EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

RCP/OSGi Track

Jeff McAffer (IBM)

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The Eclipse RCP is a platform for building and deploying rich client applications. It includes the Equinox project, a component framework based on the OSGi standard, the ability to deploy native GUI applications to a variety of desktop operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and Mac OSX and an integrated update mechanism for deploying desktop applications from a central server.

The RCP/OSGi track features the tutorials and session that will be of interested to developers using RCP and OSGi. EclipseCon is also pleased to host the OSGi Developer Conference, in association with the OSGi Alliance.

OSGi Sessions
(3630) Building Service Oriented Bundle Architectures
(3607) Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications [Part 1]
(3719) Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications [Part 2]
(3632) Spring and OSGi combined

Long Talks
Ubiquitous Eclipse: Equinox everywhere
Services Everywhere: OSGi in Distributed Environments
Enterprise OSGi - how to tackle the problems of large scale applications in OSGi
Spring-OSGi: The Integration of Spring Framework and OSGi
The Good, Bad, and Ugly of OSGi: What we learned building the mSA Backplane
Using an OSGi Back-end System for the Purpose of Enterprise Management of Eclipse IDEs
Login and Go: Flipping plug-in distribution on its head

Short Talks
Integrating RMI with OSGi
OSGi and JBoss Microcontainer
Integrating OSGi Bundle Repository (OBR) inside Eclipse for Bundle Deployment
Realizing the Plug and Play dream in the home network
Aperi Storage Management & Enterprise Use of OSGi
: OSGi MEG in Action at Sprint

Getting Hooked on the Equinox Framework
Cool stuff in Equinox
Development of Eclipse/OSGi component based web applications
Cyberinfrastructure Shell (CIShell): An OSGi-Based Framework for the Integration of Datasets and Algorithms
Simplified Web based Access to Resources through OSGi

OSGi: Was it good for you too?

Equinox BoF
Server Side Eclipse and OSGi BoF

RCP Sessions
(3645) Fundamentals of Eclipse Plug-in and RCP Development
(3667) Developing Eclipse Rich-Client Applications
(3585) RCP UI Development in the Eclipse Workbench [Part 1]
(3728) RCP UI Development in the Eclipse Workbench [Part 2]
(3648) Creating Enterprise Business Applications Using Eclipse RCP
(3655) Intro Framework: Making a Good First Impression
(3664) UI Forms: I can't believe it's not browser

Long Talks
Contributing to Menus with the new API
OneBench: Rich Client on Wall Street
Eclipse Rich Client Platform: Tips & Tricks
Secure Desktop Applications with Eclipse RCP
Login and Go: Flipping plug-in distribution on its head

Short Talks
Styling SWT Widgets Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

SWT_AWT Bridge: Tips & Tricks
What's new in SWT 3.3
Display Authorization Rules in the UI of an RCP Application
RCP Patterns and Anti-Patterns
Rapid developing a Rich Client/Server Application based RCP (JALCEDO)
The Eclipse native launcher and SWT splash screens

Notes 8: Eclipse RCP teaches old dog new tricks!
Rich Client Markup Language (RCML) – Easy RCP development for domain experts

Eclipse RCP: Experiences along the way

The Coming RCP Revolution BoF
An Evening of Plug-in Development
NASA Ensemble BoF
Provisioning, an Update on Update BoF
Provisioning, an Enterprising Eclipse BoF
Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) BoF
Higgins BoF

Jeff McAffer leads the Eclipse Equinox OSGi, RCP and Orbit teams and is a Senior Technical Staff Member with IBM Rational. He is one of the architects of the Eclipse Platform and a co-author of The Eclipse Rich Client Platform (Addison-Wesley). He is a member of the Eclipse Project PMC, the Tools Project PMC and the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors. Jeff is currently interested all aspects of Eclipse componentry from developing and building bundles to deploying, installing and ultimately running them. Previous lives included work in distributed/parallel OO computing (Server Smalltalk, massively parallel Smalltalk, etc) as well as expert systems, meta-level architectures and a PhD at the University of Tokyo.

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