EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

(S3) Google Web Toolkit: Quick relief of AJAX pain

Kelly Norton (Google, Inc.), Miguel Mendez (Google, Inc.)

· Sponsored Tutorial

Monday, 13:30, 4 hours 30 minutes | Bayshore


exhausted AJAX developers driven to the brink of madness with worry of browser quirks, memory leaks and load times. In this session, we'll build a small web app and demonstrate how the Google Web Toolkit relieves the nervous twitching troubling AJAX developers by allowing them to practice sound engineering using Java and Eclipse and still end up with fast, light-weight JavaScript applications.

This is a free tutorial sponsored by Google. You must be registered for EclipseCon but there is no additional charge to attend this tutorial.

Kelly Norton writes software for Google. He thinks a lot about about a world where it's possible to build advanced UI in web browsers without cause for nervous breakdown. Which is why he devotes most of his attention and code to Google Web Toolkit, a sane way to write JavaScript-based AJAX applications in Java. He has a range of quirky experience from network hardware to graphic design. These days he gets excited working in that gooey area right between humans and the technology they depend upon. Kelly is the proud owner of two degrees both with ornate lettering, the first in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech and the second from the MIT Media Lab.

Miguel Mendez is a Google Software Engineer who works on the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). After receiving his Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, he worked as part of an integrated product development team doing digital and analog hardware design for mobile devices. He switched to software because it seemed like the Software Engineers were having all of the fun. The result was a long strange trip where he worked on device drivers, communication protocols, operating systems, cross-platform application frameworks, created AppForge's Crossfire product (an MSIL cross-compiler), and even product management. He is excited to have the opportunity to work on GWT. When he is not working on GWT, he loves to spend time with Sara, his wife, and Max, his 9 month old son.

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