spends much of his time offering the RCP Quickstart service, which helps get new RCP project teams quickly up to speed. He is also the founder and principal of Market Contours, a software company producing tools for traders in financial markets.

Patrick holds a BA from the University of Chicago in Medieval European History, which comes in handy almost every day. He currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife and two daughters.


Renaud Pawlak

Renaud Pawlak is an assistant Professor in Software Engineering and Computer Science at RPI. His main topic of research is Software Quality and Static Analysis of Object-Oriented Programs. In 2002 he got a Computer Science PhD from the CNAM, Paris, France. Besides working at RPI, he is also an INRIA Researcher in the Jacquard project.


Mike Pawlowski

Mike Pawlowski is a software developer at the IBM Toronto Labs and is currently a committer on the PDE component. Prior to joining the Eclipse project, he worked on XML parsing technologies implementing tools for both proprietary and open-source parsers. Mike holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.


Brian Payton


Presentations: Do you speak my dialect? Editing, parsing, and building SQL with the DTP SQL Development Tools

Brian Payton, a software developer in IBM Information Management Software, has been developing database tools, particularly query builders, throughout his 20-plus years at IBM. He co-leads the SQL Development Tools project within the Eclipse Data Tools Platform project. Mr. Payton has a B.S. in Computer Science from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, and works at IBM’s Silicon Valley Laboratory.


Jeremy Peel

Presentations: Eclipse DTP as a Platform for Rapid Innovation


Kimberley Peter

Kimberley Peter is a visual designer with the IBM Toronto Media Design Studio. She works on user interface design for Eclipse and IBM Rational Software products, with a focus on Jazz UI since 2005. Kimberley is also a co-author of the Eclipse User Interface Guidelines.


Stormy Peters


Presentations: Making the World's Best and Brightest Developers Happy to Help You

Stormy Peters joined OpenLogic from Hewlett-Packard (HP) where she founded and managed the Open Source Program Office. As an early adopter of open source. Stormy was responsible for HP's open source strategy, policy and business practices. She was also a founding member of HP's Linux Division. Stormy is a frequent keynote speaker on business aspects of Open Source Software at major conferences such as the Open Source Business Conference and the OReilly conferences. She has addressed the United Nations, European Union and various U.S. state governments on open source software. Stormy is a co-founder of the non-profit GNOME Foundation, which is based on open source principles to encourage the development of a computing platform, comprised of free software, for use by the general public. Stormy joined HP ten years ago as a software engineer in the Unix Development Lab after graduating from Rice University with a B.A. in Computer Science.


Michelle Petersen


Presentations: (3671) Simplify your programming life with Eclipse Monkey and Aptana

Michelle Petersen is a Senior Technical Writer at Aptana. She develops documentation and training materials to help create a positive user experience for the Aptana community. Before immersing herself in bleeding-edge web technology at Aptana, Michelle created documentation and led training courses at Cardinal Health, eBay, and Incyte Genomics.


Josef Pichler

Josef Pichler works at the SCCH in the Software Engineering Tools Group. He studied Software Engineering and finished his PhD at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. He leads the APOXI IDE development and developed the original version of Man Machine Interface Builder for the APOXI framework.


Steffen Pingel

Steffen is an open-source programmer with Lime Wire LLC. He recently graduated from the University of Stuttgart. He spends his free time riding bikes and working on Mylar. He became addicted to the project as a result of Google's Summer of Code in 2006 and is now a Mylar committer maintaining the connector for Trac.


Andrey Platov

Andrey Platov is a Project Lead for the Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) project.


Joe Ponczak

Codign Software

Presentations: The differences and benefits of Path, Branch and Code Coverage

As a Co-Founder of Codign Software, I have over 15 years' software development, QA and sales experience. Prior to starting Codign Software, I spent 9 years at McCabe & Associates, an industry leader in Application Lifecycle Management products. I have extensive experience with software metrics, testing methodologies and large scale implementations.


Valentina Popescu

Valentina Popescu is a senior development manager at the IBM Toronto Lab, where she is leading a team contributing to the TPTP project. She has been involved in a number of projects,such as IBM Component Broker, WebSphere Application Developer, the TPTP project, and Autonomic Computing. Valentina serves as the Chairperson of the TPTP Architecture Group.


Mark Powell

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Presentations: NASA Ensemble BoF

Mark Powell is a computer scientist in the Robotics Software Systems Group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA since 2001. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering in 2000 from the University of South Florida, Tampa. His dissertation work was in the area of advanced illumination modeling, color and range image processing applied to robotics and medical imaging and received the award for Outstanding Dissertation from the University of South Florida. At JPL his area of focus is science data visualization and science planning for telerobotics. He supported the 2004 Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission operations as a Science Downlink Coordinator, facilitating the timely downlink and analysis of science data from the rovers. He received the NASA Software of the Year Award for his work on the Science Activity Planner science visualization and activity planning software used for MER operations. He also received the Imager of the Year award from Advanced Imaging Magazine for his work on Maestro, the publicly available version of the Science Activity Planner for MER. Mark has been programming in Java and loving every minute of it since it was first used in web browsers in 1995. He, his wife Nina, and daughters Gwendolyn and Jacquelyn live in Tujunga, CA.


Vitaly Provodin

Vitaly Provodin is a senior software engineer in Enterprise Solutions Software Division of Intel Corporation. Vitaly joined Intel in 2004. He took part in development of JPDA support in the Apache Harmony J2SE implementation. Now he is working on a support for debugging Java applications containing native code and responsible for the integration of this support into Eclipse IDE. Vitaly holds a Master degree in Applied Math from Novosibirsk State University.


Phil Quitslund

Phil Quitslund, window tester architect at Instantiations, is an expert in GUI testing and automation. He has been active in the Eclipse research community since 2002 and has developed numerous tools for supporting advanced programming language features and extensions such as aspect-oriented programming.


Kaloyan Raev

Kaloyan Raev is a software engineer at SAP. He works in the SAP NetWeaver Platform department. After several years working on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server, he now takes new challenges in synchronizing the Java EE toolset development of the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio with the Eclipse WTP project.


Ashvin Raidya

AvantSoft, Inc./Eclipse University

Presentations: Professional Services (training and consulting) opportunities in Eclipse market

Dr. Radiya has over 25 years of industry and academic experience. For last 10 years, he has been an entrepreneur who started AvantSoft, Inc.. He has led the development and delivery of AvantSoft's training and consulting services on emerging Eclipse and Java-related technologies. He has played an outstanding role at AvantSoft, Inc in evolving the training program to include the highest quality courses in state-of-the-art technologies. He has guided the development of many software products including EZPrintTool, a rich client application. He worked at IBM on CORBA Object Services. In his academic life, he has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in Computer Science department. Dr. Radiya has taught with excellent ratings on a variety of topics including Eclipse Plugins, GEF, RCP, Java, J2EE, XML, Web services, Swing, Java Security, Mobile applications, EJB, Websphere, WSAD, and RAD to over 5000 students in the industry. Dr. Radiya went to IIT, Mumbai and Syracuse University for his studies.


Ravikumar Ramanathan

Ravi Kumar is Principal Architect for JBuilder. JBuilder, a Borland CodeGear product is an enterprise class Java IDE completely built on top of Eclipse. JBuilder 2007 introduced a bold and innovative feature around integrated developer ecosystem tooling called ProjectAssist and TeamInsight and Ravi is the driving force behind than vision In addition, Ravi was instrumental for most of the Web Services features in several versions of JBuilder and has extensive experience with databases, connectivity and RAD components


Pascal Rapicault

Pascal is a developer with IBM Rational Software at the IBM Ottawa labs (formerly Object Technology International) since 2002, and has been developing PDE Build since then. He has also played a key role in the development of the OSGi based runtime from the first prototypes developed in the Equinox project to its integration in Eclipse. Pascal holds a Master degree from the ESSI (France) and a PhD from the University of Nice (France).


Craig Rasmussen

Presentations: Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) BoF


Chris Recoskie

Chris is the Team Lead for IBM's CDT team, and a committer on CDT.


Jord Rengerve

Jord Rengerve is a software developper at ILOG JRules. He has been designing UI for 8 years as a consultant and for software vendors. At ILOG he is in charge of testing the UI of JRules Rule Studio; a Business Rule Tool based on Eclipse, using the full power of eclipse for editing, building and debugging rule lanugages. Formerly biologist in neurophysiology where he developped image contour filters and neuron networks.


Michael Rennie

IBM Canada, Rational Team

Presentations: (3701) A Tour of the Eclipse Debug Framework [Part 1 & 2]

Michael Rennie is an Debug platform committer working with the IBM Rational team. Before that he was a graduate student at the University of Manitoba, researching SOA and architecture description languages.


Dave Resch

Dave Resch is a senior software engineer with the Sybase Technical Publications Solutions team. He is currently developing Eclipse-based tools for system administration and build management for a DITA-based documentation system. Before that, he was responsible for designing and developing Welcome content and implementing the original "intro framework" for the Eclipse-based IDE product, Sybase WorkSpace. Dave also worked with the doc team to migrate help content from Eclipse 3.0 to 3.1 (and now 3.2), and to migrate the Sybase WorkSpace product intro to the universal intro framework.


Brad Reynolds

Cerner Corporation

Presentations: Eclipse Data Binding BoF

Brad is a committer on the JFace Data Binding project.


Jeffrey Ricker

PrismTech Ltd

Presentations: Service Oriented Device Architecture (SODA)

Jeffrey Ricker is a technology development executive with 15 years experience in the defense and private sector. He was the co-founder of Distributed Instruments and a leading developer of Service Oriented Device Architecture (SODA), an OSGi-based technology for integrating sensors into SOA. He served on the board of Eclipse in 2002. He was the founder of XMLSolutions Corp, the first company dedicated to XML technology. Jeffrey received his BS in mechanical engineering from Tulane University.


Mark Rogalski

Mark Rogalski has been with IBM for 19 years, the last eight in the area of device middleware design and development. Currently, he leads development of Lotus Expeditor for Devices and is a member of the Eclipe DSDP PMC.


Angel Roman

Angel Roman is a software consultant for MDE Systems and focuses on Model Driven Development solutions and is an expert on the Eclipse Development environment and its application frameworks. Mr. Roman has extensive experience fielding real-world MDD and Generative Systems using various forms of domain specific languages.


Eduardo Romero

Eduardo is a Software Engineer working for Bauer Alonso Consulting, who enjoys reading about the world of libre software. His favorite Linux distribution is Gentoo Linux and his favorite programming enviroment includes PHP & Eclipse. He blogs about Linux, Web Development, System Administration and some bits of networking and the Internet. Eduardo is part of the Eclipsezilla team and helped in the development of the EclipseCon website.


Scott Rosenbaum

Scott Rosenbaum is a managing partner for Innovent Solutions, a consulting firm focused on the design, development and distribution business intelligence solutions. He has been an active user of Eclipse technology since 2002, and joined the BIRT Project Management Committee in November of 2004. Mr. Rosenbaum holds a Bachelor of Science degree from General Motors Institute. He has spent the last 20 years working on business intelligence solutions for the insurance, banking, healthcare, retail sales and automotive industries.


Bill Roth


Thibaut Rouffineau


Presentations: Eclipse Pluginfest 2007 - Lessons Learned

Thibaut Rouffineau, Director of Developer Engagements and Experience at Symbian. Rouffineau leads Symbian's engagements with the Symbian developer community. Rouffineau is responsible for Symbian tool vendor program and the strategic relationship with the Eclipse community . Rouffineau joined Symbian in 2005 and before that worked for 5 years as a product and partner manager in the Telecom and Telecom software industry.


Dan Rubel

Dan Rubel is an entrepreneur and an expert in the design and application of object-oriented technologies with more than 15 years of commercial software development experience, including nine years of experience with Java and five years with Eclipse. He is the primary architect and product manager for several successful commercial products including JFactor, jKit/GO, and jKit/Grid, and has played key design and leadership roles in other commercial products such as WindowBuilder Pro, VA Assist, and CodePro Studio. He has co-founded a successful company, co-authored a popular Eclipse plug-in book and is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences.


Mary Ruddy

Mary is Co-founder of and Co-initiator of the Eclipse Foundation's Higgins Project Mary's day job is VP Marketing and Business Development for Parity Communications ( Previously Mary was VP Strategic Marketing at Parametric Technology Corporation (NASDAQ:PMTC) where she was responsible for developing a new product that integrated Product Lifecycle Management and Customer Relationship Management features. Prior to that she was VP Advanced Products at Pegasystems (NASDAQ:PEGA) where she was an early employee. Mary has spent her career evolving infrastructure software and creating applications on top of it (rule-based, role-based, networked systems that cross organizations and have a customer facing element.) Mary has a degree in Mathematics from Smith College and a MSM from the MIT Sloan School of Management.


adrian rutle

Ph.D-student at Bergen University College in Bergen, Norway, working with Diagrammatic Software Specifications. Currently working on an extention to EMF that supports models specified in Generalized Sketches' format.


Max Rydahl Andersen

Max Rydahl Andersen have been employed at JBoss, since September 2004 working as developer and consultant. He is a long time member of the Hibernate Team, developing on the core and the toolset. Today currently leading the development for Hibernate Tools ( and committer on the Dali project. Before joining JBoss, Max worked as a project lead and developer for a company working with large scale healthcare solutions.


Jan S. Rellermeyer

Jan S. Rellermeyer joined the Information and Communication Systems Research Group of Prof. Gustavo Alonso at ETH Zurich in May 2006 after he received his MSc in Distributed Systems from ETH. He already worked in a couple of OSGi-related research and open-source projects before, e.g., the Jadabs project and the Maven (1.x) OSGi Plugin. His research focus is on OSGi in distributed systems and fluid computing. Often, he works with mobile or embedded devices and in highly dynamic network environments. On of the challenges he tackles in his research projects is the federation of ubiquitous devices and the development of middleware for creating mobile and collaborative applications.


Craig Salter

Craig Salter is a software development manager for IBM Rational Software in Toronto Canada. He works on XML development tools in open source, as a committer and component lead on the Eclipse WTP Project. He also helps to create commercially available IBM Rational software development products. Craig received a BSc in Computer Science from McMaster University.


Tony Salvo

S1 Corporation

Presentations: Modeling for a Dynamic Financial Services Business Environment

Tony Salvo is a 25-year professional of the computer industry. He is currently Director of Architecture at S1 Corporation for the Insurance and Financial Services division. He has focused on model-driven architecture, adaptive systems, and data-driven user interface for which he has a patent pending.


David Savage

Presentations: Autonomic Infrastructure with OSGi

David is a Principal Developer with Paremus working on the Infiniflow product family and the open source distributed OSGi/SCA Newton Project (hosted at He has worked extensively as a designer and developer of software in the telecoms and finance industries focussing mainly on large scale networked infrastructure. David graduated from Cardiff University with a 1st Class Honours in Physics, subsequently he went on to become a finalist in the UK's SET awards for his final year thesis on quantum scale electrical conductivity phenomena.


Bastiaan Schönhage

Dr. Bastiaan Schönhage is currently working as Product Manager for OptimalJ in Compuware's Product Management & Strategy department. Prior to that Bastiaan was the lead developer for several projects at the Amsterdam Development Lab including the OptimalJ built on Eclipse project. Before joining Compuware he worked at Object Technology International (fully-owned subsidiary of IBM) where he worked on a European Research (IST) project for component-based development in the embedded market (PECOS). Dr. Schönhage is the recipient of both an MSc and a PhD from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.


Brian Schaefer


Presentations: Understanding the SOA Conceptual Metaphor

Software developer specializing in Java Enterprise architecture. Designer of e-commerce business-to-business and server middleware components. Research interest in Chomskian generative grammar, comparing semantics expressed through phrase structure as compared to theme and rheme concepts of Systemic Functional Grammar. Developing methods to analyze and format sets of sentences in written text to increase understanding of human thought in language processing. Software developer specializing in Java Enterprise architecture. Designer of e-commerce business-to-business and server middleware components. Research interest in Chomskian generative grammar, comparing semantics expressed through phrase structure as compared to theme and rheme concepts of Systemic Functional Grammar. Developing methods to analyze and format sets of sentences in written text to increase understanding of human thought in language processing. International Business Machines Burlingame, CA 2002-Present SOFTWARE ENGINEER •Websphere Business Integration: support, troubleshoot, and solve technical problems in large corporate installations of integration systems. •Specialist in JDBC, JCA, DB2, Oracle. •Patent issued for invention of Dynamic Predicate Databases. •Authored and presented paper on “Phrase Relation Documents” at Innovation Conference in New York, April 2006. Incyte Genomics Palo Alto, CA 2000-2001 SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER •Developed Enterprise Java Beans and server components for the Genomics Knowledge Platform. •Automated server-side regression and unit testing framework. •Created an assertion and design-by-contract framework for distributed testing of server components. •Tools: JBuilder, JProbe, UML, RationalRose, TogetherSoft. •This project was sold to Secant Technologies in July 2001. Seattle, WA 1999-2000 SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER •Developed distributed Java enterprise components for high volume e-commerce site. •Wrote Controller and Business Rules Engine that managed the user interface to server middleware. •Used RMI, MVC, object pooling, web portal personalization. •Completed Weblogic Enterprise certification. Health Research Consultants Seattle, WA 1992-1999 SOFTWARE DEVELOPER •Developed web access to databases on recent advances in medicine and nutrition. •Created e-commerce website of high quality supplements, nutritional, and fitness consulting. •Conducted research on biotechnology and cell biochemistry computer models. •Created an object-oriented HTML generator and dynamic servlets, Java applets, and JavaScript. Run Computer Run Kilauea, HI 1982-1987 SOFTWARE DEVELOPER •Provided computer consulting and training for businesses. •Programmed accounting, inventory, and receivables system in C and Dbase. •New owners continuted to created the largest Oracle installation firm in Hawaii. Prior to 1982 MEMBER Chicago Board of Trade Mathematics of options valuation. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Northwestern University Probability, decision theory, computer science. Ph.D. Univ. of Southern Calif, Los Angeles, CA, Elect Eng M.Sc. Caltech, Pasadena, CA Information Science B.Sc. University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada Elect Eng


Doug Schaefer

I am the project lead for the Eclipse CDT project where I have been a committer now since it's beginnings in July 2002, first as an employee of Rational which was later purchased by IBM. I am now a member of QNX's tools team where I am a senior developer. My main interests are in programming languages, including modeling languages, and parsing and translation.


Michael Scharf

Michael is one of the architects of the Wind River Workbench, an Eclipse based IDE for embedded development supporting multiple programming languages and target connections. Before working on the Wind River Workbench, Michael was responsible for the architecture of the SNiFF+ IDE for 10 years. Earlier in his career, he worked for 9 years in the area of computational molecular biology using object oriented technology for analysis and visualization of complex data.


Markus Schorn

Wind River Systems, Inc.

Presentations: What's New in CDT 4.0

I am a committer on the CDT project. In 2005 I contributed the rename refactoring, since summer 2006 I am working full time on the tools and the indexer.


Judy Schramm

OC Systems, Inc.

Presentations: Introducing COSMOS: A Systems Management Framework

Judy Schramm is the marketing director of OC Systems, Inc. She has more than 15 years of experience marketing enterprise software for a variety of software companies, including independent software vendors and resellers, and horizontal as well as vertical solutions. Judy has been involved with Eclipse for almost two years, primarily working with the Test and Performance Tools Project (TPTP). As an expert in software marketing, she has been interviewed by industry publications such as Software Success and MarketingSherpa. Judy also serves as a moderator of the Marketing and Public Relations forum on She holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from Georgetown University.


Werner Schuster (murphee)


Presentations: Prototyping, Automating, Exploring - Interactively Scripting Eclipse, Wolfram Workbench Demo

Werner Schuster (murphee) is a programmer with a focus on Java, Eclipse, and dynamic languages such as (J)Ruby and Mathematica. Among other things, he's developed Eclipse plugins since 2003, both commercially and in the OpenSource space. His blog is @


David Sciamma

I am manager of the Eclipse Development Team at Anyware Technologies. We are deeply involved in open source communities (Eclipse Foundation, Apache Foundation). I am currently architect and project manager for the Topcased project ( I also spend my time giving Eclipse trainings and consultings on Eclipse, PDE, GEF, EMF, RCP, eRCP... and other cool Eclipse stuffs.


Kyle Shank

RIT Software Engineering

Presentations: RadRails 1.0

Kyle is a 4th year Software Engineering major at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Hari Shankar


Presentations: (3677) Using the Web Tools Platform in Headless Mode, Best Practices for Effective Job Support in WTP

Hari Shankar is a Software Engineer with IBM Rational, involved in creating J2EE tools for IBM. He is also a contributor to the Web Tools Platform. Prior to joining Rational, he was part of IBM's Websphere Application Server development team, where he contributed to development of Performance Monitoring tools for the WebSphere Application Server. Hari has a Masters' degree in Computer Engineering specializing in Network Security from the University of Texas at Austin.


Alexander Shatalin


Presentations: GMF Best Practices

Alexander is Principal Engineer at Borland Software Corporation and currently works on the Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) project.


Sheila Sholars

Sheila Sholars is an Software Engineer with IBM Information Management and holds a B.S. from UCLA in Computer Science and Engineering. She has worked on data related software development for over 18 years and holds several patents. Sheila currently serves on the DTP Project Management Committee.


Rohit Singh

Rohit Singh is Staff Software Engineer with IBM Websphere at the IBM India Software Labs.In his current job role he supports WebSphere Partner Gateway Product of IBM.He had worked on OSGi related project in the start of his career in IBM and has one of his work on OSGi published in IBM Alphaworks Forum.


Todd Singleton

Work as an architect on the Eclipse Aperi project. Have worked for IBM storage for 5 years, specializing in middleware and OSGi technologies. Prior to joining IBM, Todd worked in various startup companies throughout the San Francisco bay area.


Vineet Sinha


Presentations: Understanding Code with Relo

Vineet Sinha has been working for the last six years in helping users understand and work with large structured information spaces. He is currently a PhD candidate at the MIT CS+AI Lab, and the lead developer of the Relo project. Before joining MIT, Vineet has worked as a software engineer for over 2 years, including working with large software projects such as Microsoft Office.


Ian Skerrett

Eclipse Foundation

Presentations: Eclipse Plugin Central, Committer and Project Boot Camp, Tools for Enterprise Developers, Tools for Embedded Developers, Eclipse and AJAX, Marketing Eclipse Plugins on EPIC


Paul Slauenwhite

Paul Slauenwhite is a Software Developer for IBM Rational Software. He is also the Project Lead for the Testing Tools sub-project under the Eclipse Test and Performance Tool Platform (TPTP) open-source project (formally Hyades). After receiving a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Dalhousie University, Paul joined IBM in 2000 and worked on the WebSphere Object Level Trace (OLT) project. In 2001, he joined the IBM WebSphere Studio Team and developed logging and tracing technologies. Paul moved to the Eclipse Hyades project at its inception in 2002, focusing on log and trace data, collection, and correlation. In 2005, he joined the TPTP Testing Tools sub-project and assumed ownership of the Manual Test tooling. Paul is currently working on a M.Math in Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo.


Patrick Smith

Agitar Software

Presentations: Making Unit Testing Part of Your Development Process: How to Get Your Team to Do It

Patrick Smith is the Product Manager for Agitar Software's reporting and project metric features. He has been a process improvement coach and solutions consultant for 6 years at Agitar and IBM Rational, a developer before that working on hosted anlaytics, shrinked wrapped accounting software, and signal processing and data analysis defense applications. Prior to being a developer, Patrick conducted research on control system theory and developed control systems for several aerospace programs for Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Patrick's experience with commercial and defense applications, process and agile techniques, provides him with a pragmatic approach to software project management and process implementation that has led to successful adoptions by many teams.


Eishay Smith

Eishay Smith is a Senior Software Engineer At Almaden Research Center. Leading the IBM Contributions to the Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) Project, and personally in charge of the OHF Bridge. Last few years I worked on solutions in the Healthcare industry, but basically I'm a technology geek did stuff all over from mobile, desktop, to server side applications and architecture. My favorite is server side technology in distributed environment.


Eishay Smith

Eishay Smith is a Senior Software Engineer At Almaden Research Center. Leading the IBM Contributions to the Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) Project, and personally in charge of the OHF Bridge. Last few years I worked on solutions in the Healthcare industry, but basically I'm a technology geek did stuff all over from mobile, desktop, to server side applications and architecture. My favorite is server side technology in distributed environment.


Donald Smith


Presentations: Intellectual Property Issues and the Mixing/Blending of Commercial and Open Source Software, Annual Eclipse Membership Meeting, Eclipse New Member Introduction/Jumpstart


Dave Smith


Presentations: Parsing Log Files with Generic Log Adapter

Dave Smith is a software developer at the IBM Toronto Lab working in IBM Tivoli's Autonomic Computing group. He has been a committer for the Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) and former Hyades Eclipse projects since their inception. He is currently responsible for development of the Generic Log Adapter technology of TPTP and serves as the Project Lead for the TPTP Monitoring Tools Project. In the past, he also contributed to the Profiling Agent and Agent Controller components of the TPTP Platform project.


Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith is co-lead of the Eclipse Dali Java Persistence API (JPA) Tools Project and a product manager for Oracle TopLink, Oracle's JPA implementation and the basis of the open source 'TopLink Essentials' JPA Reference Implementation. He has been building systems using object-relational mapping technologies for almost a decade in both Java and Smalltalk in the banking, telecommunications, and energy industries. Shaun's a frequent conference presenter and has recently spoken at Eclipse Summit Europe, EclipseWorld, The Server Side Symposium, JavaPolis, and JavaOne.


Donald Smith

Presentations: Committer and Project Boot Camp


Wyatt Spear

University of Oregon

Presentations: Performance Analysis of Parallel C/C++ and Fortran Applications in Eclipse, Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) BoF

Wyatt Spear has been employed at the University of Oregon's Performance Research Lab since 2004. His work there has focused on tools and utilities for the TAU performance analysis system. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer and Information Science from the University of Oregon.


Shawn Spiars

Shawn Spiars has been developing software professionally for over 20 years, including 7 years with Java, and 3 and a half years with Eclipse. Shawn is a Senior Software Engineer at Pervasive Software specializing in RCP development. He has contributed to the design and development of numerous commercial products with companies including BMC Software, Evoke Software, and Rocket Software. Shawn also enjoys playing the 5-String banjo.


Raghu Srinivasan

Oracle Corporation

Presentations: (3654) Building applications with WTP - JavaServer Faces (JSF), Extending the JavaServer Faces Tools project, Raghu's wish List

Raghu Srinivasan is a senior software development manager in the JDeveloper Group at Oracle where he is responsible for Eclipse projects. He leads the Eclipse JavaServer Faces (JSF) Tools Project and is also a member of the Web Tools Platform (WTP) PMC. Prior to joining Oracle, Raghu was a development manager at PeopleSoft where he led a team to build the next-generation IDE based on the Eclipse Platform.


Greg Stachnick Jr

BEA Systems

Presentations: (S2) Developing JSF on Eclipse and BEA Workshop Studio, (S1) Developing JPA (Java Persistence API) based applications on Eclipse and BEA Workshop Studio

Greg Stachnick joined BEA in 2005 and is a product manager for BEA Workshop Studio. In his current role, Greg focuses on blended application development using commercial and open source Java frameworks and runtimes. Greg has been working in the Java development tools space since 2000.


Corey Steffen


Presentations: Accessing Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server from Eclipse

Corey is a partner in SourceGear LLC, an ISV specializing in software development lifecycle tools. He is the General Manager of the Teamprise division, focused on extending the capabilities of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System. Corey is the creator of SourceOffSite, the remote access solution for users of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. He has over 13 years of experience in the software development industry as a developer, architect, and project manager, and holds a degree in Math and Computer Science from the University of Illinois.


Dave Steinberg


Presentations: (3619) Effective use of the Eclipse Modeling Framework

Dave Steinberg is a software developer at the IBM Toronto Lab. He has worked with Eclipse and modeling technologies since joining the company in 2001, and has been a committer on the EMF project since its debut at in 2002. He has designed and implemented numerous pieces of the framework, with a particular focus on the code generation tools and EMF.Edit, and is a co-author of the authoritative EMF book, "Eclipse Modeling Framework, A Developer's Guide" (Addison-Wesley 2003).


Mia Stern


Presentations: A Declarative Infrastructure for Creating Eclipse GUIs

Mia Stern received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 2001. She joined IBM Research as a post doc, where she worked on collaboration technologies. Mia transferred to IBM Rational Software 3 years ago to work on a new software configuration product built using Eclipse technologies.


Margaret-Anne Storey

Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey is an associate professor of computer science at the University of Victoria, a Visiting Scientist at the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies in Toronto and a Canada Research Chair in Human Computer Interaction for Software Engineering. She is one of the principal investigators for CSER (Centre for Software Engineering Research in Canada) and an investigator for the National Center for Biomedical Ontology, US. Her research goal is to understand how technology can help people explore, understand and share complex information and knowledge. She applies and evaluates techniques from knowledge engineering, social software and visual interface design to applications such as collaborative software development, program comprehension, medical ontology development, and learning in web-based environments.


Balan Subramanian

Balan leads a team of developers in the Tivoli Autonomic Computing group at IBM, delivering a runtime and tooling for Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM), an open standard ratified by the OASIS foundation for uniform systems management. His team delivers the open source Apache Muse WSDM runtime and the tooling for Web Services Distributed Management in the Eclipse TPTP project to which he is a committer. Balan earned a Master's degree in Computer Science from George Mason University and has been with IBM at Research Triangle Park, NC since 2002. He is interested in web services, grid computing, autonomic computing, social networking and robotics. He has published several articles and filed multiple patent applications particularly in the areas of problem determination, autonomic computing and web services.


Amber Swope

Amber Swope is a Principal Consultant in our Content Lifecycle Solutions practice for XMetaL, where she applies her information architecture and DITA experience to help JustSystems clients address their business challenges. Amber is an experienced information architect with almost 20 years in the information development field. She has supported teams through the full information development lifecycle from identifying use cases to deliverable publication. Her experience includes architecting and developing information for companies of various sizes, from a 17-person startup to led teams that produced and published Eclipse Help systems, first sourced in HTML, then sourced in XML (DITA). Amber is a member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee and participating on the Learning and Training Specialization subcommittee.


Martin Taal

Martin Taal is an independent software consultant mainly working on data-centric business web applications. He has over 10 years experience in the IT-industry in different roles varying from functional architect to development manager, team lead and software developer. The last 6 years Martin has primarily worked on business web applications on topics such as e-procurement, product data management, content management and supplier management.


Andrey Tarantsov

Andrey Tarantsov is a developer and project manager for xored software, Inc. He specializes in Eclipse-based technologies.


Anatole Tartakovsky

Anatole Tartakovsky is a Managing Principal of Farata Systems. He’s responsible for creation of frameworks and reusable components. Anatole authored number of books and articles on RIA, Flex, AJAX, XML, Internet and client-server technologies. He holds an MS in mathematics. You can reach him at


Mike Taylor

Presentations: Professional Services (training and consulting) opportunities in Eclipse market


Herbert Thompson

Dr. Thompson is a world-renown expert in application security. He has co-authored or edited 12 books including, How to Break Software Security: Effective Techniques for Security Testing (with Dr. James Whittaker), and most recently, The Software Vulnerability Guide. As the chair of the Application Security Industry Consortium, Inc. (AppSIC), he leads an association of industry technologists and leaders to help establish and define cross-industry application security guidance and metrics.

Dr. Thompson continually lends his perspective & expertise on the trends driving security testing including vulnerability detection and management, secure software development, security ROI and threat modeling. He is the principal investigator on several US Government research grants and has authored more than 60 academic and industrial publications on software security. Dr. Thompson earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Florida Institute of Technology, where he remains an adjunct professor.


Beth Tibbitts

Beth R. Tibbitts is a 28+ year veteran of software development in IBM, including APL and LISP, both underdog languages and environments, and eventually C++ and Java. Beth worked on Expert Systems tools in her early days at IBM Research. She then worked in debugger development. Beth wrote Java book reviews and articles for the IBM developerworks site in its earlier days. She developed software in Java for IBM "Reinventing Education" grants, for training/evaluation of ADHD children, and for making web sites more accessible to persons with disabilities. She became a fan of Eclipse a few years ago and has written tools for programmers and users including tools for porting C and C++ programs to Linux, and now in the area of High Performance and High Productivity Tools. Beth is a committer on the Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) Eclipse project.


Artem Tikhomirov

Artem is Principal Engineer at Borland Software Corporation and currently works on the Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) project. He has been development lead of Borland’s Together® Edition for Eclipse product, and currently leads development on the generative tooling side of GMF


Kai Toedter

Kai Tödter works in the software architecture department of Siemens Corporate Technology. He has 10 years of professional Java experience. His current interest is software architecture for smart clients, with special focus on Eclipse RCP. Kai was delegated by Siemens as "Technical Liaison Manager for Java" to the USA and he has represented Siemens in the Executive Committee for Java ME of the Java Community Process.


Joe Toomey

Joe Toomey is a senior software engineer for IBM Rational Software at the lab in Raleigh, NC. He has been a committer for the Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) Project since its inception in 2002 (as the Hyades subproject of the Tools PMC), leading the Test Model subgroup, and acting as committer for the Test Model team and the Execution Environment Control group. Mr. Toomey also participates in several IBM Architecture groups. Mr. Toomey received a B.S. in math and computer science from Carnegie Mellon University in 1993, and joined Rational Software in 1997. Prior to his work on TPTP, he was a developer on several Rational products, including Rational Robot, Rational Quality Architect and Rational XDE Component Test.


Antoine Toulmé

Antoine Toulmé is a software engineer working for Intalio Inc. He works on the STP BPMN modeler to provide it more extensibility. He also has an interest into the EMF Compare component.


Bruce Trask

Bruce Trask has been working on complex Distributed Real-Time Embedded systems for over 20 years specializing in Software Product Line (SPL) and Model Driven Development (MDD) as applied to these systems in the last 5 years. He is CEO of MDE Systems.


Paul Trevithick

Presentations: I-Cards: How everyone will soon sign-in to everything, Higgins BoF

In the last few years my work has focused on creating open source infrastructure for the "social web." A user-centered networking layer that gives people more control over their digital identities across a wide variety of computer-mediated contexts (e.g. email, IM, e-commerce, shared spaces, and enterprise directories). I'm currently CEO of Parity Communications (, co-founder of, technical project lead of the Higgins project (, co-founder of and founder of I've been involved in the process of inventing software, consulting, building companies, and launching new products for the past 20+ years in partnership with Apple, Verizon, IBM, Xerox, Agfa, Fidelity, the DoD, the Berkman Center and others. Previously I was president of Bitstream (NASDAQ:BITS) and CEO and co-founder of Archetype, Inc. and Lightspeed Computers before that. I've been honored to participate in a number of standards efforts over the years, was granted the Seybold Industry Vision award in '99, did research at the Media Lab in the early 80's, and graduated from MIT.


Mayumi Ueda

Information Technology Center, Nagoya University

Presentations: uClassroom: Expanding Awareness in Classroom To Ubiquitous Teaching and Learning Using eclipse RCP

Mayumi Ueda is a researcher at Information Technology Center, Nagoya University. Her research theme is information retrieval and database system, and context-aware educational tools. She received her B.S. in Informatics from Kansai University in 1998. She received her M.S. in Informatics from Kansai University in 2000. She received her PhD in Informatics from Kansai University in 2003.


Yonghoon Um

Yonghoon Um is a R&D enginner of IBM Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory's RFID/S&A Solution Team, which focuses on providing software solutions for emerging technologies related to RFID using Eclipse, OSGi, and embedded Java technologies.


Michael Valenta

Michael Valenta works for IBM Rational Software at their lab in Ottawa, Ontario. He is one of the original Eclipse Platform committers and is currently the lead for the Team, Compare and CVS components and is a UI component committer. He joined the Eclipse team after completing his PhD in Computer Science at Carleton University. During his studies, he was also a sessional lecturer at Carleton and an instructor in industry, teaching both Smalltalk and Java courses.


Dimitar Valtchev

DIMITAR VALTCHEV is Chief Technology Officer of ProSyst Software which offers several Eclipse based products. His main interests are in the fields of embedded systems, device management, and distributed computing. Currently Dimitar is involved in numerous residential, automotive and mobile projects using the OSGi technology.


Jason van Zyl


Presentations: (3639) Team Collaboration with Eclipse and Maven

Jason is currently the Chief Architect for Mergere and serves as the PMC Chair for the Apache Maven project.


Paul VanderLei

Paul VanderLei is a software architect from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has specialized in applying embedded Java, object-oriented design, agile development practices, and OSGi to a variety of problem spaces including in-vehicle telematics and RFID.


Krishna Venkatraman

Actuate Corporation

Presentations: (3644) Building Reports with BIRT, How to Easily Integrate BIRT Reports into your Web Application, Charting with Eclipse BIRT

Krishna Venkatraman is a senior product manager at Actuate Corporation where he focuses on product management activities around the open source BIRT project. Prior to Actuate, Krishna started out with a software development background at Oracle and went on to hold different responsibilities at Remedy BMC combining his technical abilities with market analysis and strategy. He has an MBA (Univ. of California, Berkeley) and an MS CS (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago).


Markus Voelter

Markus Voelter works as an independent consultant and coach for software technology and engineering. He focuses on software architecture, middleware as well as model-driven software development. Markus is the author of several magazine articles, patterns and books on middleware and model-driven software development. He is a regular speaker at conferences world wide. Markus can be reached at voelter at acm dot org via or


Peter von der Ahé


Mikhail Voronin

Intel Corporation

Presentations: CDT 4.0: easy to use and integrate

Mikhail graduated in Radiophysics from Nizhny Novgorod University. Working in Intel Corporation since 2000, he was involved in variety of Intel Communications Group projects. Currently his work is closely connected to open source software. MikhailÂ’s team is driving integration of Intel Products in Eclipse environment and also contributes to development of Eclipse project.


Paul W. Styles

Paul W. Styles is a Product Manager with Compuware Corporation's Strategy group, focused on advancing and implementing future technologies. He joined Compuware in 1982 and has held various positions, including Director of Strategic Planning, where he was responsible for leading a Vision to Reality team in the Java area (J2ME, J2EE and related technologies). Styles has over 25 years of IT experience and has held software engineering and management positions in the automotive, retail and manufacturing industries.


Christian W. Damus

Christian's professional experience consists almost entirely of building modeling software with Java and related technologies, from spatial data modeling with RDBMS for web-based GIS applications to software modeling with UML at IBM Rational Software. His last 3+ years have been spent in building modeling frameworks on EMF, lately as component lead for OCL and a subset of EMFT in the Eclipse Modeling Project. Other activities that he enjoys in and around his Ottawa, Canada home are woodworking, canoe-camping, and music.


Gunnar Wagenknecht

Gunnar Wagenknecht is a software architect at Truition focusing on OSGi/Equinox based server and application platforms. He is an Eclipse friend since 2001, started Planet Eclipse and is a committer.


Vera Wahler

Vera is working as a Java Developer (iWelt AG) and she is a passionate user of eclipse. In her free time she is working on MoreUnit. She graduated at the university of Wuerzburg in 2004.


Ken Walker

Ken is the J9 Embedded Java Class Library Lead. He has worked on implementing cleanroom Java Class Libraries for the embedded segment for over 8 years. He is also the Specification Lead on JSR-075, wrote the TCK and RI and has contributed to other JSRs. He is an Eclipse Technology Committer for the eRCP Test Harness. Previous tasks included assisting in the design and development of VisualAge for Java and IBM/OTI Smalltalk. He has spoken at EclipseCon 2006, Numerous JavaOnes and other Embedded Technology related conferences. He's still looking for an African Drumming conference to talk at mind you....


Mark Walker

Presentations: Mark Walker's Personal Track


John Ward

Innovent Solutions

Presentations: (3644) Building Reports with BIRT, Dynamic BIRT Reporting

John Ward is a consultant for Innovent Solutions. Prior to that, John was an Associate Vice President for Citibank North America, managing the training MIS group and overseeing developing of new technology based training initiatives. John tests BIRT, and open source Reporting platform built on Eclipse, and Sguil, and open source GUI for the Snort intrusion detection engine. John also maintains The Digital Voice blog.


Ed Warnicke

Ed Warnicke has been a software engineer at Cisco Systems for the last 5 years. Ed's current responsibilties at Cisco center around enhancing developer productivity.


Thomas Watson

Tom has 9 years of experience as an IBM software architect and developer, and is currently working for IBM Lotus. Focus is on modularity and OSGi Framework design and development. He is the lead developer for the Equinox OSGi Framework implementation in Eclipse. He is a participant in the OSGi specification process. In particular, he has participated in specifying the modularity features of the OSGi R4 and R4.1 specification. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Texas El Paso.


Greg Watson

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Presentations: Parallel Tools Platform: Now and Future, Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) BoF

Greg Watson is team leader of the Cluster Research Team in the Advanced Computing Laboratory at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and is project leader for the Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform Project. His research interests focus on tools for parallel computers, program debugging, distributed computing and operating systems. He has contributed to the award winning Clustermatic software suite, a Linux-based cluster management system, and is maintainer of the PPC port of the open-source LinuxBIOS project.


Jason Weathersby


Presentations: (3614) Report Integration - The BIRT API's, What's New For BIRT 2.2, Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) BoF

Jason Weathersby is the BIRT Evangelist at Actuate Corporation and a member of the Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) Project Management Committee (PMC). Jason has over 15 years experience in the software development field, ranging from real time process control to business intelligence software. At Actuate, Jason is currently responsible for educating the Open Source community on BIRT and encouraging its adoption.


Timothy Webb

Timothy Webb works for Cisco Systems focused on Eclipse-based technology deployments across the company. He is the proposed lead for the Maya project proposal and currently leads a team in Cisco to build out an enablement and distribution platform for RCP-based tooling; with the goal to enable adoption of Eclipse-based technologies by engineers who may have no prior knowledge of the platform. Previous work with Eclipse includes leading creation of a test automation platform which integrates a testing IDE coupled with automated distribution of testing services via remote OSGi containers. With over eight years working at Cisco, he has filled many roles including architecting a massively scalable broadband provisioning system and for the past four years leading innovation which utilizes the Eclipse platform and a plethora of associated technologies.


Matthew Webster

Matthew Webster joined IBM in 1989 with a degree in Physics with Computer Science from Southampton University and since then has worked on a number of software projects at the Hursley lab. He moved to the IBM Java Technology Centre in 1997 initially as a technology evangelist then working on the restructure of the IBM JVM and leading the development of advanced Garbage Collection and Class Loading features. Matthew is a senior software engineer developing AOP technology for use in IBM software products since 2002 and is co-author of a book on AspectJ and Eclipse published last year. He is a committer on the AspectJ project and leads the Aspects Equinox Incubator.


Paul Webster

Paul Webster received a B.A.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1994. After many years working on telephony software and network configuration software in Java and C++, Paul joined the IBM Eclipse Platform UI team in May 2005 and is currently working for IBM Rational Software. Paul is responsible for part lifecycle, command and handlers, and keybindings.


Coach Wei

Coach Wei is Chairman, Founder and CTO of Nexaweb Technologies, an Enterprise Web 2.0 software company. He founded Nexaweb in 2000 and served as CEO until summer 2003. Before founding Nexaweb, Coach architected and designed enterprise software at EMC Corporation. An advocate for open standards and open source, he is actively involved in many community projects and industry organizations. He has published numerous articles on topics including: AJAX, J2EE and .NET, RIA development, XML, signal/image processing, composite materials and ultrasonic imaging. He is a frequent speaker at top industry events, such as JavaOne and Web Services Edge. Coach holds an MS in information technology from MIT and maintains a blog at


Rainer Weinreich

Johannes Kepler University Linz

Presentations: Platform-Independent Configuration of Component-Based and Service-Oriented Software Systems by means of the Spectrum Toolkit

Rainer Weinreich is senior researcher at the Department for Business Informatics - Software Engineering, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. His main research focus is component-based and service-oriented software architectures. He is the project lead of the Spectrum project.


Mark Weitzel

Mark Weitzel is an architect in IBM Tivoli's Autonomic Computing group focusing on open standards and open source. He is currently driving an initiative to create a new top level project at Eclipse, COSMOS, which will focus on systems management. In addition to being a committer on the Monitoring sub-project of the Test and Performance Tools Platform, he is the IBM lead architect for the Apache Muse project, a reference implementation of the Oasis Web Services Distributed Management specification. Mr. Weitzel has published numerous articles and is co-author of Enterprise Java Programming with WebSphere, Second Edition.


John Wells

BEA Systems, Inc.

Presentations: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of OSGi: What we learned building the mSA Backplane, OSGi: Was it good for you too?


Nicole Wengatz

Nicole Wengatz is working as software architect in the Corporate Technology division within Siemens AG. She is involved in several business and research projects that are concerned with Java EE, OSGi and service-oriented architectures.


Nigel Westbury

Nigel Westbury is an independent software developer currently living in San Diego. Nigel recieved his degree in mathematics and computer science from Cambridge University, England. He has worked in a number of fields, particulary database systems. He had his own company which developed drivers and SQL engines for proprietary datasources and later worked at Microsoft on the development of XML and XQuery support in SQL Server. He is currently contracting to a startup company in San Diego.


Eric White

Senior Architect in Financial Services Software.

Highly motivated delivery oriented software architect with B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Computer Major) and nine years of experience in software development and management. Impressive, fast track development career marked by demonstrated ability to lead high performance teams and achieve cross-functional business objectives in a dynamic and enthusiastic environment.

Currently creating high volume FX trading applications using a varity of Java centric technologies.

For fun:


Tom Wickham-Jones

Wolfram Research Inc.

Presentations: Wolfram Workbench Demo

From 1990 to the present, I have been involved in the technical development of Mathematica, ( In Mathematica, I have worked on many features such as its graphics, language, and compiler. In 1992 I published a book on Mathematica graphics. Mathematica has a nice reflection based connection to the Java language, and I have been interested in building tools for Mathematica that make use of our Java tools to leverage existing technologies. I developed webMathematica, the web version of Mathematica. This was released in 2001. For the past few years I have been involved in development tools for Mathematica, and in November 2006 we released the Wolfram Workbench, an Eclipse based IDE for Mathematica.


John Wiegand

John Wiegand is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM Rational's Beaverton lab. John was the principal architect for the Eclipse Platform infrastructure and played a central role in the development of VA/Java, VA/Micro Edition, and Eclipse. John is a former member of the Eclipse Foundation Board, and played a key leadership role in establishing Eclipse as a successful open source project. John is now the technical lead for the Jazz project and the Jazz PMC lead. John strives to enable teams to deliver high quality products on-time... pioneering, with Erich and others, an approach to software development called "The Eclipse Way". His interests are in the areas of performance, scalability, compilers, and just about anything that's hard.


Stephan Wilczek

Weigle Wilczek GmbH

Presentations: Eclipse-based Business Components BoF

Stephan is founder and CTO of Weigle Wilczek GmbH. WeigleWilczek is an IT strategy consulting and software development company in Germany. As an Eclipse Member, WeigleWilczek focuses on Eclipse technologies, RCP, and J2EE for development and training.


David Williams

David ("Mr. Callisto") Williams serves on the WTP PMC and the EMO Architecture Group. David is a team-lead at IBM’s RTP Lab, for the IBM Rational Software Division, with a special fondness for parsing and editing. Roughly a third of his career has been with software development (Java and Smalltalk), a third with customer consultation services, and a third with IBM's Usability Labs.


Brent Williams

Hapoalim Securities, USA

Presentations: Open Source Business Models: A Wall Street Look at a Wild 2006 and the Prospects for Even More Fun in 2007

Brent Williams heads equity research at Hapoalim Securities USA, a division of Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank. Mr. Williams has been a stock analyst covering publicly traded software companies (including Microsoft and several key Eclipse Foundation members) for ten years. Just before moving to Wall Street, he covered software development tools at Gartner Group, and ran the operating system/desktop applications group at IDC. He has also been involved in marketing and selling infrastructure software at several startups. He spent nearly a decade as a C programmer, including five years working on database engines at Ingres in the 1980s.


Joe Winchester

IBM employee and comitter on the Visual Editor project. Interested in anything to do with Java GUIs, and am on the expert group for JSR 273 "Design time API for JavaBeans" and was on the expert group for JSR 75 - "Long term persistence of JavaBeans". Desktop Java Editor for the "Java Developers Journal".


Uwe Wolter

University of Bergen

Presentations: Generalized Sketches as an extention to EMF, Recommended Tracks - Modeling


Darin Wright

Darin is currently a senior software developer with the IBM Rational Team, an Eclipse committer, and lead for the Eclipse Debug Platform and Java Debugger. For the better part of the last ten years, Darin has been working on IDE's such as Eclipse, VA/Micro Edition, and ENVY/Smalltalk. In a previous software development life, Darin was an audio software developer supporting virtual reality productions at the Banff Centre for the arts.


Amy Wu


Presentations: (3634) Extending the XML and source editors from the WTP Project

Amy Wu is a committer for the SSE components of WTP and a software engineer for IBM Rational Software in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. She works on the whole family of WTP editors, focusing on the UI aspects such as preferences, hyperlinks, hover help, document folding, and syntax highlighting. She also works on editor configuration for adopters to extend the Structured Text Editor for their own purposes.


Gary Xue

Actuate Corp

Presentations: Integrating Java code with Eclipse BIRT

Gary Xue is a Sr. Engineering Manager at Actuate Corp, currently leading the development of the BIRT reporting and data engines. He previously led the iServer Encyclopedia Engine team in Actuate. Gary has 9 years of experience in developing business intelligence software, over 5 of which are with Actuate. He has a M.S. in Computer Science from University of Maryland.


Asaf Yaffe

Asaf Yaffe is a software engineer in Intel Developer Products Division, developing technologies and tools for binary instrumentation and performance monitoring of managed runtime environments. Asaf has been a committer on the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools project (TPTP) since 2006, focusing on the design and development of the new TPTP Java Profiler runtime component.


Dafan Yang


Presentations: (3615) Building on the DTP SQL Development Frameworks

Dafan Yang is a software engineer at Sybase R&D Center located in Shanghai, China, working nearly two years on Database Development Tooling project, which is a part of Sybase WorkSpace®product-- an Eclipse based SOA IDE. Dafan Yang has near 4 years of software industry experiences using Java and Eclipse.


Peter Yared


Presentations: "Declarative Construction" - Meeting the demands of Users and CIOs

Peter Yared, Founder and CEO, ActiveGrid: Peter was most recently CTO of Sun Microsystems' Liberty Network Identity initiative. Peter was also CTO of Sun Microsystems' Application Server Division. Before its acquisition by Sun, Peter served as CTO of NetDynamics, which pioneered the then-leading J2EE application server. Earlier, he was Founder and CEO of JRad Technologies, an enterprise Java company acquired by NetDynamics. Additionally, Peter was Chief Architect of client/server products at object-oriented tool maker Prograph International and the architect of several mission-critical systems deployed by U.S. government agencies and the GED Testing Service. Peter holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.


Zhiwen Yu

Nagoya University

Presentations: uClassroom: Expanding Awareness in Classroom To Ubiquitous Teaching and Learning Using eclipse RCP


Alan Zeichick

Alan Zeichick co-founded BZ Media LLC in 1999, bringing 20+ years as a software developer, technology analyst and industry journalist to the company. He serves as editorial director for the company's magazines, including SD Times, Software Test & Performance, and Eclipse Review, and newsletters, chairman of several of its conferences, and manages its BZ Research arm. After starting his career as a mainframe programmer and systems analyst in the 1970s, Mr. Zeichick shifted over to the world of technology journalism in 1984, beginning at a small publishing company in rural New England. From 1987-1990 he worked for IDG Communications and was recruited to Miller Freeman Inc. in 1990. As an editor-in-chief and editorial director at Miller Freeman, Mr. Zeichick led the content-oriented aspects of the start-up, acquisition and repositioning of several publications, as well as several trade shows and conferences. His final project at the company was the award-winning repositioning and redesign of LAN Magazine into Network Magazine. A prolific author and popular speaker, Mr. Zeichick left Miller Freeman in 1998 to develop Camden Associates, the technology analysis and consulting firm he launched in the early 1980s. In April 1999, he partnered with Ted Bahr to launch BZ Media LLC. Mr. Zeichick is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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