EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

(3664) UI Forms: I can't believe it's not browser

Dejan Glozic (IBM), Chris Goldthorpe (IBM)

· Short Tutorial

Monday, 16:00, 2 hours | Great America Meeting Room 1


Chris Goldthorpe

This tutorial takes an in-depth look at the use of UI Forms to create rich and powerful user interfaces for Eclipse RCP applications. You will learn how to use Eclipse Forms in views and editors and mix hyperlinks, wrapped text, images and widgets to create sophisticated yet portable user interfaces. We will first cover the basic topics like flexible layouts, expandable groups and sections, form text, master/details block, multi-page editors, managed forms etc. However, the heart of the tutorial will be focused on the new and cool effects you can achieve using new features including displaying messages, showing progress for long-running forms, creating forms with double headers, placing forms in wizards and dialogs, and taking advantage of new SWT features to create thoroughly modern and polished user interfaces. Finally, we will show how to effectively integrate forms and the embedded browser and solve common problems such as navigation, shared history etc.

Dr Dejan Glozic was one of the first members of the Eclipse UI team. He currently works at the IBM Toronto Laboratory, Ontario, where he leads an Eclipse team responsible for PDE, User Assistance and Install/Update components. Before Eclipse, Dejan was widely known as 'the JFace guy', being responsible for the creation of the widely used JFace user interface framework that was later incorporated into the Eclipse platform. He is also known as 'the pixel freak' possibly due to his obsessive-compulsive insistence that all the pixels in the UI must align 'just so'. One of his more recent pixel fixations was Eclipse Forms used in PDE editors and the new help view.

Chris Goldthorpe is a developer on the Eclipse User assistance team where he implemented composite cheatsheets and is currently working on the help application. Prior to that he was an developer of Eclipse based visual modeling tools. He has also previously worked on the development of compilers, code generators and software installers.

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