EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Enterprise OSGi - how to tackle the problems of large scale applications in OSGi

Tim Diekmann (Siemens Communications, Inc.), Nicole Wengatz (Siemens AG), Manfred Hutt (Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH & Co KG)

· Long Talk

Wednesday, 16:30, 50 minutes | Grand Ballroom C


Nicole Wengatz

Manfred Hutt

Recent history has shown a shift in the enterprise world from heavy weight JEE containers to light weight containers such as Spring and OSGi. OSGi has great potential to become the container of choice for large scale enterprise applications. In this long talk you will learn how the OSGi container and the SOA approach have been successfully applied in the realization of a product line software architecture for large scale enterprise applications. We will demonstrate how the most critical enterprise requirements in the area of scalability and availability can be tackled in OSGi. We will show how we manage to use JAVA based software in a near real-time environment for unified communications. In this talk you will learn about virtualization of OSGi services across multiple distributed OSGi containers. The real world enterprise environment imposes requirements on the OSGi container, which the current specification is not yet ready to fulfill. Therefore, we will walk you through the enhancements and changes to the specifications we are proposing and the motivation for joining the new Enterprise Expert Group and our planned contributions. An intermediate level of understanding of the OSGi service model is expected in order to follow the presentation.

Tim is a Software Architect in the HiPath applications product line group with focus on light weight container technologies. He is currently developing an innovative unified communications product for the enterprise market based on OSGi container technology. Tim is nominated to represent Siemens in the new Enterprise Expert Group of the OSGi Alliance and works on contributions to the specifications.

Nicole Wengatz is working as software architect in the Corporate Technology division within Siemens AG. She is involved in several business and research projects that are concerned with Java EE, OSGi and service-oriented architectures.

Manfred is a Software Architect in the SEN unified communication applications product line group. His current working focus is on light weight container technologies and production and deployment infrastructures for large scale developmement.

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