EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Using Buckminster for Automated Provisioning of Developer Workspaces

Thomas Hallgren (Cloudsmith Inc.), Henrik Lindberg (Cloudsmith Inc)

· Short Talk

Tuesday, 11:40, 10 minutes | Ballroom FGHABC


A common problem for Eclipse development teams, particularly in large organizations, is the provisioning of developer workspaces so that the specific tools and artifacts needed for a given project are correctly configured and added within each developer's workspace. This short talk will show how Buckminster has been designed to address this problem by allowing abstract specification of the project workspace’s content and configuration and providing mechanisms for materialization of that workspace within an Eclipse environment. The talk will provide a quick run-through of how Buckminster works and highlights of an actual usage scenario.

Thomas has been a major contributor to the Buckminster project, where he has architectural and development responsibility for large parts of the Buckminster framework. Thomas is also an initial committer to the Kepler project, major contributor to the PostgreSQL community, where he manages the PL/Java project (Java stored procedures for PostgreSQL), and has contributed to other open source projects such as Jacob and ObjectWeb/ASM. Thomas has nearly twenty years of software development experience, and has been on the leading edge of many technical trends in OOAD, componentization and SOA, enterprise application architecture and run-time and development infrastructure technologies. Thomas' current "day job" is as a co-founder and principal architect at Cloudsmith Inc., an Eclipse consortium member.

Henrik has been a major contributor to the Buckminster project, where he is responsible for overall architecture and coordination within the Eclipse ecosystem. Henrik is also a current committer to the Kepler and Corona projects. Henrik has over 20 years of experience architecting and developing innovative infrastructure and application software and tooling. Past positions include overall leadership of BEA's Java Run-Time Group (JRockit) and CTO and/or technical founder of several publicly and privately held software companies. Henrik's is as a co-founder and CTO of Cloudsmith Inc., an Eclipse consortium member.

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