EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

(3648) Creating Enterprise Business Applications Using Eclipse RCP

Scott Delap (Rich Client Solutions, Inc.), Kevin P. Taylor (Obtiva Corporation)

· Short Tutorial

Monday, 10:30, 2 hours | Room 204


Kevin P. Taylor

The first generation of web applications sacrificed usability and function for ease of deployment. Recently the industry has shifted back to richer user interfaces written in Ajax, Flash, and Java. Many business applications have requirements such as offline access, desktop integration, and UI customizations that make using Ajax and Flash difficult to near impossible. For such applications rich client architectures featuring online deployment and web enabled client/server communications provide the easiest path to development success. Eclipse's Rich Client Platform provides organizations a valuable jumpstart in the creation of such applications. Eclipse RCP allows enterprise applications to reclaim the powerful user interface paradigms that were lost with the emergence of thin clients, while retaining the benefits of server-side scalability, security, and reliability. However, a number of the core functions of such business applications are not handled transparently by Eclipse RCP out of the box.

This tutorial emerges out of the combined experience the presenters gained while working together on a large Eclipse RCP/J2EE enterprise application (2.3 million lines of code in the RCP application). It will address the gap between the standard functionality of Eclipse RCP and what is needed for the creation of polished highly usable business applications. Among the topics covered:

Attendees will leave the tutorial with an example application showcasing the techniques above that can be used as a starting point for their own enterprise Eclipse RCP applications.

Scott Delap is an independent consultant and award winning speaker focusing on rich client applications. He specializes in training, design, implementation, and performance tuning of applications built using technologies such as Swing, SWT, Eclipse RCP, and Spring. Scott is a frequent presenter at conferences such as JavaOne and No Fluff Just Stuff. He won a Java Rockstar Award for his 2006 JavaOne presentation on Swing Threading. Scott is also the lead Java Editor for

Kevin P. Taylor is President of Obtiva Corp., a firm that specializes in helping development teams transition to agile methodologies. Kevin has 8 years of experience in IT and currently participates in projects as a technical lead and XP coach. For the past two years Kevin has been a technical lead on an enterprise Eclipse RCP project with over 2 million lines of RCP code. During this project, Kevin and his teammates have discovered patterns, paradigms, and best practices around writing and managing Eclipse RCP applications that must interface with larger J2EE systems. Kevin gave the presentation "Presenting Tabular Data" at EclipseWorld 2006. He also presented a tutorial at Agile 2006 and speaks frequently at conferences and user groups. In his spare time, Kevin is the Director of the Chicago Java Users Group-West and the editor of

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